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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #15 on: June 07, 2017, 03:06:52 PM »
Controller update

A big update just went live - it contains a lot of fixes and experimental controller support in UI. Old mouse emulation mode should be on by default.

If anyone would be so nice to test that new mode please go to "Controls" menu in Book of Demons options and on the new Controller tab uncheck "mouse emulation".

What kind of issues are we looking for? Mouse cursor showing when the player is using the controller, buttons difficult to select, controls that are not obviously highlighted when selected.

We also changed some button mappings in the dungeon, so please check the new tab to see what does what now. Getting used to new layout might take a minute but it should work better and is the first step in controller "in dungeon" scheme overhaul.

Steam controller users - new mapping file should be available as of now. A new action is introduced - "previous special missile".

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #16 on: June 14, 2017, 08:36:39 PM »
"Where is the Rogue and why not here yet" discussion

It's the end of May so I'm writing this new sticky in anticipation of "where is the Rogue posts".

As I hinted earlier in the forums we have finalized production plan (without a complete SFX listing, but besides that, it's pretty much done) and it looks like we won't be able to make it before September. After September many AAA titles launch and we can't compete with that. Worst case scenario the game would get drown and no one would notice the launch. This kicks off a period of intensified AAA titles launches and big gaming events (also a bad time to launch since press and streamers are busy - we did our homework and asked around when to launch :-)).

That's why we have to delay the day we exit the early access. Probably until as far as February. Why and how this affects us and you and, most importantly, the Rogue? If you refer to our Roadmap, the Rogue will be our biggest content update before the launch. If we were to release her over the next few weeks then we couldn't do any major marketing event for the next 9 months until the launch. That would make people forget the game (or at least the hype to die down a bit).

Of course we will be adding a lot of stuff like quest mastering and peripheral support or better and more comprehensive sounds (right now we have a bit less than a half of the sounds we would like to have; a few hundreds more sounds will change or be added) and more voice overs for the heroes so that they could comment events in the dungeon (usually in a sarcastic way, obviously!). We scheduled A LOT of polish tasks like improving tilesets, missile and monster death effects and quality of life tweaks. It's not like we will be sitting on our hands during that time, we will be actively improving the game and adding stuff. But no update will be as exciting as the Rogue.

This brings us to the difficult decision - we have to delay the Rogue for a little bit. And by a little bit, I mean up to a few months. It's hard because she is almost ready, we are polishing her skills right now. But when we look at the bigger picture it's what must be done to give the game fighting chance on release. We have decided to put the cards on the table (pun not intended) and tell you, the community, why the Rogue is delayed. I hope you will understand that decision and support us in it.

Of course a few weeks before the Rogue update goes eventually public we will create a beta branch for volunteers from the community like we did with the Mage.

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #17 on: August 07, 2017, 05:29:07 PM »
A Year in Early Access

When we launched Book of Demons through Steam Early Access a year ago we had a pretty fixed plan for the future. We knew that the first month or so we would be focusing on bug fixing and stability issues. The game was already tested in-house and by our gamedev friends but that proved to be only a drop in the ocean. Next, we planned to release 2 additional character classes (Mage and Rogue), implement quest mastering (for players who want to test their skills with quest bosses on higher difficulty settings), polish second and third tileset (we believed that the maze tileset is pretty solid already) and add more sounds and voiceovers.

The first phase (testing and bug fixing) passed pretty much as planned. We have fixed a lot of bugs, resolution issues and exploits (my personal favorite was a possibility to completely skip the final boss fight just by clicking on the stairs down which one surprised player discovered unintentionally).

But what came next was a little unexpected for us. We have invited players to take part in the development of the game not only by testing it but also to shape the game’s final form. And, in spite of our fears, we got plenty of really great and reasonable ideas.

Many of them were quality of life improvements (like loot highlighting, last item blinking or remappable keyboard controls) which we could implement right away. Others were either ideas for features proposed by the community (like borderless window or daredevil mode) or issues reported by players that we felt we had to address. Those needed much more work but still ended up in Book of Demons. Most noticeable were legendary and magical cards, multiple character slots, higher difficulty modes, new mechanics like imposed cards, cursed cards, gold and card loss.

Those features had a great impact on how the game looks and feels today. Of course, we still added some of the components we had originally planned (Mage class, a lot of balance changes, more variety in dungeons) but with all the previously listed features, it took much more time than we thought it would.

