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To End All Wars and Commander: The Great War 50% Discount!

The 1918 Kaiserschlacht (or Spring Offensive) was the last attempt by the German High Command to make a breakthrough in the Western Front.

On the 21st of March 1918, a series of attacks along the front line held by the British Fifth and Third Army began. Strengthened by divisions coming from the Eastern Front and with an extended use of troops trained in infiltration and assault tactics (Stormtroopers), the Germans were able to achieve the largest territory advance of the war.

However, this all-out offensive didnít gain a decisive victory. The Germans lost irreplaceable veteran troops and the conquest of the new territories resulted in hard to defend positions with a supply line that was stretched too far.

The failure of the Kaiserschlacht made the Allies ready to re-take the initiative, commencing the Hundred Days Offensive, which put an end to the War.

To better celebrate this important recurrence, we are offering a 50% discount for To End all Wars and Commander the Great War!

Use the code WWI-1918 to apply the discount on your purchase! The discount is valid also for boxed editions!

Do you want to see some action? Follow us on our Twitch Channel as we stream Commander the Great War at 4 GMT Ė 5 CET!

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