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Author Topic: Mission Ex Umbra D.O.W. Friday TBC  (Read 6069 times)

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Mission Ex Umbra D.O.W. Friday TBC
« on: October 06, 2016, 06:51:06 PM »
Task Brief

This mission is a simulation and carries no political messages

Mission Summary:
This mission will go one of two ways. If numbers permit, it will be an escort mission to escort a diplomat to three locations as detailed on the map below, from LZ BARBARIAN to Press Points 1,2 and 3. Teams will maintain security at these locations whilst the diplomat goes to meet various dignitaries. Mission will then end with handover to FOSTER team 5 at the stadium. The teams shall be equipped appropriate to the role of PMCs escorting an HVT, meaning G36s and and standard civilian contractor type gear. If numbers do not permit, it will be a low profile insertion of the diplomat by boat from PLAN B. You will escort the diplomat to MP-INDIA and a judgement shall be made on whether to attempt covert movement of diplomat to the press point. If this is the case, then low profile security options will be considered, so civilian clothes and covert weaponry will be the order of the day.

Men with guns are not to be engaged until and unless they either represent a probable threat or else they start actively shooting at you.

Your discretion.


This will be a medium/large immersive mission, and you will be briefed further before action.
Respawn: Yes
Revive: Possibly



Mission Name: Op Umbra
Created by: Inquisitor
Team: Yes
Solo: No
Mission Duration 1.5hrs roughly.
Date/Time: TBA
Teamspeak: DOW TS
Room: Arma
Server: Undisclosed
Port: 2303
PW: To be clarified on briefing
Spaces: 4-16

Date: To be discussed.

Command Arrangements:
1x Zeus/Higher command (Me)
1x Squad leader, who will command forces on the ground
2x Team leaders.

(Note: The Diplomat does not feature in the chain of command, if he tries to tell you to do something, don't listen)

Minimum Manning list:
1X Diplomat
1x SL
1x TL
2x Shooters

Optimum manning list:
1x Diplomat
1x SL
2x TL
9x Shooters
1x Drone Operator/Helo Pilot.

These will be organized into three four man teams, codenames detailed above.
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