We are a small indie studio, with 7 devs working days and (more frequently than we should acknowledge) nights on the game we love. But every new feature that we add, every new mode that we didn’t plan or didn’t think about, influences our roadmap and postpones the game’s final release. We can see that the game is now much better both in terms of stability (crash rate is over 2.5 times smaller than it was a year ago) and nd players' reception (Book of Demons has an Overwhelmingly Positive user reviews at the time of writing this post) but it all comes at the cost of deteriorated development speed. Please keep that in mind when reading our roadmap or while waiting for the Rogue class :) All of those features and, from what we have learned from the last 12 months, many more will come to Book of Demons. It will just take some more time.

Below, you will find some figures we gathered that illustrate Book of Demons’ Year of Early Access in numbers. Enjoy :)

Read on

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #18 on: August 08, 2017, 02:42:11 PM »
The Last Big Update Before the Rogue
7 August - Konstanty   

Today's update brings a lot of changes in preparation for the Rogue. Before you ask - the Rogue will be the next big update. I will try to explain the biggest changes below. Change log for this update is our longest yet, but few changes stand out.

First of all, the duck held by the Archdemon on the cross-section is now squeezable for your and Archdemons' enjoyment.

In other news, big changes to cards' cool down system. Positive effect on cooldown concept is no more. From now on, all cooldowns are negative (as in the card cannot be used for the duration of cooldown and offers no special effects). However, fear not. Cards that used to have a positive effect on cooldown now have Timed Effect state after use.

In that state, the card has a golden glow that shows how much time is left until the effect is finished. As the effect timer runs out the glow will gradually turn red to alert the player.

Once the effect is done the regular cooldown will kick in. The minimal cooldown is one second now, meaning that cards that could have been used "back to back" now have a one-second cooldown. This change will make effects over time more readable and should make Skeleton Belt more useful (it won’t extend positive effects anymore but now it shortens cooldown on all cards!). Also, now Boots card can be found in Elephant variant, that will make the protection from flames last up to 30% longer.

Damage subsystem
We have also rewritten attack system, now many attacks will have different visual effects and elements will add tints to those effects. In the process, we also removed a lot of bugs and elemental effects will trigger more often.

Dialogue system
You will also notice that now all spoken text outside of cinematic scenes will be displayed next to a head of the person (or monster) speaking in the upper left corner of the screen. Gone are the days of crude text window obscuring center of the screen.

The effort to enrich sound aspect of the game is ongoing. A ton of new sounds made it into the game and much more will be added. Also, the Hell tileset now has its own music theme!

A lot of visual improvements
We have also added many visual improvements and tweaks, including some monsters' effects, easier to read font in gossips and so on. It's worth mentioning that now the type of equipped elemental damage card is reflected in how character's weapon (or staff) looks.

The complete change log
The change log for this update was so long we actually found a bug in the change log window itself, it had problems handling long change logs 

