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Mius Front 101: Menu overview
« on: March 04, 2016, 09:35:14 PM »

About This Game
Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front - tactical battalion level combat simulation. It is a sequel to Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star and Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943.

Game is comprised of two modes:
   Operational - turn-based mode where you can shift and concentrate forces in the chosen directions, resupply and replace units, repair and refuel vehicles.
   Tactical - real-time mode where you are conducting fire combat with the enemy, capturing territory, destroying vehicles and the enemy manpower.

Four large-scale operations for the Red Army and Wehrmacht with realistic organizational structure. The campaign features more than 100 detailed vehicles produced in USSR, Germany, US and UK. Over 140 sq. km of realistic landscapes were reconstructed from topographical maps and photo and video materials.

   New enhanced UI: streamlined interface of various panels, radial orders menu and other enhancements.
   Interface appearance and customization: three variants of appearance are included, customizable unit markers (Red Army, Wehrmacht, NATO).
   High replayability and advanced AI: which selects the best strategy based on behavior, not a predetermined script.
   Advanced management of forces in the operational phase: reinforcement strategies and management of reserves.
   Statistics keeping: performance of each unit is recorded (kills, losses, awards, etc.). After each battle, damages and condition of forces and vehicles are shown in the after battle statistics.
   Battlefield simulation: realistic vision devices, smoke screens and flares, creation of trenches, explosion craters. Remnants of previous battles remain on the battlefield until the end of operation.
   Realistic soldier behavior: each soldier has several essential parameters, such as experience level, stamina and morale, which influence their behavior and effectiveness.
   Detailed weapon modeling and realistic ballistics: bullets and projectiles follow ballistic trajectories, taking wind, temperature and other parameters into account.
   Advanced armor penetration: modeling based on ballistic histograms without simplifications of probabilistic methods, generation of secondary fragmentation fields takes into account many parameters, such as the change of the field shape in space, fragments and armor characteristics, armor thickness and damage conditions.
   Complex vehicle damage system: engine, suspension, sights, weapons and targeting mechanisms can be damaged separately, affecting the combat capabilities.
   Destructible environment: almost everything can be blown up and destroyed, from landscape surface and buildings to vehicles and enemy defensive installations.
   Advanced control of the off-map artillery: featuring various fuse settings and shell types.
   Formation and movement modes: lines and columns, movement by road and covertly, infantry following behind tanks, setting a delay, fire sectors, etc.
   Automatic smoke screen laying: units set up smoke screens when enemy is spotted.
   Dynamic change of the time of day, light sources and weather effects: influence the course of battle, visibility and area passability.
    Interactive encyclopedia: You can view detailed info on each unit.
   Interactive tutorial: explaining most aspects of the game is included.

User guide/Manual: Click Here
Price: $35
O.S.: 64bit only
Steam page:

Operational map

Mius Front menu overview

Anyone familiar with Operation Star and it's DLC's will recognise quite a bit of the engine. However a lot has changed. A lot has been added. Straight away you see the menus have changed. They are now laid out in a "box" system.

There is so much detail and depth in Mius Front. Let's start with a quick overview of the myriad options available.

T34 mod 1942

Main Menu
After the loading screen, this is the menu you are met with. Simple really. The top right hand corner displays the version number installed. In this case "6.00". The first port of call is the "Player profile.

Profile Screen
Simple task.:
1.   Select a name.
2.   Press the "+" icon.
3.   Enter the name.

If you take a close look at the screen shot below you will see that the data/statistics which are saved to your record at the end of every battle is quite extensive. The record builds up over time. Ok once you are ready to proceed, you click the arrow in the bottom left hand corner. You will be taken back to the menu.

Quick battle
The next option in the menu is "quick battle". This is where you will find the interactive tutorials.

The tutorials
The list is quite extensive:
   How to make a quick battle?
   Basic training. (Basic principles, movement, control etc.)
   How to pass an operation? (How to control your forces in an operation).
   Surprise me. (Creates a quick battle for you)
   Meeting engagement. (About armour penetration diagrams and after battle statistics)

Selected basic training
In the below screenshot I have selected the Basic training". This interactive tutorial teaches you the basics such as camera movement.

Tutorial are interactive
The tutorials have on screen prompts. The prompts do not last indefinitely. In other words if you do not press the buttons in conjunction with the on-screen prompts then after about 10 seconds the tutorial moves on. It does make life easier though.

Battle Editor
The Battle editor is the next item on the menu. This is where you can quickly setup a battle by choosing the location on the map and the units to be used. The options allow you to have it the way you want it. You can be very creative here. With all the options available and combinations of units which can be employed. This option alone will keep you occupied for a very long time.

Battle editor
The options are extensive.....

Battle editor

Battle editor. Selecting the time period
Interesting. Possibly future DLC will extend the time line. Who knows?

