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« Reply #15 on: January 03, 2018, 06:49:25 PM »
Preview Alpha 0.55: New map - Avieno Land (Winter), new clothes...

New map - Avieno Land (Winter version), heavy gear and more...

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« Reply #16 on: January 04, 2018, 09:31:51 PM »
ALPHA 0.55 Release: New map - Avieno Land (Winter), new clothes...

Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.55 is release! This big update contains a new map (Avieno Land - Winter version), new clothes and more...

Avieno Land (Winter version) is the big map of the game (more 9 square km) with points of interest (military bases, old village, factory...).
This version have snow (normal weather) and blizzard (bad weather) effects.

Alpha 0.55 add some new clothes with 11 camos (Heavy helmet, heavy vest, new pants and heavy pockets)

- Add: Avieno land map (Winter)
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) - Heavy helmet + 11 camo
- Add: Clothing (Category PANTS) - Pants 2 + 11 camo
- Add: Clothing (Category VEST) - Heavy vest + 11 camo
- Add: Clothing (Category POCKET) - Heavy pockets + 11 camo
- Add: Snow effect (Avieno land - winter)
- Add: Blizzard effect (Avieno land - winter) with bad weather option
- Add: Winter camos for enemies (Avieno land - winter)
- Add: Unreal Engine 4 (logo)
- Change: Weapons names
- Fix: AI doesn't heard explosions (frag, C4)
- Fix: Helicopters destroyed are considering at a target by AI
- Fix: Empty drivable vehicles are considering at a target by AI in alert
- Fix: AI teammates can do once move if wounded
- Fix: LOD trees and foliage (Avieno Land)
- Fix: Culling of objects (Avieno Land)
- Fix: English texts
- Fix: French texts
- Fix: Inventory interactions
- Fix: Hit animation is playing even if teammate is unsconcious
- Fix: Attenuation sound of rocket impact
- Fix: Interactions possibe in main menu
- Fix: Collisions rocks (Avieno Land)
- Fix: Collisions roof
- Fix: Collisions house (Avieno Land)
- Fix: "FPS only" option had wrong position

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« Reply #17 on: January 08, 2018, 03:48:12 PM »
Preview - New map: Jalh-Ab Desert

Discover first screenshots of the future map

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« Reply #18 on: January 12, 2018, 01:45:07 AM »
ALPHA 0.60 Release: New map: Jalh-Ab Desert, new tasks and more...

Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.60 is release! This big update contains a new map (Jalh-Ab Desert), a new task and more...

Jalh-Ab Desert is a big map of the game (more 9 square km) with points of interest (military bases, desert villages, old factory...).

- Add: Map - Jalh-Ab Desert
- Add: New task - Kill arms dealer and the chief / Steal suitcase
- Add: Stealth music (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Add: Action music (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Add: Guards around hostage
- Add: Guards around arms dealer and the chief
- Tweak: General optimization
- Tweak: AI helicopter optimization
- Tweak: More armored patrol
- Tweak: Change weapons names (with military designation)
- Tweak: Speed animations - Vault/Climb
- Tweak: Dynamic AI Spawn/Despawn
- Tweak: AI can't attack armored vehicles if doesn't a suitable weapon
- Tweak: AI return to safe behavior if he doesn't see suspect activity after checking
- Tweak: Synchronized shots can be assigned at all medium and small pawns (soldiers, vip, turrets...)
- Tweak: Cameras can spot only players, not teammates
- Fix: Empty drivable vehicles are considering at a target by AI teammates in alert
- Fix: Turrets disabled are considering at a target by AI teammates in alert
- Fix: Collision between player and teammates
- Fix: French texts
- Fix: Camera rotation of soldier in prone position after use a other character (drone, satellite)
- Fix: Some interactions possibe in main menu
- Fix: Errors scripts AI turrets
- Fix: Enemies position in Level menu
- Fix: Dynamic switch between stealth/action musics
- Remove: AI Armored (temporary, currently affect framerate performance)

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« Reply #19 on: January 16, 2018, 08:13:17 PM »
ALPHA 0.62 Release: Alarm system, new clothes...

Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.62 is release! This big update contains a new feature: the alarms.
From now on, enemy run to alarm if he spot player or see a dead body.

Furthermore, this update add new clothes (contractor and survivor design)

Obviously, this update content many tweaks and fix for a better experience.