Here you can read the detailed list of all changes:
•   Really important stuff first - Archdemons' duck can now be squeezed on the cross section screen
•   The game has a new fancy book icon
•   We also made changes to all tilesets and they might cause levels the player is currently on to be rerolled. This won't affect the characters or anything else
•   In other news, big changes to cards the cool down system. Positive effect on cooldown is no more. Now all cooldowns are negative (as in card cannot be used for the duration of cooldown and offers no special effects)
•   All active Timed Effects on cards will end when hero exits the dungeon, this includes Mana Shield card
•   We have made huge "under the hood" changes to the damage dealing system, practically rewriting it. Visually the most obvious change will be different and better-looking shapes of the strike effects on monsters
•   Fixed legendary Ice Bolt, it used to never trigger unless Fireball card was also equipped and then it would trigger all the time
•   When monsters with golden shield are standing in flames and golden shield timer is sped up their shields will have a red tint to better communicate that fact to the player
•   Bomb cards will now be better at targeting monsters that showed up after the card was activated
•   Ranged cards like Throw or Cold Nova now will display their range in the dungeon when the player hovers mouse cursor over them
•   Dialogue system has been rewritten. Now instead of a window over characters head all dialogue will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen with a neat character's head icon. That way dialogues won't interfere with clicking and we will have more opportunities for one-liners
•   Fixed line spacing in changelog window
•   Added lots of missing sounds and made small improvements to a number of pre-existing sounds
•   Fixed errors in Archdemon scripts that rendered him mute
•   Added visual effects to Spell and Item cards on use, similar to the effect that was present on Artifact cards on proc
•   Skeleton warriors now have more varied appearances, there are variants with missing body parts
•   Level completed summary window now allows distribution level up points right in that window
•   Tweaked monsters' accuracy modifiers granted by magical variants
•   Skeleton Belt now works as a separate dodge mechanic, granting an extra 20% chance to dodge damage from skeletons
•   Added a new type of tutorial - a small window that pops up on important events in a predefined area of the screen and goes away after a few seconds or when clicked. Right now it should appear when a usable card is equipped for the first time.
•   Fire shockwaves no longer kill Fire Imps (this will prevent mass Imp suicide events)
•   Re-enabled Antipope's visual fight sequences when changing states, 20x more awesome now
•   Balance: Charge Card cost increased
•   Balance: Teleport Card cost and cooldown increased
•   Balance: Legendary Teleport effect trigger chance decreased from 100% to 50%
•   The Cook and Antipope now have custom casting effects
•   The Cook and Antipope now have custom casting effects
•   Arcane bolts deflected with legendary shield will now deal damage to enemies
•   All missiles deflected by legendary shield won't trigger card effects now since they are technically not player's missiles
•   Fixed true damage being damped to 1 instead of destroying elemental hearts as it should
•   Added poison death indicator. Now when monsters has enough poison to stacked to kill it a green skull icon will be displayed to the left of his health bar
•   Poison now affects spiders when they stalk player on ceiling, spiders killed by poison when stalking fall to the ground and die
•   Changed poison tutorial to reflect new poison mechanics
•   Cards tutorial now mentions keyboard shortcuts
•   Timed state tutorial rephrased to be more clear
•   Rebalanced chances for card drops
•   Polished Golem card effects
•   Mage's missiles that fly too far and die will now fade out their light in a smoother manner
•   Improved landing effects after monsters jump
•   Added extra particle effects to casting monsters' staffs
•   Tweaked NPC's nodding animations
•   Current flexiscope depth is now indicated on the depth slider, so the players can see how much they will progress
•   Fixed player not being slowed by monsters (only visual effects were applied)
•   Increased font size in gossips for better readability
•   Small visual fixes to quest bosses' intro scenes
•   Font was changed in gossips, new one is not italic in order to increase readability
•   Balance changes to various cards' cooldowns and costs
•   Remedy card now protects from poison, stun and cold from level 1
•   Equipped cards will now be marked as such in upgrade pane
•   Added tooltip to the golden key, explaining that that mechanic is not yet implemented
•   Newly found cards will now be properly marked as "unseen" with purple glows and as seen if equipped
•   Item Cards' variants other than the equipped one will now show zero charges
•   Equipped cards will now be marked with a green tick in upgrade pane
•   Changes in Demonic Ring, among others fire now damages non-magical shields and shields are destroyed on fire monsters too
•   Added tooltips to selected GUI controls
•   Fixed progress bar in the Summary Window
•   Cold attacks now will trigger ice visual effect on hit, same effect will be displayed on every click on an icicle
•   Arrows now have nice fade on appear to make them stop "popping" into existence in middle of skeletons' heads
•   Hell tileset now has its own music theme
•   Cards "loosened" by charging goats won't get unequipped anymore when inventory was open and player clicked the card to fix it
•   Unified use conditions for potion cards
•   Slot buyout tooltips and confirmation windows now have more neatly formatted prices
•   Adjusted visuals of monsters landing on the ground.
•   Visual tweaks of magical monsters staffs
•   Charge won't be stopped by enemy missiles
•   Improved confirmation dialog text when switching Item Card's variant
•   Avatar unlock progress bar cannot be moved with controller anymore (glitch was only visual)
•   Fixed a crash when upgrade card was clicked in upgrade pane with cauldron open
•   Fixed a glitch that caused points needed for the next rang to be incorrectly calculated in Summary WIndow after finishing a flexiscope
•   Fixed minor issues with Teleport Card's shockwave
•   Fixed an issue where Mage would change targets when trying to right click and attack target
•   Fixed appear and disappear visuals of Skeleton Whopper
•   Fixed an issue where some body parts on larger monsters would disappear abruptly when monster's death animation started
•   Fixed ghost movement bug that caused ghost to warp in and out of map under some circumstances
•   When avatar is changed in Summary Window the new one will be displayed (old one used to stuck around until the window was closed)
•   Dungeon unfolding effect will no longer play at the same time as cutscene in order to avoid "sliding" effect
•   Legendary Lightning and Staff of Lightning names swapped
•   Visual fixes to some arrow types (added shadows and such)

As always, stay safe in the dungeons! 

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #19 on: September 06, 2017, 03:52:51 PM »
Rogue is on the test branch!

