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Author Topic: TFDi Design 717: Version 1.1 Released  (Read 3497 times)

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TFDi Design 717: Version 1.1 Released
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:23:34 AM »

TFDi Design 717: Version 1.1 Released
Posted on July 17, 2018 by Collin Biedenkapp

The initial release of the TFDi Design 717 on December 23, 2016 that we initially thought was the end of the journey ended up being the start of an entirely new one. We learned a great deal about aircraft development, product life-cycle, and community management. It is with great pleasure that we now announce the release of version 1.1 of the TFDi Design 717. This version is what we originally envisioned when we started the project.


Major Changes from Version
The Community Opt-in Beta has helped us research, develop, test, and refine the product over the last year and a half. The customers who aren’t part of the COB will notice a massive number of additions, fixes, and changes, but we’ve selected some to highlight below.

•   A totally revamped exterior model including wing flex and cabin lights
•   Paint kit
•   Official Prepar3D v4 support
•   Major AFS and MCDU improvements, such as
   o   Better NAV logic
   o   Better PROF logic
   o   Proper ATS CLAMP functionality
   o   Improved altitude, speed, fuel, and time predictions
   o   Various new MCDU functions
   o   Improved MCDU interaction and display
   o   Improved leg sequencing and insertion
   o   HOLD support
   o   AFS-guided VOR tracking support
•   ADF simulation
•   Scroll and drag support for documents on the tablet
•    RemoteCDU integration
•   Improved VOR simulation
•   Improved ND PLAN mode
•   Pause at top of descent option
•   Improved engine performance throughout various stages of flight
•   Settings page within the tablet for applicable on-demand settings
•   Revamped terrain display
•   Improved air  manifold pressure and demand system
•   Improved FADEC and throttle behavior
•   Improved ground taxi behavior
•   Various minor improvements to cockpit and night lighting textures
•   New performance options via the Addon Manager
•   Yoke light
•   Improved hardware and MCDU keyboard interaction
•   Improved internal logic to improve system resource utilization

And MANY more. For a full list, please visit the changelog here.

How to Update
The Addon Manager will handle downloading and installing the update automatically. Liveries will need to be reinstalled, as they and external model have changed.

What to Expect Now
With the active development of the TFDi Design 717 winding down, we will begin to put more focus on upcoming projects. We’ve announced Passenger and Crew Experience (PACX), and that will be our focus for the immediate future. We will, of course, over the coming weeks, months, and years periodically update the TFDi Design 717 with new features or fixes as appropriate, but the rate of development and updates will be significantly slower. Users experiencing issues will still receive the quality and timely support they’ve come to expect from us during development.

Although we’ve announced PACX already, we have more projects lined up, but they’ll get their time to shine in the future. More frequent progress updates on PACX and subsequent projects, as we reveal them, should be expected.
I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank every single one of our community testers, customers, and fans for their immense support and patience. Although the road to get here was a little windier than we expected, I know I speak for all of us when I say thank you. We’re looking forward to seeing the TFDi Design 717 in screenshots, videos, and events. We’re proud to be where we are, and we can’t wait to demonstrate what we’re capable of with our future products.

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