- Add: Alarm system
- Add: Clothing (Category PANTS) - contractor suit + 10 camos
- Add: Clothing (Category VEST) - survivor jacket + 5 camos
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD FACE) - theath + 3 camos
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD FACE) - gas mask + 1 camo
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD HELMET) - hat + 3 camo
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD HELMET) - panama 2 + 4 camos
- Add: Teammates have same health points as player
- Tweak: Attack with knife (animation)
- Tweak: Music main menu
- Tweak: Characters's poses (character menu)
- Tweak: Some animations UI
- Tweak: Some UI design
- Tweak: Marker position for AI command
- Tweak: Cyborgs reload very fast
- Tweak: AI focus priority on player pawn
- Tweak: AI distance for heard a noise
- Tweak: AI sprint animations
- Fix: AI Navigation (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: AI turret doesn't aiming correctly
- Fix: AI soldier use focus if sprint
- Fix: AI doesn't see a dead body correctly
- Fix: AI Vip doesn't heard noises correctly
- Fix: Night luminosity (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: Melee attack detection
- Fix: Cameras sounds
- Fix: Missing physics materials
- Fix: Soldiers spawn positions
- Fix: Stairs collision (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Objects wrong location (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: Landscape (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Spawn areas (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Crossbow shoot sound
- Fix: Tower power could be destroyed by a EMP
- Fix: Some french texts doesn't translate
- Fix: Some french texts spelling

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« Reply #20 on: January 27, 2018, 11:50:30 PM »
ALPHA 0.65 Release: New map - Conira Castle (Winter), mines and more...

Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.65 is release! This big update contains a new variant map (Conira Castle - Winter version), new mines (S-Mine, Claymore, AT Mine) and more...

In addition to three new mines (S-Mine, Claymore and AT Mine), all weapons and items receive new icons for a better UI

Finally, Conira Castle have complete new foliage ;)

- Re-initialization save file
- Add: Conira Castle map (Winter)
- Add: Item -> AT Mine
- Add: Item -> S-Mine
- Add: Item -> Claymore Mine
- Add: XP for each enemy killed
- Add: Armouring vehicle icon
- Add: Rocket vehicle icon
- Add: Bullet vehicle icon
- Add: Energy drone icon
- Add: XP required for each item (grenades/explosives/medic...)
- Add: Select item directly in inventory
- Tweak: To aim with a weapon or use binoculars spot automatically
- Tweak: Foliage (Conira Castle)
- Tweak: Optimization (Conira Castle)
- Tweak: All weapons/materials icons
- Tweak: XP required for each weapons and maps
- Tweak: Blizzard effect optimization
- Tweak: AI doesn't move to alarm and attack if target too near
- Tweak: Treat animation
- Tweak: Some UI design
- Tweak: Some UI animations
- Tweak: Rewards UI display all rewards not once
- Tweak: Item selected icon
- Fix: Issue with first game if player doesn't configure clothes and weapons
- Fix: Lastest weapons choice doesn't load correctly
- Fix: VIP visibility with thermal vision
- Fix: C4 attenuation sound
- Fix: Left hand position with treat action
- Fix: Conquest zone doesn't detect vehicles
- Fix: Explosions sounds
- Fix: Attachments names
- Fix: Some objects locations (Conira Castle)
- Fix: French texts doesn't translate correctly
- Fix: Rare issues with settings mission
- Fix: Left hand location with death animation

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« Reply #21 on: February 03, 2018, 05:52:06 PM »
ALPHA 0.66 Release: Crosshair fix, new UI...

Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.66 is release! This update contains the important fix: crosshair location.

- Overhaul: Crosshair icon location (have always good location of target)
- Add: Camera shake with sprint movement
- Add: Camera shake with slide movement
- Add: Camera shake with roll movement
- Add: Some key bindings in hud soldier
- Tweak: TPS camera
- Tweak: Spot enemy with vehicles
- Tweak: Shoot camera shake with all weapons
- Tweak: Shoot camera shake with scope
- Tweak: Shoots animations
- Tweak: UI gear menu
- Tweak: UI dead menu
- Tweak: UI inventory
- Tweak: UI hud soldier
- Tweak: UI conquest
- Tweak: UI XP obtained
- Change: Reload animations are same between TPS and FPS view
- Remove: Camera shake with FPS shot
- Fix: Stationnary vehicles can be pushed by player
- Fix: Keys binding list duplicate
- Fix: XP doesn't receive with a drivable armored
- Fix: Crosshair visible underwater
- Fix: Attenuation sounds
- Fix: Climb doesn't work correctly with "Weight gear" disabled

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« Reply #22 on: February 03, 2018, 05:52:35 PM »
ALPHA 0.67 Release: Tweaks and fix...