 They tried to stop her, but the call of great adventure finally brought her here to deliver a final blow to the Ultimate Evil. She is smart, cunning and very, very deadly... She has sharpened her Claws to scavenge for valued fermented blood (known aphrodisiac), precious lost souls and beautiful goat skins.

We are happy to introduce the Rogue's bow to the hordes of hell, and hordes of hell to her bow. We also wish you good luck in convincing her to stop shooting at anything that moves...

If you'd like to meet her, she will wait for you in the tavern on Test Branch district of the Town. But beware! ♫ Beauty always comes with dark thoughts…♫

The Rogue is meant to be a ranged class, but when encircled, she switches to a risky melee style and attacks only those in her reach. The Rogue comes along with 16 totally new cards with lots of magical and legendary variants. Her deck consists of 4 types of magic arrows that apply various elemental effects, 5 new artifacts that support her individual fighting style and 7 unique offensive spells.

For now, the class is available only on the public test branch.

She will be added to the main branch once all the bugs are ironed out. If you'd like to test your skills as a rogue, we'd love to hear your opinion about the new class!

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #20 on: September 07, 2017, 06:38:16 PM »
September Devlog

Hello, everyone!

We rolled out an updated yesterday and I would like to bring you all up to speed with new stuff and what we are working on right now.

Angry Monsters
We added a new mechanic to selected monsters. Such monsters when hit 4 times in quick succession become enraged, heal and deal extra damage. You can tell when a monster is on verge of becoming angry because a red exclamation mark will pop-up next to its health. The exclamation mark will go away if the monster is not hit for a few seconds. Auto attacks won't make monster more angry.

It should add a pacing element to fights introduce a bit more strategy and make hard hitting cards more valuable while simultaneously making AoE cards a bit more risky to use.

Columns in dungeons now cast dynamic shadows from player's light
While we won't add dynamic shadows to everything we thought that columns could use a dynamic element. It nicely builds gloomy atmosphere, we hope you will like it!

Improvements to Steam Controller
Valve has updated Steam Controller API and so did we! Not only icons for Steam Controller will be displayed correctly but also when mapping non-steam controllers in Steam you should get your controller specific icons in-game (where possible).

We have also tweaked targeting pointer and stun mini-game pointer speed depending on what type of controller you have mapped in Steam.

This was a part of a larger controller refactoring effort paving the way to possible more input methods in the future.

Other stuff
We also changed web kit from Awesomium to Chromium which is updated more often and had better cross-platform support.

Lots of in game effects were improved and new sounds were added. This kind of changes will be happening with every update now since we are constantly polishing visuals and adding more sounds.

Detailed patch notes
•   Columns in the dungeon will now cast simulated dynamic shadows cast by the player's light
•   New monster mechanics: Angry. Angry monsters get enraged when hit too often. When monster becomes angry an exclamation mark appears next to its health bar. Once enraged monster heals itself and deals extra attacks over a short period of time
•   Legendary Divine potion changes. While it no longer has a chance for double duration it causes all attacks to heal player instead of dealing damage
•   Charge/Teleportation icon will now be displayed under the card as well as in the dungeon for more readability
•   Improved sounds effects for attacks and selected monsters
•   Improved various visual effects in dungeon and GUI
•   Charge/Teleport will now act more reliably near stairs/doors and will ignore collisions with player's missiles
•   Icicles will now be hit by lobbed projectiles (spears)
•   Legendary cards now have unique descriptions in tooltips and Identify Window
•   Backend: Updated Steam Controller to better handle emulated 3rd party controllers (right stick won't be super sensitive anymore on emulated controllers)
•   Backend: switched web framework from Awesomium to Chromium. Although it doesn't sound as awesome it's updated on more regular basis
•   Legendary Amulets will now trigger on mana pickup in addition to health pickup
•   Decreased mage's missile radius, should allow better trick shots
•   Dungeon generation code was optimized - entering a new level should be a bit faster
•   Small optimizations in dungeon generation time
•   Visual improvements to spider mechanic tutorial
•   Visual improvements to Mana Sphere
•   More supporters added to credits
•   Improved descriptions for most cards
•   Fixed stuttering motion in ghosts, it should happen very rarely now
•   Fixed a bug where goat would bleat and heal only when a non-legendary Heal spell was in effect
•   Fixed achievement "Magic Friend"
•   Fixes to Cathedral tileset
•   Fixes to Hell tileset
•   Fixed Ghosts' fear movement
•   Fixed: Chaotic Ring one-click shield bash should work now
•   Fixed small hiccup when level Summary Frame was opening
•   Fixed a crash when Skeleton Belt wearing player was hit with a critical attack
•   Fixed a crash when displaying upgrade tooltip on potion card
•   Fixed Full Deck achievement
•   Fixed Legendary Boots to work with all shockwaves
•   Fixed mangled tooltip on common variant in Variants frame
•   Added support for disabling coloring on levels for older Radeon cards that experienced glitches