This, as the name suggests is the campaign option. Selecting it takes you to the next screen.

You get 2 operations here
July 1943 & August 1943
You play each as The Wehrmacht or Red Army. So 4 Operations in total.

July 1943

As The Wehrmacht
Stepanovka - Marinovka
July 17, 1943
17 AC, 16MID, 23 TD
Coordinated attack of the forces of 16 MID and 23 TD managed to delay and then halt the advance of the Red Army forces and avoid defeat and encirclement of infantry divisions of 17 AC. Defensive line has stabilised along 214 - northern outskirts of Stepanovka - 277.9 - Saur - Mogilskiy - Garany-south-west. Marinovka

As The Red Army
Stepanovka - Marinovka
July 17, 1943
5 atk A, 2 gds MC
German infantry divisions are disorganised and thrown back from the positions along the Mius river. 5 atk A and 2 gds MC forces located along the line to the east of Gerasimovka - Stepanovka - Maronovka are under your command. Combat mission of army: destroy the enemy, and reach the line Rassypnaya - Peresypi tum. -222 - 230.9 - Garany - Kalinovka by the end of July 17

August 1943

As The Wehrmacht
Saur-Moglia tumulus
August 28, 1943
306 ID, 302 ID, 294 ID, 335 ID
By the end of August, German forces were pushed back from the 277.9 height and the Stepanovka village, and because of the threat of encirclement, began retreating to the north. At the same time, the Red Army tank regiments lost almost all equipment and were withdrawn likewise to the area of Politotdelets and Maryinka, and infantry regiments took up defense along the line 277.9 - Stepanovka.

As The Red Army
Saur-Moglia tumulus
August 28, 1943
34 gds RD, 60 gds brt TR, 7 gds det brt TR
German infantry divisions are holding the key height of Saur-Moglia (277.9), Saur-Moilsky to the south of the height and Stepanovka village. 34 gds RD supported by tanks of 7 and 60 gds brt TR, located along the Garany-gully Tyrlovataya line, are under your command. 96 gds RD operates on the left flank. Combat mission: capture the Saur-Mogilsky, dislodge the enemy from the 277.9 height.

Operation selection
Here I have quickly chosen:
The Wehrmacht
Stepanovka - Marinovka
July 17, 1943

Operational map/brief
You are then greeted with this glorious map. The brief appears on the right.

Options menu
Lets see what options are available to us.

Many, many options here. You will be able to tweak to your heart's desire. I will not go into detail here. Just take a look at the screenshots. Suffice to say that in the other Graviteam titles I have managed to get them to work very well on various systems. From powerful to not so powerful (8yrs old) you will see the 4 squares marked by the yellow ellipse. Pressing a square takes you to the next page. Here you see 4 squares, so four pages.




Now onto the controls. You can customise here to your heart's desire as well. See the screenshots.










Add-ons (DLC) and game mods are installed using the special utility, which can be accessed from the
main menu through the UPDATE item.

Add-ons can be installed automatically, if they are placed (downloaded) in the new_updates folder in the root
folder of the game, or by clicking on a file with .gt3ext extension in Explorer.

The Steam version automatically downloads the patches to a folder named "cache" in your install directory.

Remeber to always press the Save&Exit button in the updater.

This is a great resource. It gives in-depth information on all the units available in Mius Front.

The list of units appears on the right hand side. Once selected they appear in 3D. You can rotate, zoom and compare the units with any other.

The models are very interactive. In this example I have opened the hatch (marked in yellow). You can turn on lights, rotate turrets, open doors etc. The models are of a very high standard. A great resource.

Encyclopedia. Interactive 3D models
In the below screenshot I have selected the option to show the view from the sights. You can see how restrictive some of the sights are. Quite useful.

Armour Penetration diagrams
Here we have the option to compare armour penetration using different units/ammunition. The graphs represent the angles and distances that will result in armour penetration using a certain unit/ammunition. This information will help you plan your strategy.

Also see page 32 of the manual.

Encyclopedia. Vehicle parameters
Some interesting and useful information about the chosen unit. Armour type, primary weapon, range, etc.

Obvious what this does.

In game UI
There are changes here as well. Especially the octagon in the centre. This replaces the "right mouse click".

Multiplayer? Is it on its way? It is a strong possibility. It has been discussed. Some Graviteam titles have "Network" options which are not useable. Mius front seems to have several. They look like place holders for future multiplayer.

You will see the icons in the yellow box on the left of this screenshot. The icons listed from top to bottom are:
1.   Single player mode. You will be playing with the computer.
2.   Create new multiplayer game. If you want another player to play with you.
3.   Connect to existing multiplayer game. If you want to play with another player.
4.   Change side to the opposite.
5.   No network connection.

More network settings in the Options menu.

More to follow......
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