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Author Topic: Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.3  (Read 3132 times)

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Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.3
« on: August 31, 2016, 11:10:35 PM »
Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.3
Community Announcements - Merlin

We are now pushing a version 7.3 hotfix release, which contains:
   Disabled async loading as an attempted fix for loading related crashes, and possibly a number of other crashes & bugs.
   Added an attempted fix for a crash caused by a specific effect emmiter.
   Added fixes for materials and material settings on a number of maps to prevent a specific type of crash. [This means a very large download for this patch]
   Removed an unused analytics plugin as a fix for round start stuttering.
   Updated the Easy Anticheat SDK.
   Updated turret bounds to avoid them popping out.
   Fixed some ambient sounds on Sumari and Kohat.
   Removed a number of unused materials.
   Fixed errors with two fence materials.
   Fixed an improper texture size which was causing a small loading delay.
   Increased the max data cache size as an improvement for both Squad and Mod developers.
   Cleaned up unusued references to trace channels without actual properties which were causing log spam.
   Cleaned up some orphaned break points in Blueprints as a reduction of log spam.

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