Last but far from least: Rogue is in testing
Rogue's testing has begun; those who feel like enduring more than the regular dosage of bugs is worth getting an early look at that class can head to the public test branch. Details on how to access it can be found in this thread. (link will work only for game owners since there is no test branch for the demo). Be warned though, Rogue is a bit unstable right now and she will spend some time on the testing branch. Once we are satisfied with stability and her balance we will carefully pick the best date to unveil her and move her to public branch. I detailed our reasoning behind that in this this thread.

As always,
Stay safe in the dungeons ːpaperheartː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #21 on: September 22, 2017, 04:15:21 PM »
Support for community translations
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Today we are rolling out community translations update which gives you tools to create your own localization of in-game text.

Why community translations?
Book of Demons is in Early Access and that means that string tables change daily. Translating every change to all languages we would like to eventually support would delay the updates ad infinitum as it would require us to track every change and probably hire translators full-time (or use automatic translation and while it would probably result in some hilarious errors, in the end, no one wants that).

From the beginning of Early Access, many players offered their help and asked us if we could make it possible for them to translate the game. Preparing the backend to facilitate translation to most languages took us a lot of time as we had to create a system for rendering and caching true type fonts on the fly that would be robust, flexible and memory efficient. Now the system is ready and everyone who would like to help is welcome!

Before we exit the early access we will take the best community translations and have professional translators do a proofreading pass on them to assure everything is in order and then they will get included in the final release. Their authors will get immortalized in game's credits (and our hearts, obviously ːpaperheartː)

How can I help or use the ongoing translations?
If you would like to try translating the game to your language or take an ongoing translation to a test drive and report problems (or praise flawless execution!) head to the dedicated subforum. You will find two pinned threads with detailed instructions there.

Over time, as translations become increasingly complete and more players report them to be playable, we will be including them into official builds so everyone will be able to play native language without the hassle of adding translation files by themselves.

What languages are potentially supported
Some languages are supported natively by our old font system. Languages that use more exotic characters will switch to the new font system which utilizes a mega true type font file. We tried to be as inclusive as possible and so most languages should be covered by that file.

Some examples of languages with supported characters:
Chinese (Simplified)
Klingon (no support for pIqaD script since it's not supported in Unicode, we are as disappointed as you are and we are writing a very ːsteamsaltyː letter to Unicode Consortium about that!)
Brazilian Portuguese

Other stuff
Besides that the update, of course, includes most recent fixes and improvements.

Worth mentioning is new improved Angry State visual representation that communicates better how angry the monster is at the moment.

Another important thing is that we have dropped the use of the Steam wrapper. This might help with overzealous antivirus programs quarantining the executable.

Stay safe in the dungeons ːpaperheartː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #22 on: September 22, 2017, 04:47:55 PM »

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #23 on: October 06, 2017, 01:13:45 PM »
Latest Changelog (0.86.14285+ 06th October 2017)

Version 0.86.14285+ 06th October 2017
•   Multiple fixes and improvements to tooltips and card descriptions in game
•   Added card slot icons and actions for steam controller radial menus
•   On controllers Y is now the default alt-use key and B will serve as "back" as is tradition
•   Added an option to swap suffixes and prefixes for some languages
•   Long tooltips on Avatar screen should now wrap correctly
•   Added footnote and information about charges to arrow cards
•   Fix for monsters not dying when stunned (in rare situations)
•   Added extra safeguards in feedback widget code to prevent possible crash on startup
•   Fixed epic arrows spawned by Splitting Bow card sometimes orbiting around monsters with golden shields.
•   Fixed a rare crash when Game of Crows achievement was obtained
•   Fixed a rare issue when player was upgrading saved games from the oldest possible build to current and key mappings could get wiped
•   Fixed an occasional crash when exiting level with Horror Whooper on it
•   Fixed mana cast cost blinking in Golem card in upgrade pane
•   Fixed linked monsters not unlinking in a very rare situation when player killed a monster and quickly used stairs only to re-enter via different stairs

Version 0.86.14229+ 02nd October 2017
•   Added card slot icons and actions for steam controller radial menus
•   Added an option to swap suffixes and prefixes for some languages
•   Added footnote and information about charges to arrow cards
•   Fix for monsters not dying when stunned (in rare situations)
•   Added extra safeguards in feedback widget code to prevent possible crash on startup
•   Fixed mana cast cost blinking in Golem card in upgrade pane

