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Patrol Recon 2 player
« on: December 10, 2014, 03:31:51 PM »
August 03, 2014, Judge Dredd and I did a mission.

We had 3x Challenger 2's, 1x FOV90 , 4xM109A3

Infantry , RPG teams and Rifle, HMG squads.

Overcast with poor visibility.

Mission was to recon and avoid enemy engagements where possible and enter tthe objective (Terrier). We ended up with 1 x Challenger 2 and 2 x M109A3.

Judge Dredd faced an onslaught of enemy infantry on the outskirts of the objective... RPG's flying left and right...He battled through and reached the objective.  :knuppel2: (4/1/A)

Mission Start

Mission End

Challenger 2 Stands Proud (Judge Dredd)

There was a lot of blood and sweat in between. Including RPG strikes! Maybe Judge Dredd will produce an AAR  :)

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