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Author Topic: D.O.W. Sunday Mission 02/11/14  (Read 3618 times)

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D.O.W. Sunday Mission 02/11/14
« on: December 10, 2014, 10:24:08 PM »
Miniature AAR for Sundays D.O.W. mission


Mission Summary:
Combined TF of M1A2, Leo2A5A2-DK, M2A2, 1025, and support units scout, breach, bridge, secure 3 bridges, attack, secure and hold objective.

Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...
   a) Enemy:
   Elements of the 11th Motorized Rifle Brigade are holding a strategic airfield in sector. They are dug in, with blocking positions, minefields, and heavy reinforcements near by.

   b) Own:
   TF Iron consisting of 2 platoons of 1025 scouts, 2 platoons of M2A2ODS, 2 platoons of M1A2SEP, and one platoon of Leo2A5A2-DK.

   c) Attachments and detachments: Medics, Repair, Recovery, engineer with MICLIC, Fuelers, Supply, and a bridge layer.

Scout and identify breaching or bridging areas, breach or bridge to allow for main attack force of the TF, secure and hold objective airfield..

Intent: TF Iron will conduct scouting operations to identify bridging and breaching areas, breach or bridge to gain an avenue of attack to secure and hold objective airfield.

   a) Concept of Operation:
   Designed by player.
      i) Maneuver:
      Designed by player.
      ii) Fires:
      3 Air strikes, and 3 batteries with 6 tubes (ICM, HE, & Smoke)

      iii) Additional assets:
      7 Bravo MICLIC M113 section, Bridge Layer, and support assets.

co: Colebrook
Actual Duration: 165 minutes
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes

Mission summary:
Task Force Iron consisting of 2 Platoons M1A2SEP, 1 Platoon Leo2A5A2-DK, 2 Platoons M2A2ODS, 2 Platoons of 1025 HMMV, Engineers, and support units. TF Iron scouts to find avenues of attack through a danger area consisting of natural, man made, and mined obstacles. TF Iron then clears, breaches, or bridges through area, attacks to secure an airfield objective, and defend the objective. Scouting units move to recon danger area, bridges, and crossing areas slow and in force.

Mission plan including TRP locations of units identified on UAV route. The white route is the U.A.V. track

Units scouting towards danger zone from the deployment zone.

Units scouting towards danger zone from the deployment zone. They come across obstructions in the road!!!!

Obstacles are over watched, and units engage with direct and indirect fire.

Obstacles are over watched, and units engage with direct and indirect fire.

Breaching operations start...We discovered a mine field!

Breaching operations not going as planned.
Breaching operations complete.

Bridge 2 Secure by northern recon forces 59 minutes from game start.

Bridge 2 Secure by northern recon forces 59 minutes from game start.

Objective secured trying to defend enemy counter attack largely outnumbered.

Counter attack moves in prior to securing objective.

Friendly units not mission capable. Result mission failure due to lack of unit strength.

D.O.W. 12 vehicles
Enemy 53 vehicles

Video of AAR
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