Version 0.85.13971+ 10th September 2017
•   Fixed crash when stunning or freezing Angry monsters
•   Fixed occasional crash when starting a game with a new character

Version 0.85.61396+ 8th September 2017
•   Monsters that are stunned or frozen won’t get angered when hit. Stunning/freezing also resets the anger meter
•   Fixed Ghost Mage, he won’t spawn huge number of teleport missiles anymore
•   Fixed angry demons getting stuck in the anger state

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #24 on: October 24, 2017, 04:50:35 PM »
Razer Chroma more
Book of Demons - Konstanty

We have a ton of fixes, tweaks and controller updates that we have bundles into this update. I will break down most important points below.

Razer Chroma
We now officially support Razer Chroma RGB backlights. This is important for two reasons. All of you who have Chroma enabled keyboards, mouse or other peripherals can now enjoy Book of Demons in a cool RGB glory. The second reason is equally important - we are taking part in Razers' marketing events later this month and this might generate additional exposure which is crucial to our marketing outreach efforts.

The full list of effects now available includes:

•   Health and Mana indicators on F5-F8 and F9-F12 respectively (also on keypad and mouse). We use fewer keys but rightmost key dims as the parameter value gets lower for fluid visual feedback. Additionally, health is tinted green when the character is poisoned.
•   Equipped cards highlight keys bound to their slots. Type of card equipped is color coded exactly as they are presented in-game. Additionally, when the card is not usable at the moment it's dimmed. And when it's on cooldown it's also indicated by gradually making the key brighter. These keys and health/mana bars are rendered on top of other effects as they are utility indicators.
•   When the card becomes usable or its passive effect is triggered respective key flashes gold
•   When the card is used by the player a shockwave originating from the key it's bound to is rendered on the keyboard. Of course, it's in the card's color.
•   These are additively rendered so they make for a nice ripple storm when the player is in the middle of intense combat ːpaperdeathː
•   When the character is frozen the keyboard mimics on-screen effect and "freezes" in blue color on the edge rows and columns.
•   When the character is poisoned again the keyboard mimics the on-screen effect and "bubbles" of green spawn at the lowest key row and make their way upwards.
•   Level up, level clear and card identified/discovered notifications now have fast "swipe" effect on the keyboard, each in a different color
•   Mouse midsection and mousepad glow in the color the current dungeon is tinted with. This creates a cool ambient effect at player's desk that compliments the in-game color scheme.
•   Upon death, the keyboard gets "flooded" with red to mimic the on-screen effect.
•   When player is stunned headset blinks yellow to mimic the yellow stars on screen

Margaret prepared a demo video highlighting some of the effects on Black Widow keyboard:

Controller support
We are continuously working on better and full support for controllers. Plenty of bugs got fixed and quirks ironed out in this update. There is still a lot to do but controller support with mouse emulation turned off should be a much smoother experience now.

For Steam Controller users we recently added custom actions for cards using that can be mapped to extra buttons or radial menus for which we also added icons.

So what's ahead?

A lot ːarchduckː

The Rogue looms in the near future. Thanks to our brave trailblazing testers from the test branch with each update we are fixing a lot of bugs and balance issues related to the Rogue. She will go live later this year (I have explained the reasoning behind the wait here) and already tested and polished up to the quality of the Warrior and Mage classes. With her release, we will begin the long march to the launch and we will share a detailed roadmap of events we will do or participate in.

We are also working on adding all the sounds we would like to hear in the game (right now we have less than half of what's planned) and more one-liners for the heroes. We are also tinkering with audio system and might have a surprise for you later on.

Archdemon quest is being reworked. It's a lot of work and will take much time but from what we already did it's obvious that the improvement will be huge. Right now he is just an archdemon. Once we are done he will be The Archdemon with an extra duck on top.

We will have a rigid roadmap with more or less fixed dates for you before the end of the year, probably at the same time as the Rogue official launch.

Until then,
Stay safe in the dungeons ːarchduckː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #25 on: December 11, 2017, 10:45:02 PM »
The Rogue Update
Book of Demons - Konstanty

The time has come, and the Rogue is here! She is charming, she is funny, she is deadly with the bow and wit. Voiced by insanely talented Rachael Messer she is ready to end the Archdemon.

Arrow and dagger
Of course, her core mechanic differs from pushy Warrior's and bookish Mage's playstyles. She uses her trustworthy bow for the main attack and has an impressive range. She can hit anything she sees (and sometimes stuff she doesn't see so careful there unless you don't mind angry goats charging at you from shadows with arrows sticking from their bottoms).

