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Re: Black One Blood Brothers
« Reply #60 on: May 15, 2023, 09:21:07 PM »
Update 1.44: Audio SFX Overhaul, Custom patches...
Mon, 15 May 2023

Dear operators,

The 1.44 update is available and is most likely be one of the biggest updates to the game. The most significant point is the complete overhaul of the sounds for all firearms, as well as 8 different voices for your operators.

Each firearm now uses unique and realistic sounds. The sound mixing has been completely rethought to achieve immersive sounds in both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes. The noise of each firearm will be unique depending on the distance from the player.

Additionally, you will be able to choose the voice of your operators from 4 different male and 4 different female voices. By selecting the tone, you can now have unique voices for each of your operators.

Many players have requested the ability to add their own fictional or real patches to operators.
This will finally be possible with the arrival of this new update. To allow players to enjoy your creations,
you will be able to share all your patches in the Steam Workshop very easily. Here is an example of patches created by the player "Halacram". Fans of military TV shows will recognize these wonderful patches.

Halacram is heavily involved in creating new maps. A big thank you to him for his work, as he is currently working on a series of custom patches that will be available upon the release of the update.

For those who also want to start working on patches right away, here is the link to the guide:

In addition, a complete revision of explosive placement is under development. This new system
will allow you to place your explosives more efficiently and anywhere in the environment. You will now be able to place an explosive on a door or window to instantly clear a room. If you want to trap your opponent by placing a mine on a wall, you will have the opportunity.

To conclude, this update will improve and fix numerous elements of the game to make the experience even more immersive!

Be ready!


- Addition: Custom patches
- Addition: Share custom patches in steam workshop
- Addition: New awards - Rescue X hostages
- Addition: New awards - Capture X enemies
- Addition: New operator customization option - Voice

- Addition: New system for placing explosives and mines (simpler and more effective)
- Addition: Explosives and mines can be placed anywhere on a hard surface (floor, wall, ceiling, tree...)
- Addition: Transition of zoom when using a scope, binoculars or drone
- Addition: Disabling AA turret, scrambler, electric generator or alarm requires a specific amount of time to disarm the device
- Addition: Using or hacking a computer requires a certain amount of time to retrieve the data
- Addition: Disarming a mine requires a specific amount of time to disarm it
- Addition: Fighter jets regularly bomb the area during a "War" game mode
- Addition: Possibility to set an operator at the end of the same squad in the "Battle plan" and "Quick orders" menu
- Addition: Some fuel lanterns in training map
- Improvement: Explosives and mines placed on doors or windows inflict damage through them
- Improvement: Weight of mines and explosives
- Improvement: Enemy spawn distance with the "War" and "Siege" game modes
- Improvement: "Bag of electrocution handcuffs" has also been increased
- Improvement: The number of enemies to eliminate during a "Secure" mission automatically corresponds to the maximum possible number of enemies on the map
- Improvement: All soldiers on the battlefield in "War" and "Siege" game modes remove their suppressors
- Improvement: Optimization of memory usage when a soldier uses the automatic firing mode
- Improvement: Modification of the siege duration (shorter but more intense)
- Improvement: Adjusted the number of active lights for better optimization on the "Burnwood Mansion" map
- Fix: Collision errors of the market stalls on the "Al-Jan province" map
- Fix: Incorrect position of a grain silo on the "Enila islands - Talmio" map
- Fix: Using an explosive did not automatically assign the next identical explosive
- Fix: Using a grenade did not automatically assign the next identical grenade
- Fix: A door that had just been breached could fail to close properly
- Fix: A window that had just been breached could fail to close properly
- Fix: A half-open door did not allow a soldier to pass through properly
- Fix: Enemies and objectives could spawn in the garage near the squad's insertion point on the "Valenwood villa" map
- Fix: Selecting custom music in the "workshop" menu could cause an error depending on the chosen game map
- Fix: An operator injured after a HALO jump did not appear in the correct location
- Fix: An operator receiving an interaction order could refuse the order due to a distance error with the given objective
- Fix: Doors and windows could not be unlocked correctly near the player at the beginning of a "Prisoner of War" and "Siege" mission
- Fix: The unforeseen event of being spotted at insertion during a "War" game mode could be triggered
- Fix: Misplaced barrel on "The Compound" map

