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Author Topic: RGW Patch v1.4  (Read 3392 times)

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RGW Patch v1.4
« on: May 27, 2016, 10:29:50 PM »
Russo-German War 41-44
Patch  v1.4
Released: 7 April 2002
Size: 323 KB
Download: Click Here
Download Updated help file: Click Here

Changes (from v1.3)

1.  RGW now supports unit moves up to a maximum of 6.  The
    supply truck movement factor was increased from 4 to 6.
    Strategic Railroad movement has been increased from 4 to 6
    hexes.  Four moves of up to 6 hexes (240 miles per phase,
    480 miles per turn) are now available per unit via
    Strategic RR movement. However, supply checking and
    marking valid destination hexes for unit moves of 5 hexes
    or more take more time due to this change.  The amount of
    time will vary based on the CPU speed of your PC.
2.  Wilderness roads which carry supply were added at the
    following locations.  These roads are displayed using red
    and gray, more fully cover the front line areas, and have
    a historical basis for supply movement.      
   -  Loknya to Kholm to Movotitsy
   -  Kalach to Mikhailovka
   -  Serafimovich to Mikhailovka
   -  Kremensk to railroad
   -  South of Toropets
   -  Millerovo Degteva
   -  Millerova to Artemov
   -  North of Kalach
   -  Southeast of Stalingrad
   -  Vitebsk to Velizh
   -  North of Smolensk
   -  Kamyshin to Stalingrad
   -  Izyum to Barvenkovo
   -  Novorossiysk to Tuapse
   -  Chekessk to Sukhumi
   -  Labiskoe to Black Sea

3.  Supply checking has changed.  Railroad Conversion operations
    have replaced Destroy Railroad operations.  Ownership of
    Railroad hexes is set upon loading a scenario.  To change
    ownership, the player converts RR hexes during Turn
    Deployment Phase.  RR conversions are allowed only in clear
    and snow weather.  No enemy ground units can be in the
    Railroad hex to be converted.  There must be at least one
    friendly RR hex (that has had supply traced to it) adjacent
    to the hex to be converted.  The maximum number of
    conversions allowed varies according to the year, map
    segment, and player (German, Russian) as per the table below.
    Note that this rule requires the scenario file to be greater in
    size (226 KB versus 62 KB) so that the terrain array is passed
    for PBEM.  The smaller old .rgw files will no longer work
    properly with patch 1.4.  Converted scenarios must be downloaded.
                  22 Jun 41   9 Nov 41   8 Nov 42   14 Nov 43
                  2 Nov 41   1 Nov 42   7 Nov 43   29 Oct 44
                  #1-20      #21-72   #73-125   #126-176
    Finland (y coord 0 to 11)      3,2      2,2      2,2      2,4         
    North  (y coord 12 to 40)     7,2      3,3      3,4      2,4
    Center (y coord 41 to 67)       10,2      3,3      3,4      2,4
    South (y coord 68 to 99)      10,2      6,3      3,6      2,6
    Black Sea (y coord 100 to 135)   5,2      6,3      3,4      2,4

4.  The supply display attribute has changed.  RR converted hexes
    are shown by empty grey and red circles, while an "S" in the
    circle denotes that supply has been traced in the previous
    Turn Completion phase.  Units trace supply only to hexes
    (called railheads) that have been converted AND have been
    traced to supply source.      

5.  Units that have supply losses, and become in supply at the end
    of the turn, recover 3 supply losses per turn. Cavalry and HQ
    unit supply losses, due to retreats, are now recovered.  Unit
    MF is now reduced by supply losses divided by 2, instead of
    supply losses.

6.  The Tikhvin-Leningrad-Oranienbaum rule now works in all
    weather types (was snow and storm only). Note it still works
    only if Scenario Unique optional rule is chosen during setup.

7.  Units that are not within 5 hexes of an enemy ground unit
    and are on a friendly railhead hex are exempt from the broken
    HQ links check. This allows reinforcements to be moved normally
    behind the front lines without regard to HQ distance and
    linkage.  However, as you approach the front line, the player
    must assign a valid nearby link to the unit, or suffer the
    broken link penalties. The test occurs at the end of
    each Ground Move phase, rather than the end of each turn.

8.  Air and naval units that are attacked on the ground have a
    total defense of 1, regardless of terrain, DF, TEM, etc.

9.  Digin and Entrench ops cannot be performed during storm weather.

10. The winner of the game is announced in a dialog box, and the
    Status Screen is automatically displayed at game end.

11. Stack display of enemy units when Fog of War option has been
    selected now works properly.  i.e. Enemy ground stacks that are
    adjacent to friendly units are displayed in the Stack Display
    area with the appropriate amount of information to maintain FOW.

12. Only friendly air units are displayed during the Air Phase.
    Air Interdiction now able to assign supply losses up to
    maximum of 15 (was less than the enemy unit DF).  Air CAP is
    determined at the end of the non-initiative player's Air Phase,
    prior to assigning supply losses due to air interdiction.

13. A scenario unique rule has been added stating that each Axis
    combat unit (air, naval, HQ exempted) will get one supply loss
    per turn if the weather is storm. Loss is allocated at the end
    of the Turn Completion phase.  Rule is in effect for all
    scenarios from 22 June 1941 to 15 March 1942.

14. Extended Move to Attack and Extended Move No Attack operations
    have been added.  They operate the same as the non-Extended
    operations except the MF for mech unit is increased by two,
    non mech units is increased by one, and one supply loss is
    assigned per move operation.  Where scenario unique rules
    prevent Move No Attack, they also prevent Extended Move No
    Attack ops.

15. Both attacker and defender units in a combat receive double
    losses if one defender unit is in Hold Ground mode.

16. RGW startup has been changed to eliminate the opening dialog
    box.  The Mouse cursor shows an hourglass during map displays,
    computer opponent planning and supply calculations.

17. Terrain array information was altered for the following hexes:
       84,56   22,35   37,29   57,15   59,13   67,13   62,06
   16,41     60,11   60,12   92,30   90,38   90,39   65,87
   64,88   96,89   75,75   64,21   81,00   13,61   13,62
   13,63   35,47   24,65   35,69   80,102  80,103  98,109
    This includes allowing naval movement to several port cities
    on the Baltic Sea.

18. Once you have installed patch 1.4, it is necessary to download
    all of the scenarios in the new format.  To check if you have
    the new format, use My Computer to see the size of the scenario.
    The new size is 226KB, while the old size if 62 KB.

19. For full map scenarios, the difference in city points is divided
    by ten instead of 3 in order to calculate the impact to the P/M
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