However, as always, there is a fine print here. Her arrows, unlike Mage's bolts, do collide with monsters other than the intended target. This means that picking the remote target in a melee can be tricky. Until she finds a card that makes her arrows pierce enemies and split... But that's a different story.

And since we are on the topic of melee. Bows are useless in close range, which is why Rogue switches to dagger when an enemy gets close and personal. Once it gets to this, things are probably going pretty bad, but she has a few neat tricks just for such an occasion.

Speaking from a strictly gameplay point of view, when at least one enemy gets into melee range the bow becomes unusable and Rogue switches to close range melee attacks. The melee mode is indicated by the red circle around the Rogue. Until it's empty of monsters, the bow is off the table. It's worth mentioning though, that some cards have special effects on monsters in melee range so sometimes it might be worth intentionally getting close and personal with a zombie.

Those of you who helped us in debugging and polishing her on the test branch will be happy to know that there are new spell effects in this update so there is a reason for you to check her out again :-) Most of your feedback that was not yet addressed in recent smaller updates got addressed in this update. Thank you for bravely facing bugs and imbalances, without your help we couldn't have polished her to the current state ːpaperheartː

What now, eh?
With this addition of the final hero to our party, we can begin our march toward the launch. We will be regularly checking off things from the roadmap and we will be more active in the marketing department reaching out to media and new players with each update. Can't wait ːpaperdeathː but it has to be done if we want to generate buzz for launch. Anyway, it's time to talk about the roadmap.

The Final shape of the Roadmap

Below are the content updates that we are planning before the launch. At this point we are freezing feature list, meaning that our urge to include new features will have to be kept under control. Without doing so we wouldn't be able to have more or less fixed dates for updates and plan marketing efforts accordingly.

Now for the roadmap itself. There are no dates but all this will happen more or less in that order and we are planning to exit early access in the second half of 2018.
•   Rogue Live - We are here!
•   Cursed Sarcophagi + Spatial Sound Update - a special kind of Sarcophagi for those who dare take the risk. And yes, you read that right, spatial stereo sound in the dungeon (currently everything is flat center).
•   Mac Support + Minimap Update - Due to popular demand we will be adding minimap and the update will come at the same time as Mac support
•   Quest Mastering + Archdemon Fight - This one will include the ability to use golden keys to fight through quest levels again at higher difficulties for better rewards and an overhaul of the whole Archdemon level and fight (extra duck included).
•   Tobii Support + Speedrun to Cook Update - Ever wanted to play Book of Demons with your gaze? With Tobii Eyetracker you will be able to. Plus a new mode and leaderboard are coming in that update - how fast can you get to the first boss?
•   Challenge Mode Update - Generate custom levels and challenge your friends to beat them in an offline competitive mode!
•   Sounds + Languages Update - This update will include all remaining sounds in the game. We will also proofread and include community translations into the game at this point.
•   Launch Day Update - New cards. As always we plan to go with quality over quantity so expect a couple of new cards meshing nicely with pre-existing mechanics.

There are other minor mechanics and additions that we will distribute among the bigger updates but those are the most important things. And, of course, the updates are not going to stop with the release of the game.

Changelog for this build
Version 0.90.14720+ 11th December 2017
•   Rogue class is now available (this point wraps a million fixes and tweaks from the last two months which won't be pasted below for brevity's sake)
•   Major balance changes to Catacombs
•   Achievement Highway to hell footprints number lowered to 200 000 (was 1 000 000)
•   Added special effects for boss' card block removal
•   Minor tweaks to Antipope level layout
•   Fixed frozen flail damage being too high (was 3 instead of 2)
•   Fixed interruptor achievement to count also effects of spell cards
•   Visual tweaks to spider's web lobbed attack
•   Fixed a soft lock when clicking on heart scroll and then choosing health point on level up screen
•   Fixed level with cursed chest being regenerated if it was saved with the chest open (so no more gold farming, sorry :))
•   Added Devanagari block in TTF fonts (support for Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi, Nepali, and Sanskrit)
•   Controller: Consistent handling of B button as back in all windows
•   Fixed a bug where loading a game saved during a spell effect would end the effect
•   Fixed one of the snake bosses movement pattern to snake movement (was regular walking)
•   Fixed text embedded sprites not fading smoothly with the rest of the text
•   Fixed lava jet timer not stopping when menu was open resulting in ultimate over 9000 eruptions on closing the menu
•   Epic arrow drop sprite redone for better readability
•   Rephrased casting tutorials to be more consistent
•   Rephrased fire/ice weapon tooltips to be more consistent
•   Boss health/stage bar now will disappear when controller target selector is north of player position to make picking casters easier
•   Changelog window can now be closed by clicking anywhere outside of it
•   Healer's vial pickup range increased and auto pickup on controller input added
•   Controller: Reworked identify and charge windows to be more controller friendly
•   Controller: pressing left thumb will now toggle loot highlight in dungeons
•   Controller: charged cards won't be used by accident anymore
•   Controller: pressing right thumb resets the target selector back to player's position
•   Controller: unified scrolling functions under left thumb
•   Controller: target pointer rendering and movement tweaked. Picking targets should be more intuitive now
•   Steam Controller: controller text input should work in all suitable text fields now
•   Controller: changed buttons' functions in menus. Should be more consistent now.
•   Steam Controller: exported new mapping with new actions.