- Add: Weapons icons for each teammate (Sandbox menu)
- Tweak: UI Sandbox menu
- Fix: Camera shake
- Fix: Wrong weapons icons
- Fix: Missing sounds for a reload animation
- Fix: AI pathfinding on roof (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: Cyborg root location with link animations
- Fix: AI teammates recently wounded could be treat

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« Reply #23 on: February 08, 2018, 03:11:27 PM »
Preview drivable tanks...

Preview of 4 new tanks ready for action (russian, french, chinese and german versions)

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« Reply #24 on: April 03, 2018, 04:11:20 PM »
Alpha 0.68 Release: Tanks, new map, AI improvements
BLACK DAY - [FR] Helios Production

Dear gamers,
Alpha 0.68 is now available. This major update delivers many in game improvements and additions.

First is the inclusion of 4 new Tanks making an appearance on the battlefield, inspired by famous real life models and offered in 4 versions (Russian ,German, Chinese and French). The Vehicle physics and overall performance have been completely reworked in order to offer a more satisfying experience.

A new Mountain Village map has also been added for your enjoyment. This map has the particularity of being relatively small to privilege combat and Tasks in a CQC environment.

The artificial intelligence has also been tweaked and improved for more realistic combat behaviours. The ai reacts a lot better in close combat situations and the detection system has also been rebalanced so ai behave in a more coherent fashion during infiltration missions.
Multiple bugs have been fixed and many minor improvements have been made to the game.
Your feedback is highly appreciated and will only help make the game better.

Helios Production

- Add: New map - Mountain town
- Add: Russian tank
- Add: German tank
- Add: Chinese tank
- Add: French tank
- Add: New animations (ladder)
- Tweak: Defaut keys have correctly qwerty keyboard (switch weapons / switch item: 1-2-3-4)
- Tweak: Physics vehicles
- Tweak: CQB AI
- Tweak: AI optimization
- Tweak: AI reaction time improved (AI always attack if target is too close)
- Tweak: AI detect dead bodies correctly
- Tweak: AI have a short delay after hearing a noise before going into alert mode.
- Tweak: AI will delay shortly before going into alert mode when they discover dead bodies or suspect activity.
- Tweak: Drone optimization
- Tweak: reduced noise of suppressed weapons
- Tweak: Scope sway
- Tweak: Lost Island (daytime: night)
- Tweak: VFX thermal vision on teammates
- Tweak: VFX signal out of range (drone)
- Tweak: Accurancy option add delay before shoot
- Tweak: Country town design
- Tweak: Danger music (Area 47)
- Tweak: Using a ladder
- Fix: AI choppers not detecting correctly with their lamps
- Fix: AI can't throw grenades
- Fix: AI robot aim for target
- Fix: AI chopper aim for target
- Fix: AI robots pathfinding
- Fix: AI hearing sensor
- Fix: Foots position of enemies
- Fix: Bodys physical reaction when hit with explosive (frag, mine, rocket...)
- Fix: Climbing system with standing cover
- Fix: English texts
- Fix: French texts
- Fix: Suitcase spawn locations
- Fix: Enemies spawn locations
- Fix: Thermal effect on VIP
- Fix: S-Mine triggered by same team
- Fix: Animations cover transition
- Fix: "No XP required" doesn't update weapons available

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« Reply #25 on: April 03, 2018, 04:13:00 PM »
Alpha 0.70 Release: High altitude jumps, Airstrikes, new difficulty options and lots more….
BLACK DAY - [FR] Helios Production

Hello Gamers,

First things first, I am sorry for not giving any news over the last month. ( needed some time off). But I am back and with that said 0.70 is done and online. Many of these changes and additions have been made thanks to great community feedback and ideas. Keep them coming, rock on, and hope you enjoy 0.70.

To start with It’s now possible to insert the mission area via a high altitude jump. Ideal to quickly infiltrate sectors behind enemy lines for a up close and personal insertion. It’s also possible to activate halo jump from the helicopter above the mission area if the altitude is right.

Also, a new asset has been added to your arsenal: Airstrikes. Point the desired target zone and unleash devastating firepower on enemy lines.

A new objective has also been added: Plant tracking device without getting spotted. A simple but difficult objective that will demand all your attention and discretion. If spotted objective will fail.

Talking about failing, 3 new difficulty options have also been added.
-Complete objectives in order: 1st Objective will appear at mission start and the next one will only be available after completion of the last.
-Mission Failure: If you fail an objective the mission is failed.
-Blood Brothers: If a teammate dies, mission is over and failed.

From now on teammates will try to reanimate the player if wounded and near death. So no more dying if a team member is nearby and can revive you. This adds longer survivability in combat. The A.I autonomy has also been enhanced to accommodate this task so teammates will try to aid and revive as soon as possible without any command orders from player.

