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Brochure Download: Click Here

General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents the Next-generation PIRANHA 3+ at EUROSATORY 2016

General Dynamics European Land Systems will display the new PIRANHA 3+, recently selected by the Swiss Army for its Mortar Carrier program, during the EUROSATORY exhibition in Paris, from 13-17 June 2016 in Hall 5 / Booth G847.

With a GVW of 27 tons and a payload of up to 10 tons, the new PIRANHA 3+ will be presented in an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) configurationwith dedicated seating for a crew of three (driver, gunner and vehicle commander) plus 9infantry soldiers.

It will be equipped with the new Oerlikon FieldrangerĀ®20 remote-control gun from Rheinmetall Air Defence. This modern, medium-caliber remote-controlled weapon station provides accurate and high fire power at a range of up to 2,000 meters with a wide range of ammunition types.The Swiss Army has selected the PIRANHA 3+ platform for their Mortar Carrier program with the RUAG COBRA 120mm Mortar system.

The new PIRANHA 3+ was developed in response to customer requirements for compact vehicles with large and flexible internal volume, highlevels of modular protection, excellent off-road mobility and inherent growth capability. The new PIRANHA 3+ incorporates lessons learned from over 11,500 fielded PIRANHA and LAV vehicles around the globe.

PIRANHA 3+ - Protection
The new PIRANHA 3+ offers a completely modular protection system that has beendesigned with the flexibility toallow armed forces to meet their current and futureprotection needs. The modular protection system has been developed to fully protectoccupants operating within a complex threat environment.

PIRANHA 3+ - Mobility
Recognizing that mobility is an important element of the protection system, General Dynamics European Land Systems developed a state-of-the-art driveline and suspension system for the new PIRANHA 3+, combined with a powerful SCANIA diesel engine and ZF automatic transmission. As with all PIRANHA platforms, the new PIRANHA 3+ can be equipped with an amphibious drive to operate as a marine infantry vehicle.

PIRANHA 3+ - 40 Years of Proven Technology
The new PIRANHA 3+ is based on the well-proven PIRANHA concept, which has made it a successful armored vehicle for over 40 years. Soldiers of over 20 nations around the globe rely on the protection, mobility and reliability of PIRANHAs every day. From the very first PIRANHA to today's modern PIRANHA 3+ and PIRANHA 5, General Dynamics European Land Systems has constantly adapted the vehicles with state-of-the-art technology while retaining the original PIRANHA concept.

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