- Improvement: Position of operators during a "Breach and Clear" action before and after entering a room
- Improvement: A "Breach and Clear" action will only use operators who can position themselves near the door and enter the room
- Improvement: Rate of fire when a soldier uses semi-automatic firing mode with an assault rifle or a submachine gun
- Improvement: The enemy is more likely to trigger the alarm if given the opportunity
- Improvement: The operator's transition between door breaching and grenade throwing is smoother and more consistent
- Improvement: "Bag of handcuffs" is now called "Bag of electrocution handcuffs" and has a new description to better match the behavior of prisoners
- Fix: Some operators positioned themselves to perform a "Breach and Clear" action even though they did not have the space to execute their action
- Fix: Enemy and allied could talk without reason in "War" game mode
- Fix: Some navigation errors on the "Elegance Airport" map
- Fix: Some navigation errors on the "The Gabriel" map
- Fix: Some scripting errors

- Overhaul: Sounds for each firearm
- Overhaul: Attenuation of firearm sounds
- Overhaul: Different Post-FX editing for each firearm (EQ, Spreader, Reverb, Delay and so on)
- Addition: New male voice - Andrews (american accent)
- Addition: New male voice - Ethan (american accent)
- Addition: New male voice - Oliver (english accent)
- Addition: New male voice - Serge (russian accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Daisy (american accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Ava (american accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Suzy (english accent)
- Addition: New female voice - Olga (russian accent)
- Addition: Different sounds for each firing mode
- Addition: Different sounds from different distance for each weapon
- Addition: Different fire selector sounds for each firearm
- Addition: Different sounds of cartridges falling to the ground depending on the caliber of the firearm
- Addition: New enemy footsteps sounds allowing for easy differentiation between them and your team's footsteps
- Addition: A multitude of explanatory texts during the loading of a map
- Addition: Sound effect indicating that an operator is seriously injured and unconscious
- Addition: New firing sound for grenade launchers
- Addition: New explosion sound for flashbang grenades
- Addition: New explosion sound for frag grenades
- Addition: New sound for the smoke dispersion of smoke grenades
- Addition: New deafening sound when a flashbang grenade goes off near the ears
- Addition: New voice line - Breach
- Addition: New voice line - Door locked
- Addition: New voice line - Hack
- Addition: New voice line - Hear
- Addition: New voice line - Mission failed
- Addition: New voice line - Open door
- Addition: New voice line - Security disabled
- Addition: New voice line - Waiting orders
- Addition: New voice line - Hostage down
- Addition: New voice line - Throwing flashbang
- Addition: New voice line - Throwing smoke
- Addition: New voice line - Thank you
- Addition: New voice line - Searching
- Addition: New radio communication sounds
- Addition: Display of the player-controlled operator's name and squad icon in the HUD
- Improvement: The noise and sound propagation of firearms with silencers have improved rendering
- Improvement: The sound of enemy footsteps is much more audible to the player at short distances
- Improvement: The volume of imported music is now tied to the music volume set by the player
- Improvement: Rendering of the player's camera when firing a firearm equipped with a scope
- Improvement: The texts in the tooltips are slightly offset from the dark area
- Improvement: Many tutorial texts have been reworked
- Improvement: Global lighting of the squad deployment cinematic at the airport has been adjusted
- Removal: Explosive impacts on the ground causing visual rendering errors
- Fix: Cinematic camera movement during squad insertion into the area did not stop when photo mode was activated
- Fix: The sound effect indicating that an operator has died could be played multiple times simultaneously if several operators were killed
- Fix: Disappearance of some objects on certain maps depending on the player's camera angle
- Fix: Setting the music volume to the lowest would stop the playback of the current music
- Fix: Fuel lanterns did not properly extinguish when hit by a firearm
- Fix: Insertion cinematics might not display operators selected
- Fix: Positioning of operators in a helicopter before fast roping
- Fix: Female operators did not hold their firearms correctly in their hands in first-person view
- Fix: Several errors in texts translated into French
- Fix: Several errors of english texts

- Addition: Menu to confirm returning to the main menu to avoid accidentally quitting without saving the map
- Addition: Edit index of camera insertion
- Improvement: Explanatory texts when modifying actors
- Improvement: Font used in the entire map editor uses the same font as the rest of the game

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Re: Black One Blood Brothers
« Reply #61 on: June 05, 2023, 07:53:06 PM »
Preview 1.45: Operative skills, new game mode, new equipment...
Mon, 5 June 2023

Dear Operators,

We are excited to announce that Update 1.45 is currently under development, and it will introduce a much-anticipated feature and a brand new game mode!

