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Author Topic: Unit Info with Explanation  (Read 5243 times)

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Unit Info with Explanation
« on: November 02, 2017, 02:04:46 PM »
This is NOT a new unit information screen, but this is our latest iteration. I showed this in an earlier post, but based on recent discussions this appeared to be a good time to bring it up with some additional explanation. Note that there will be tweaks to this, and that this is NOT a final product:

Commander name-this is self explanatory, and I plan to allow this to be changed by players.
Leadership Modfier- this will range from +2 to -2
Manpower-it is displayed in a current/max format.
Experience Level- Conscript, Green, Regular, Veteran, Crack, Elite
Morale- status will be displayed as Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Demoralized,5421.0.html
Cohesion-status will be displayed as Good, Degraded, Disordered, Disrupted,5421.0.html
Fatigue status- will be in a Rested, OK, Tiring,Tired, Fatigued, Exhausted format. I am considering displaying it in a numerical format.
Persistence- shows the current Persistence level of the unit. If the unit is moving, Persistence can be altered at each waypoint. If the unit is stationary, Persistence can only be changed during the command phase, but the change is instant i.e. there is no order delay for this.,3693.0.html
Strength-the theoretical relative strength factor to give players some context to the strength of the unit in its current condition expressed as a % of its current state compared to full strength AND a relative number. This will be altered in the future to make it more clear... Anyway, this is not an end all be all indicator to success. For instance, order that battalion on Tigers against a battalion of infantry in a swamp and see what happens! Commanders still need to use judgement. I would like to develop some additional aids to players, but I want judgement to be a key piece of being a commander.

The Logistics Tab gives specifics to the supply situation.,1591.0.html
In/Out/Limited supply status
4 categories of supply and their current levels They are shown in US logistic categories:
Class I Food-Napoleon famously said that an army marches on its stomach! Shortages can impact morale, fatigue, and fatigue recovery.
Class II Individual Items-this is really just a combination of Class II and IV. These are all the little things that make a huge difference to quality of life. Most importantly may be mail, but toiletries, uniform replacement items, tools, etc. are all included.This category can directly impact equipment repair status and morale.
Class III POL-Petrol, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) to keep the machinery moving. This isn't just for vehicles, but for equipment usage including generators and cooking. Shortages will turn a mechanized unit in to regular infantry!
Class V Ammo-enough said! This category is the highest variable on the supply system. Big battle days will create a strain, and light battle days make it easy for the supply folks. Shortages will directly impact combat power.
Priority Levels- users can help give priority of supply assets to units and limit others if/when supply gets tight
Equipment listing- self explanatory and shown in a current/max/under repair format.

Organic Elements-shows all organic elements (to include support sections) to a given tactical unit, and their individual "gumball" status
Attached elements work exactly the same, but only shows elements that are attached, if any.

Picture-self explanatory and can be changed by players

Current Status tab-shows the unit status as it currently exists (which is what is being displayed)
Organic Status tab-shows unit status of all organic elements only, even if physically separated
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