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Stars End
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:00:11 PM »
Stars End

From the developers of Medieval Kingdom Wars

Stars End Anouncement Trailer EA

Uploaded on 24 Oct 2017

it`s been in development for a very long time. Yes that means - we`ve been working at two games at once; and no we are not crazy, money hungry or evil (maybe a little bit evil), and yes MKW will be finished, and it`ll be spectacular...

With that out of the way - in the very near future we`ll publicly announce our new game, titled Stars End. But we wanted to share it with you first. Stars End is a complete departure for us from RTS genre. It is an open world multiplayer space themed TPS/FPS survival game. Something like No Man Sky and Ark having a baby.

Stars End has been in development for several years now, with full speed production ongoing for about a year. We mostly have separate sub-team working on Stars End, with it`s own creator and developer. So SE production doesn`t overlap with Medieval Kingdom Wars, and moving forward nothing is changing with our love and commitment to Medieval Kingdom Wars.

As a good example - with Stars End production going full speed over the last year, we are making really good progress with Medieval. In the end it comes down to having separate developers working on each title, something that we have gotten pretty good at lately. Also moving forward we plan to continue with our passion for RTS games, and MKW is definitely not the last Grand Strategy game that we have planned.

We plan to release Stars End in Early Access sometime in 2018.

Now we wanted to give you the first look at Stars End with this unreleased video. This is from a very old build dating a few months ago, so please ignore the older looking visuals.

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