Operational Skills

We are extremely proud to unveil the addition of Operational Skills for each of your operators, taking customization to a whole new level. Each skill will allow you to specialize your operators, assigning them specific roles for each mission.

Game Mode -> Recon

For all the stealth and infiltration professionals, we are introducing a new game mode named "Recon". In this mode, you are tasked with planting several listening devices without neutralizing or being detected by the enemy. This mode will demand patience and keen observation to accomplish your objectives.

New Equipment

To better equip you for "Recon" missions, we are introducing four new high-tech pieces of equipment to enhance your chances of success. The "EMP Grenade" capable of neutralizing all electronic systems, the "Sonar Locator Grenade" for enemy detection, the "Decoy Radio" to distract the enemy, and the "Electrocution Mine" that can silently neutralize any enemy without making a sound.

As always, this update will also bring along a host of improvements and bug fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Standby and get ready for an upgraded experience!

Be ready!
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Re: Black One Blood Brothers
« Reply #62 on: June 28, 2023, 01:57:27 AM »
Update 1.45: Operative skills, new game mode, new equipment...
Tue, 27 June 2023

Dear operators,

Update 1.45 is now available. This update once again brings substantial content and numerous improvements.

Operational Skills:
The major addition in this update is the integration of operational skills. There are ten skills in total, allowing you to customize each of your operatives and assign them more specific roles for your missions. These skills will qualify your operatives for combat as well as specific actions such as first aid, reconnaissance, electronics, and much more.

Game Mode: Recon
The new "Recon" game mode is now available. This mode is reserved for all infiltration enthusiasts specializing in reconnaissance and silent movement. During a mission, your objective will be to place multiple listening devices without neutralizing an enemy or being detected. Only the most skilled players will be able to accomplish these missions.

New Equipment:
To increase your chances of success in "Recon" missions, you will have access to new equipment designed specifically for reconnaissance. The "EMP" grenade is capable of destroying all electrical systems, the "Sonar Locator" grenade will mark enemies, the "Decoy Radio" will distract enemies, and the "Electrocution Mine" will silently neutralize any enemy.

New Content, New Gameplay:
As always, this update introduces new content and significant gameplay improvements. Of course, numerous fixes have been implemented to address any existing bugs.


Here is the complete patch notes for the update:

- Addition: Operative skills system
- Addition: New game mode - Recon
- Addition: New gameplay option - Dynamic tasks
- Addition: New item - Throwing -> Radio decay
- Addition: New item - Throwing -> EMP
- Addition: New item - Throwing -> Sonar locator
- Addition: New item - Placing -> Electrocution mine
- Addition: New award - Finish at least once "Recon" mode
- Addition: New combat soundtrack - Cybernetics
- Addition: New combat soundtrack - No mercy
- Addition: New combat soundtrack - Spotted
- Addition: New combat soundtrack - My war
- Addition: New combat soundtrack - Last one
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - The future
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - Mystic river
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - Time traveller
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - Bad vibe
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - Planet contact
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - Lost bows
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - The last time
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - Secret war
- Addition: New stealth soundtrack - New flight
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Covert Chronicles
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Echoes of Espionage
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Nocturnal Reconnaissance
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - The Sniper's Solitude
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Whispers of War
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Mission in the Murk
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Invisible Incursion
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Dusk Defilade
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Ominous Ops
- Addition: New short stealth soundtrack - Silhouettes of Stealth

- Addition: Assault (Aim stability when using any firearm without a precision scope)
- Addition: Sniper (Aim stability when using a firearm with a precision scope)
- Addition: Medicine (Treatment speed to heal an injured)
- Addition: Demolitions (Speed of placement and disarming of explosives)
- Addition: Electronics (Speed of handling electronic, computer, and communication systems)
- Addition: K9 Training (Dog's concentration time and distance with its master)
- Addition: Survival (Survival time before succumbing to injuries and combat capabilities when injured)
- Addition: Stealth (Footstep noise made by the operator)
- Addition: Stanima (Maximum sprint time before getting breathless)
- Addition: Carrying (Maximum load that can be carried by the operator before it affects their movements)

- Addition: Basic mesh - Background - Mountain - 6 assets
- Addition: Basic mesh - Exterior - Fence - 5 assets
- Addition: Basic mesh - Exterior - Object - 104 assets
- Addition: Basic mesh - Interior - Floor - 39 assets
- Addition: Basic mesh - Interior - Wall - 48 assets
- Addition: Basic mesh - Interior - Stair - 4 assets
- Addition: Basic mesh - Interior - Object - 33 assets

