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Author Topic: Dambusters Raid A modern recreation P3dv4  (Read 3165 times)

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Dambusters Raid A modern recreation P3dv4
« on: May 20, 2018, 03:20:53 PM »
Dambusters Raid A modern recreation P3dv4

A modern recreation of the famous Dam-busters raid of 1943. Using historical route maps. David Herky flies the mission using modern attack weapons, in a simulation of the F/A 18 E Super-hornet. See part2 for the night mission.

Dambusters Raid Part 1 A modern recreation P3dv4

Published on 12 Jan 2018

This is a complete mission so here is an index of the flight;
0.00 Introduction and overview of the historic route
09.30 Route plan, modern aims and objectives, explanation of defences.
11.30 Fallen aircrew locations
12.00 Modern weapons and F/A 18 E Load out. GPS inputs.
14.00 The Mission. Take off from Scampton
18.55 First re fuel
19.45 Descent to Dutch coast with commentary
20.50 Activation of Tacpack scenario
22.00 Feet Dry
25.00 Way point C rail yard
26.30 Wilhelmina Canal way point D
26.45 1st radar SAM search detection. HARM pre planned target employment
28.00 Master Arm on
28.35 Decoy deploy
31.15 MAGNUM, 1st SAM engaged
32.30 SAM launch, target is us!
35.00 HARM pull up
36.15 MAGNUM 2 SAM 2 engaged
37.30 JSOW set up launch point
43.00 JSOW launch Mohne dam
45.00 JDAM launch on Sorpe dam
48.00 Eder dam attack JSOW
51.00 Mohne dam gets the last weapon
52.35 RTB
57.35 Hardenberg WP
60.00 Re fuel 2
61.00 Descent to Scampton in IMC

Dambusters Raid Part 2 A modern recreation at night P3dv4

Published on 18 Jan 2018

The Dambusters raid a modern recreation, part 2.
In this movie we fly the mission at night. Taking off at 22.15, in May, as did the Lancaster AJ-J in 1943, to recreate the mission using a modern attack aircraft. See part 1, of this movie series, for a full briefing of the mission and especially the route. This is the route flown specifically by AJ-J, the Lancaster of Dave Maltby and navigator Vivian Nicholson. The logs of Vivian Nicholson were used to re create the route.
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