In other news, by popular vote, we are in top100 best indie games of this year and the top one in Hack'n'Slash category. I know you organized in the forums to vote for Book of Demons ːpaperheartː Thank you for your support, we appreciate it a lot!

Right now we are in the final round of voting, so if you would be so cool to give us the final push now would be the best time! (Book of Demons in under the Hack'n'Slash category).

Stay safe in the dungeons ːarchduckː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #26 on: December 13, 2017, 03:45:14 PM »
Deck-building dungeon crawler Book of Demons gets a new class in its latest update

We first played Book of Demons in mid-2016, just before sitting down with its creator at PAX West, who said it was born of a desire to distill Diablo down to its purest form. Which came as no surprise, it immediately reminded us of Diablo, albeit far cuter. It's been trucking along in Steam Early Access ever since, and recently received a big update which added the rogue, the last of its three classes.

With the addition of rogues, Book of Demons has completed its high fantasy class trilogy. Where mage does magic things and warrior does tanky things, the rogue is described as a flexible class with long- and close-range options thanks to her bow and daggers.

Like mage and warrior, rogue also has unique class cards—16 to be exact. Book of Demons' combat works on a deck system: the cards you include become the skills you can use while dungeoneering. This plays into its procedurally generated dungeons, as you'll likely never build the same deck or run the same dungeon twice. You can sample the cards for yourself in the free demo available on Steam.

Developer Thing Trunk says Book of Demons will exit Early Access in mid-2018. Before it does, the studio says it will receive eight major updates including Mac support, improved sound, more cards and new game modes like an offline challenge mode.

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #27 on: December 31, 2017, 04:59:25 PM »
'Tis the season!

Best wishes from the whole team at Thing Trunk!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fun we had together this year and all the support you gave us! Together we hunted down a lot of bugs and came up with a number of new features and improvements. We also wish you even better 2018, with even more cards dropping and Gargoyles too lazy to jump away. After all, it will be the year in which Book of Demons launches. Lots of cool stuff ahead.

Matt likes to tinker with music and video in his free time and recently he has been preparing something special for you. Without a further ado, I present you with the one and only Book of Demons music video!

In other news: supporters bundle is now available on Steam
From the very start, on our Book of Demons website, we’ve been offering an option to become an official supporter of the Return 2 Games series. Now we’re bringing it to Steam, and yes, this includes the option to upgrade to Supporter’s Bundle if you already own Book of Demons. That’s what the bundle upgrade is for – it adjusts the price automatically so you only need to pay the difference. Some of you probably noticed that the bundle was available on and off for a week now - it was us testing ways of creating it in a way that would be most convenient and possible in Steam's framework.

So, again without a further ado:

The pack upgrade is for those of you who already own Book of Demons but wish to support the idea further.
If you don't own the game yet but want to make a leap of faith and get it and the Supporter's Pack at the same time, the bundle is for you.

We had to make both bundle and pack because of how Steam works. It was the only way to grant owners access to future products.

But what is the Supporter's Pack anyway?
In short, the R2G Supporter Pack is a way for our biggest fans to support our future development and to receive all forthcoming R2G games once they become available. Because yes, Book of Demons was planned from the start as the first installment in a series of games.

Anticipating a flood of questions to follow, Matt wrote an article on our dev blog[thingtrunk.com] that goes into more detail, describes our motivation and analyzes some of the perils we might face ahead. If you’re thinking about going above and beyond in supporting us, be sure to read it, so that you know what to expect now and in the future.

As always,
Stay safe in dungeons

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #28 on: January 15, 2018, 09:15:46 PM »
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