- Improvement: Synchronization of operators during a "Breach and Clear" following the explosion of a flashbang grenade
- Improvement: AI operators will prioritize breaching a door whether it is locked or blocked during a "Breach and Clear" action
- Improvement: AI operators better choose the position to throw a grenade near a door during a 'Breach and Clear' action
- Improvement: Adjustment of enemy accuracy based on distance and environment
- Improvement: Modification of enemy accuracy based on the chosen difficulty level
- Improvement: Enemy behavior when they hear a door being breached
- Improvement: The type of obstacle crossing is better chosen by AI based on its geometry
- Improvement: Optimization of enemies in 'War' game mode
- Improvement: Enemy spawning logic on numerous maps
- Fix: Several navigation errors prevented operators from attempting to move when the path was not accessible
- Fix: Several navigation errors prevented dogs from attempting to follow its master
- Fix: Numerous errors preventing correct use of 'Breach and Clear' in 'Battle Plan' mode if a squad leader is selected

- Addition: Alarm on the "Burnwood Mansion" map
- Addition: Alarm on the "University" map
- Addition: Alarm on the "Lost Island" map
- Addition: Security cameras on the "University" map
- Addition: Security cameras on the "ARIAL offshore drilling" map
- Improvement: Behavior of the crosshair in third person view based on the carried weapon, the operator's speed and fatigue
- Improvement: Transition of the weapon position with ADS view
- Improvement: Logic of enemy spawn and despawn especially on large maps
- Improvement: Security cameras are now more efficient in detecting operators
- Improvement: Security cameras no longer display detection rays for more realistic gameplay
- Improvement: Modification of operator health points based on the chosen difficulty level
- Improvement: The type of obstacle crossing is better chosen by player based on its geometry
- Improvement: All characters now overcome obstacles more efficiently, particularly when climbing through windows
- Improvement: Doors and windows are more likely to be locked rather than blocked, making the use of the lockpick kit more important
- Improvement: Default difficulty setting on the first game launch
- Improvement: Player interaction distance in third person view
- Improvement: Optimization of "Al-Jan province" map
- Fix: The player could fail to overcome an obstacle correctly depending on the camera's axis
- Fix: Placing a listening device may not have had a setup time
- Fix: Error that teleported the dog handler instead of the dog when the latter was unable to reach its master
- Fix: Wooden platform collision on the "Old Fortress" map
- Fix: Steam achievements "Successfully X complete mission" doesn't work correctly
- Fix: The third-person camera could become unstable when the player was crawling in certain areas with terrain variations
- Fix: Error in the position of an objective's location zone in "Klettgau forest"
- Fix: Locked doors and windows might not open correctly when an operator tries to unlock them by breaching
- Fix: The "Stock up on ammunition" interaction was visible even when the operator didn't have a weapon
- Fix: The position of some chairs and tables could prevent characters from moving properly
- Fix: The interaction for placing a listening device might not have worked properly in certain situations
- Fix: A big trash doesn't have correct collision

- Addition: New 3D assets of listening devices
- Addition: New 3D assets of security cameras
- Improvement: Light rendering around the operator being customized in the operator menu
- Improvement: Light rendering around all operators in preview picture
- Improvement: Maximum head rotation of the operator based on his rotation facing the camera in the operator menu
- Improvement: Increased global brightness in night vision mode
- Improvement: Spacing of the options in the gameplay menu
- Improvement: Shadows opacity of "The Elegance airport" with bad weather
- Fix: Position of the left hand could be misplaced on the weapon equipped with a grenade launcher in first person view
- Fix: Capture a VIP might not trigger animation
- Fix: Undesired shadows on the operator's clothes when editing camouflages and patches in the operator menu

- Addition: Sound of security cameras resetting after losing their targets
- Improvement: Attenuation of the sound effect when the player is deafened by an explosion
- Improvement: Sound of security cameras detecting
- Improvement: Adjustment of operators' footstep sounds based on running speed
- Improvement: Adjustment of dogs' footstep sounds based on running speed
- Improvement: The "Combat" ambiance music is always played in "War" game mode
- Fix: Error in the operator's voice depending on the interaction with a door or window