To finish off, enemy patrols have been completely reworked. They now follow paths more coherently and can form squads of up to 8 soldiers
This update obviously adds tons of corrections and fix’s.

- Add: HALO jump insertion
- Add: Airstrike
- Add: New task - Put a tracking device without being spotted
- Add: New difficulty option - Reach objectives one by one
- Add: New difficulty option - Mission fail (if an objective fails, the mission is a failure)
- Add: New difficulty option - Blood Brothers (if a teammate died, the mission is a failure)
- Add: Wounded system for player if teammates enabled
- Add: Soldiers patrolling with squad (max: 8 units per squad)
- Add: Halo jump with helicopter
- Add: Outro cinematic
- Add: Outro music success
- Add: Outro music fail
- Add: Button "use" in inventory
- Add: Sprint can be used with crouch position and strafe movement
- Overhaul: Patrol points
- Tweak: AI Optimization
- Tweak: AI teammates try to treat casualties automatically
- Tweak: Increase wounded time for teammates: 60s -> 180s
- Tweak: Backgrounds maps
- Tweak: Outro UI
- Tweak: Increase vanilla teammates health
- Fix: Dynamic spawns
- Fix: Satellite view with ladder
- Fix: Cull of some objects
- Fix: Treat animations with hits
- Fix: Metal fences collisions
- Fix: Damages with rockets
- Fix: Patrol spawn
- Fix: Turrets detection
- Fix: Mines noise maker
- Fix: Landscape (Jalh-ab Desert)
- Fix: Reduce flahsbang noise
- Fix: Kill the arms dealer and commander doesn't reach correctly
- Fix: Some errors scripts

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« Reply #26 on: April 07, 2018, 11:28:29 PM »
Alpha 0.75 preview...

Hi gamers,

Little teaser of the upcoming new features for Alpha 0.75.. ?

Coming soon...

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« Reply #27 on: April 21, 2018, 10:27:26 PM »
Alpha 0.75 release: New map, A.I radio chat, Teammate A.I overhaul and lots more…

Dear Gamers,

After several intense work days, I finally release to you this new update. The least we could say is that this update is going to greatly enhance squad gameplay tactics.

First of all the number of squad members passes from 4 to 6. You can now add 2 more teammates to your team and their fully customizable. In addition you can now decide how many teammates you bring on mission with you. A other big Improvement in this update is the complete revision of the squad command orders menu. You can now give many more orders to your teammates individually or as a group.
- Place/Diffuse mines / C4
- Deactivate turrets / alarms / jammers…
- Regroup orders/ copy stance / Close and loose formations…

Activating the command menu will slow down game time for better and more precise command and execution of orders. Your missions will become more tactical and strategic.

Also squadmates will now communicate via radio during missions. They will report all events and actions carried out (spotted or neutralized enemies, target hits, injuries, grenade throws and more…). This will greatly enhance game immersion.

The next big addition to this update is the new map baptized: Redwood Forest.
A medium size map where vegetation is dense, military Bases and river streams mix alongside each other.

Like always this update completes itself with a multitude of improvements and fix’s. As usual I hope this new content pleases you and don’t hesitate to report any bug reports and suggestions.

Stay Rock and roll, long live beer and good wine.

Helios Productions

- Add: New map - Redwood forest
- Add: Teammates radio chatter
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) +4 camos
- Add: Clothing (Category SHIRT) - Military vest + 11 camos
- Add: Choose number of deployed teammates
- Add: New difficulty option: No revive
- Add: New insertion/Extraction UI  choice
- Add: Altitude UI with HALO Jump
- Add: New resolution screen UI choice
- Add: Suppressor on SVD Dragunov
- Add: Time Slow-down with AI command
- Overhaul: AI squad commands (20 orders, new controls)
- Tweak: Replaced cyborgs mesh (old had too many problems)
- Tweak: Increase your squad with two characters
- Tweak: Place and trigger several c4 charges simultaneously
- Tweak: Level menu
- Tweak: Show tasks change to show UI
- Tweak: Player character optimization
- Tweak: Spawn/DeSpawn optimization
- Tweak: Increased foliage (Lost Island)
- Tweak: Lost Island daylight
- Tweak: Added delay when calling Airstrikes
- Tweak: Enemy Patrols (Mountain town / Desert)
- Tweak: "Press key to detonate C4" UI location change
- Tweak: Detonate C4 use flashlight/laser key (default key: L)
- Tweak: Reduce fall damage
- Tweak: Increased minimum height received fall damage
- Tweak: AI change target/react more quickly after kill
- Tweak: AI Aim action stops automatically if wounded
- Tweak: Auto assign medic
- Tweak: Order marker
- Tweak: AI prioritizes targets
- Tweak: AI robot patrols
- Tweak: Default settings sandbox
- Tweak: M416 shots with suppressor
- Tweak: Dynamic music
- Fix: AI teammates detection
- Fix: AI detection (arms dealer / chief)
- Fix: AI detection (commander)
- Fix: Take enemy weapon
- Fix: FPS view with HALO/Parachute
- Fix: Mines not triggering
- Fix: Character weight values
- Fix: C4 / frag grenade / stick grenade radial damage
- Fix: Player camera rotation
- Fix: Pawn collision if wounded
- Fix: Human tasks spawn
- Fix: Conquest zone wrong detection if player character used climb/vault
- Fix: Crosshair doesn't disappear if wounded
- Fix: Spawn/deSpawn zones
- Fix: Deactivate alarm animation
- Fix: Scrambler did not deactivate correctly
- Fix: Synchronized shots
- Fix: Rocks location (Avieno Land)
- Fix: Cyborgs root location
- Fix: Allied icon visibility
- Fix: Outro (head mesh visibility with FPS view)
- Fix: English texts
- Fix: French texts

