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Author Topic: RGW Patch v1.6  (Read 3512 times)

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RGW Patch v1.6
« on: May 27, 2016, 10:35:27 PM »
Russo-German War 41-44
Patch  v1.6
Released: 13 November 2002
Size: 335 KB
Download: Click Here

Changes (from v1.5)

1. HQ Links can be viewed in all phases by depressing the space bar key and mouse left clicking on the desired unit. Parent HQ units are displayed with a yellow box, sibling units are displayed with a blue box, and child units are displayed with a green box. In v1.5, this operation was allowed only in the Ground Phase, and no child units were marked for display.

2. The order of the units in a stack can be changed in all phases by depressing the TAB key and mouse left clicking on the desired stack. The top unit goes to the bottom, and all other units in the stack are raised by one. Selection of units by mouse left click (top valid unit) or shift left click (second valid unit) or Ctrl left click (third valid unit) remains unchanged. Also, Alt click for stack display remains unchanged.

3. HQ units are completely removed if Command and Control HQ effects optional rule is not selected. The sympton noticed by most players was invalid move/combat activity at Baranovichi where a "hidden" Soviet HQ unit impacted operations in #1 and #51.

4. Terrain array changes were made at: 42,3 32,104 27,78

5. Destination hexes for naval Operations now reflect the type of naval operation selected. Landings and withdrawals must be made to partial land/sea hexes, so no more "drowning of ground units onboard". Move to port must be made to a friendly controlled city in a partial land/sea hex. All other naval ops can be made to full or partial sea hexes with a range of 30 hexes. Valid destination hexes continue to be marked in white hexsides after selecting unit. Note all six hexsides must in white for the hex to be a valid destination hex.

6. Found and fixed bug in the code that prevented unit TEM numbers from increasing based on length of time on map. For each turn from 12 to 51 that a unit is on the map, there is a 6.25% chance of that unit increasing their TEM to 1 or 2. After 52
turns on the map, there is a 6.25% chance of increasing their TEM to 1, 2, or 3. The die roll for each unit is done at the end of the Turn Completion phase.

7. Changed method of displaying units' entry and exit turns. Only units whose entry or exit turns are greater than or equal to the current turn are displayed. Previously, all units were displayed and it was difficult to find units who would be entering or exiting the game in the current or a future turn easily.

8. Changed display of units when Fog of War option has been selected. It is now based on the distance to the nearest enemy unit and modifiers. Distance Unit Attributes Displayed 1 hex All information displayed 2 hexes unit, type, size, air/naval operation 3 hexes unit, type 4 hexes unit 5 hexes No information displayed The following modifiers apply to distances two or greater. If the unit is in a city, forest, swamp, or hill hex, then one is added to the distance. If the weather is rain or storm, then one is added to the distance. If the unit has the initiative, then two is added to the distance. For distances of one hex, all modifiers are ignored and full unit information is displayed. For air units, the distance is modified to two hexes if the enemy air unit is zero, one and two hexes away. Air units can supply uit, type and size information only. All unit information for the Computer Opponent's units are displayed. The computer opponent is used as a learning device as well as a competitor. If you do not want to see the CO unit information, we recommend setting the CO Execution by Phase option, selecting the East Front map, selecting NEXT STEP, and minimizing the RGW window while the CO performs its operations.

9. Changed movement impacts when Fog of War option has been selected. Currently, there is a 6.25% chance of a unit not being able to move in non-storm weather, and 12.5% chance of not being able to move in storm weather. The percentage of change remains the same, but the movement impact is now a reduction equal to 4 minus the unit's TEM, instead of no movement at all. The minmum MF is still one. For example, if a panzer division with a MF of 4 and a TEM of 3 is impacted, then it will have a MF of 3. i.e. 4 - (4 - 3). If a Soviet rifle division with a MF of 2 and a TEM of 1 is impacted, then its MF will be 2 - (4 - 1) or -1. However, the unit will have a MF of 1, since +1 is the minimum. If a unit's movement is reduced by Fog of War, a message is displayed in the Status Bar. Once this occurs, the unit has to move now or forfeit its MF for the phase. i.e. Dropping the unit in the same hex to avoid the MF reduction will not work. This rule change does not change the rule of a enemy mech unit causing a unit to not be able to move at all. Also, this rule does not apply to truck supply moves.

10. Modified display of maps/units so that high and mid level maps fill the screen with maps/units up to and including 1280 x 1024 monitors. Low level maps/units already filled the screen up to and including 1280 x 1024 resolution.

11. Changed Scenario unique rule such that Soviet control of Tikhvin now creates a supply source at 68,13 (NE of Leningrad), and 63,12 (SW of Oranienbaum). German capture of Leningrad and Oranienbaum is sufficient to prevent necessity of keeping
a German unit in these cities to prevent Soviet supply lines.

12. Changed turn number to turn 90 (7 March 1943) when rebuild of German panzer units goes from 7-5-4 to 8-6-4. This allows German panzer units to be ready for a June-July 1943 Operation Citadelle. AF-DF-MF values were already accurate for the scenarios such as 29 and 30.

13. Display of Unit Supply Losses and MF have been changed for values from 10 to 15. For MF, 10 to 15 is displayed. For Supply Losses, ten is displayed as an "A", eleven is a "B", twelve is a "C", thirteen is a "D", fourteen is an "E", and fifteen is an

14. OOB Changes: #2 Unit 311. Changed 1st Fin IBr to TEM = 2, HQ = Fin 6th Corps. #2 Changed Fin Re3 to SG Ground Attack air unit type. #2 Changed Fin Re4 to zbV Transport air unit type. #51 Unit 1367. Replaced 2nd OKH unit with Russian 1st Gds Airborne Division. #51 Unit 1070. Changed German 227th ID from 5-5-2, TEM = 0, to 6-6-2, TEM = 3. #51 Unit 92. Changed GrossDeutschland I Reg entry/exit from 47/0 to 1/51. On turn 51, GD PzGD enters, leaves on turn 129. On tuen 133 GD PD enters. #51 Unit 1666. Russian 3rd Art Division changed from 6 losses to 0. Entry at xy coordinates 86, 34.

15. Once you have installed patch 1.6, it is necessary to download all of the scenarios ( 2.1MB). This is due to the terrain array fixes that affect initial supply conditions.

Also, several OOB changes have been corrected. Scenarios 2 and 51 have changes.


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