- Addition: Progression of experience points and ranks in the debriefing menu
- Addition: Visual and audio validation of a tutorial lesson before moving to another lesson
- Addition: Operator's name displayed during selection in the "Battle Plan" menu
- Addition: Description of each grenade in the inventory tooltip
- Addition: Description of each explosive and mine in the inventory tooltip
- Improvement: Visual design of options menu
- Improvement: Operator's mouse manipulation distance in the operator editor menu
- Improvement: Visual transition between the selection and deselection of the game mode choice
- Improvement: Visual transition between the selection and deselection of the faction choice
- Improvement: Visual transition between the selection and deselection of the map choice
- Improvement: Visual transition between the selection and deselection of the operator choice
- Improvement: Visual transition between the selection and deselection of the logistics choice
- Improvement: Adjusted the size of texts and icons in the tutorials for better readability and user experience
- Fix: Some French translation errors

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Re: Black One Blood Brothers
« Reply #63 on: August 30, 2023, 01:17:12 AM »
Campaign mode: Release date
Tue, 29 August 2023

It's very simple! The update 1.46 will release September 4th at 16:00 GMT

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Re: Black One Blood Brothers
« Reply #64 on: September 05, 2023, 12:41:13 AM »
Update 1.46: Campaign mode, weather overhaul...
Mon, 4 September 2023

Dear Operators,

I'm thrilled to announce the release of Update 1.46, the culmination of several months of relentless effort. This rollout includes major enhancements that I'm eager to share with you.

Campaign Mode

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! It's with great pleasure that I introduce the "Campaign" mode. In this saga titled "Serpent's Whisper", you will confront the insurgent group "New World". Having secured substantial financial backing, this group has orchestrated a series of devastating attacks, instilling unprecedented terror on a global scale. Every decision will be pivotal, as the loss of an operator will be permanent throughout the campaign's duration.

The first installment will thrust you right into the heart of the action, while the second will be available in a few months to round off this immersive experience. Once the second part is concluded, you'll have the opportunity to tackle the entire campaign. Remember: the loss of an operator is irreversible.

Various missions and six difficulty levels await. Whether you prefer a smooth progression or seek genuine challenges, there's something for everyone.

Weather System Overhaul

I'm pleased to announce a comprehensive revamp of the weather and lighting system.

The rendering of the sky and clouds has been thoroughly reworked. Whether it's a dazzling sunset or an overcast sky, each game map now benefits from a photorealistic render.

Moreover, the meteorological system has been entirely reimagined. You can now marvel at the falling rain, lightning streaking across the sky, or snowflakes drifting down. These renewed weather conditions will enhance your in-game immersion.

Four-tube Night Vision Goggles Simulation

I'm also excited to introduce a significant enhancement for your nighttime operations: the simulation of four-tube night vision goggles. This tool will grant you a wider and more detailed field of view in night mode. I've devoted substantial effort to refining the visual output of this feature and eagerly await your feedback.

Gameplay Enhancements

Numerous functionalities have been improved and rectified to provide an even more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, including adjustments to the player's camera, the ability to control a hostage, refined AI, and much more.

New Customization Options

In response to many player requests, I've expanded the customization possibilities. For instance, you can now mix and match various head accessories for each operator, like adding a hood and a helmet to a female character. Simply activate this feature from the main game menu

What's Next?

Future updates will, of course, add Part 2 of the campaign, along with new content.
First off, the ability to craft your own campaigns directly within the game and share them with the community. You can design as many missions as you wish and script your own narratives.

Furthermore, new content will emerge: 3 new maps, new weapons, and much more...

I look forward to your feedback on all these novelties.

Best regards,


- Addition: Campaign mode
- Addition: Campaign - Serpent's Whisper (part 1)
- Addition: New weather
- Addition: Four-Tube Night Vision Goggles Simulation
- Addition: Simulation of the satellite trajectory orbiting the earth from the squad to the mission location

- Addition: New camera movements when the player moves in first-person view
- Addition: New camera movements when the player moves in third-person view
- Addition: Awards campaign
- Addition: Option to add new accessories for the face and head offering new customization possibilities (note, these accessories are not all compatible with other accessories)
- Addition: Player can control hostage rescued or enemy captured
- Addition: Button "ALL" in insertion menu

- Improvement: Recoil system of firearms
- Improvement: Movement of the crouched character in first-person view

