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Restoring a mp game
« on: December 02, 2016, 11:00:20 PM »
Restarting a mp game due to problems:

Solution courtesy of Uncle Billy. (edited by me for clarification)

1. The host will need to press the ~ or @ key and type dumpscen.  Then press the Enter key.  On European keyboards, ~ may be a different character (@).  You will see this displayed in an orange box in the top left corner of the screen.  If done correctly, dumpscen will disappear after pressing Enter and there will be no confirmation that this was successful.

2. Go to the C:\Users\Username\Documents\SowWL\Scenarios\ScenSave folder (it will be created the first time you type "dumpscen".  There you will find the file, scenario.csv.  This file contains the current location of all the units, their current size, morale and fatigue.

3. Open the file in Excel.  Delete all units which have GFX_Surrender in the flags column, (column S).  These are units that have been captured.  If any units are removed, you must renumber the units in that brigade, (column F), so there are no missing numbers.  If an entire brigade/ battery was captured, remove the commander and renumber brigades in the division, (column E), if necessary.

4. Remove routed units from the OOB.  These will usually have a small number of men, (column V), and a Morale of 0, (column AD).  Note that a morale of 0 does not necessarily mean the unit is routed, it's the combination of size and morale.  You have to use your judgement.  If any units are removed, renumber the other units as described in step 3.

5. Save any changes and replace the original scenario.csv file with this new one.




6. Open scenario.ini in a text editor.  At the bottom of the file, change the start-time to the time to the new starting time.  Change sandbox= to 0 if it is not 0.  Note that if fighting the AI and not all the AI units are engaged, then setting sandbox to 0 will cause all AI units to not move until they are engaged by the enemy.  In this case, it may be better to restart the scenario from the beginning.  You'll have to make that decision yourself.
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