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About World Ship Simulator
« on: December 14, 2015, 11:56:37 PM »
World Ship Simulator

I dont want to bash on the game, but it is a perfect example of why early access is not allways good. The game has still potential but for the moment the game is so broken and simple, Id say stay with ship simulator and you have more for less (yes shipsim is still cheaper on allkeyshop aswell). If you are really shure it will become a better game you can buy it. For most it will be an instant turnoff... So I do not advice to play it now (even with its price on allkeyshop). Maybe later it will be worth it... As for the moment (and the same goes for Ship Simulator) this is not a simulator, it is an arcade.

Set in a fictitious environment inspired by ports from around the world. Captain a hovercraft, bulk carrier, yacht and other magnificent vessels in an expansive open world...
This is a continuation of the game European Ship Simulator. This game is not related to Ship Simulator from Vstep.

Random video on youtube, it looks better than it is:

on steam:

on allkeyshop:
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