- Improvement: Soldiers optimization
- Improvement: Night vision goggles remain on the operator's helmet even if the mission takes place during the day
- Improvement: Position of magnifying sights on many firearms
- Improvement: Adjustment of the zoom power of magnifying sights
- Improvement: The firearms "ArK-M" and "ArK-49" are now chambered in 7.62 39 mm M43
- Improvement: The player-controlled operator's infrared strobe now appears when the player uses a secondary character (drone, dog...)
- Improvement: An underwater insertion has been replaced by a helicopter insertion on the "The Gabriel" map
- Improvement: Loading optimization about squad editor
- Improvement: Loading optimization about preset operator
- Fix: "ALL" button did not select all members, including captured enemies and hostages, during "Quick Orders" mode
- Fix: List of soldiers in the "Switch Operator" menu might not have displayed the operators in the correct order
- Fix: Debriefing data error after a failed mission in "RECON" game mode
- Fix: Interaction errors in terms of distance of player
- Fix: Error that allowed the player to reload their weapon while it was in its holster
- Fix: Some objects on the roof of the airport buildings were not invisible when "Battle plan" mode was activated
- Fix: The position of the firearm might not have been correct when the player was lying down and had chosen to hold the weapon at an angle
- Fix: Some undesirable blur effects of the character's arms in first-person view depending on the movement made
- Fix: The player could change the position of the weapon while lying down
- Fix: The launch cinematic did not proceed to the main menu once it was finished
- Fix: Number of hostages saved was not counted at the end of the mission if only one operator was still alive
- Fix: Random airstrike in "War" mode might spawn at wrong location
- Fix: Some errors of enemy spawn with "Secure" task
- Fix: Some navigation errors of battle plan
- Fix: Binoculars cannot spot enemy if player doesn't use firearm
- Fix: Location error of some assets in "Ancient ruins" map
- Fix: Some logic spawn errors
- Fix: Numerous pathfinding errors

- Improvement: Optimization
- Improvement: Obstacle-crossing system
- Improvement: Operator copy weapon position of his squad leader
- Improvement: Combat behavior

- Fix: An operator might not attack an enemy correctly depending on their rotation
- Fix: Several errors that couldn't overcome obstacles when it was stuck

- Overhaul: Rendering of the sky
- Overhaul: Rendering of the clouds
- Overhaul: Rendering of weather conditions
- Overhaul: Rendering of sunlight and moonlight on each map
- Overhaul: Rendering of the colorimetry of each map
- Overhaul: Rendering of weather effects for each type of weather (rain, fog, snow...)
- Overhaul: Rendering of Rain VFX
- Overhaul: Rendering of Snow VFX
- Overhaul: Rendering of Thunderstorm VFX
- Addition: New main menu level

- Addition: Graphics option - Weather quality
- Addition: The soldier chosen for the "Prisoner of War" game mode has specific clothing consistent with the mission
- Improvement: Light propagation distance through fog
- Improvement: Light propagation power
- Improvement: Rendering of directional security lights (especially on towers)
- Improvement: Deployment cinematic
- Improvement: HALO insertion cinematic
- Improvement: Helicopter insertion cinematic
- Improvement: Thermal vision
- Improvement: Volume of the fire sound during the destruction of a weapons cache
- Improvement: Adjustment of green and white colors for night vision goggles
- Fix: Blur effects of arms in first-person view
- Fix: Animations and positions of the left hand on a firearm in first-person view
- Fix: IR strobe could be always displayed in battle plan mode
- Fix: A platform that was only visible in "battle plan" mode was still partly visible in some airport buildings
- Removal: "EATech 256 a66 with G34 Magnifier" sight due to its poor aiming rendering

- Addition: Extras option (to unlock new accessories for the face and head)

- Addition: New security camera icon in the HUD when a camera has been spotted
- Improvement: Transition of wounded effect in HUD
- Improvement: 2d locations of orders in "battle mode"
- Improvement: Rank menu
- Improvement: Rank and awards icons when locked
- Improvement: Design of inserted order icons in battle plan (e.g. stance, ROE...)
- Improvement: Position of inserted orders based on the number added in the battle plan
- Improvement: The difficulty option categories in the mission menu are invisible if no option is available
- Improvement: Some french texts
- Fix: The position of the interaction icon when holding down the key was off-center (french version)
- Fix: 2d location of the interaction when using battle plan or quick orders

- Addition: New main menu music
- Addition: New deployment music
- Addition: New successful debriefing music
- Addition: New failed debriefing music
- Addition: New combat music - Destroyed
- Addition: New combat music - It's time

- Addition: New SFX when an operator is dead
- Addition: New SFX when an operator is injured
- Addition: New SFX when a new task is added during a mission
- Addition: Custom music of campaign HQ
- Addition: Custom music of campaign's end
- Fix: Drone might trigger spot sound without reason

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