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« Reply #28 on: April 28, 2018, 08:38:05 PM »
Alpha 0.76 Release: 3 new weapons, lighting overhaul, map optimizations...
16 April - [FR] Helios Production   

Dear Gamers,
Alpha 0.76 is now available and brings a diversity of new additions and improvements. I hope this update will please you and now let’s take a look at what’s new.

First of all 3 new weapons have been added to your arsenal: GE3 (Assault rifle) / MP6-SD (Machine gun) / AKS-74U (Assault rifle).Each of them with their own characteristics and attributes.

A complete overhaul of lighting and shadows has been made on every map in order to have better looking visuals and a more optimized game experience. Here’s a comparison of before and after.

Also 2 new orders have been added to the team orders menu: Capture commander/Neutralize

Helios Production

- Add: Assault rifle: AKS-74U
- Add: Assault rifle: GE3
- Add: Submachine gun: MP6-SD
- Add: New AI order - Neutralize
- Add: New AI order - Capture commander
- Tweak: Separate Squad/Unit orders list
- Tweak: AI teammates execute orders with adaptive speed
- Tweak: AI teammates can rescue hostages
- Tweak: AI enemy detection when teammates execute orders
- Tweak: Level menu lighting
- Tweak: Level Conira Castle lighting
- Tweak: Level Conira Castle (winter) lighting
- Tweak: Level Avieno Land lighting
- Tweak: Level Country Town lighting
- Tweak: Level Eastern village lighting
- Tweak: Level Jalh-Ab Desert lighting
- Tweak: Level Avieno Land optimization
- Tweak: Level Eastern village optimization
- Tweak: Level Country Town optimization
- Tweak: Level Conira Castle (winter) optimization
- Tweak: Level Jalh-Ab Desert optimization
- Tweak: Overhaul grass (Lost Island)
- Tweak: Increase foliage (Lost Island)
- Tweak: Ambient noises (Lost Island)
- Tweak: Put listening device/Rescue hostage objectives are never assigned if options random tasks/one by one/mission fail are enabled together
- Fix: AI teammates stand-by
- Fix: AI commander
- Fix: AI detection if player underwater
- Fix: Switch stealth/action music
- Fix: Armored destroyed
- Fix: English texts

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« Reply #29 on: April 28, 2018, 08:39:24 PM »
Alpha 0.77 Release: AI armored and more...
27 April - [FR] Helios Production   

Dear Gamers,

Alpha 0.77 release, this update brings a major game addition. Enemy heavy armored vehicles.

A new option will be available in the sandbox menu that gives you the choice to add Armoured vehicle patrols. I insist on mentioning that this is the first implementation of these vehicles. Improvements and corrections will be made in upcoming updates.

As usual other corrections have been made and feedback is always welcomed.

- Add: AI Armored - APC-Puma (+2 camo variants )
- Add: AI Armored - LSV Rhino (+2 camo variants )
- Add: Fast crawl movement
- Add: New sandbox option - Enemy vehicles
- Add: ACOG to assault rifle Mk18
- Add:  Quick order - Move to [SPACE key]
- Tweak: UI font
- Tweak: Faction wars optimization
- Tweak: Character player optimization
- Tweak: Capture area task optimization
- Tweak: AI Turret optimization
- Tweak: AI Laser optimization
- Tweak: Changed alarm icons
- Tweak: Changed robot icons
- Tweak: Level menu
- Tweak: Sandbox UI
- Fix: Rock fences collision (Eastern village)
- Remove: Helicopters in game mode faction wars

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