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Author Topic: The Camo Club - ten military sims that are answering the call of duty  (Read 3955 times)

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The Camo Club - ten military sims that are answering the call of duty
Dec 23, 2012

Point of Attack2

This feature originally appeared in issue 247 of PC Gamer UK.

While a PC Gamer Editor's Choice logo on the front of a wargame or simulation box might be a cast-iron Fun Guarantee, it doesn't mean you're about to purchase a product that will help you understand or stay alive on a modern battlefield. To be sure of that you need to seek out one of The Camo Club the select band of titles so steeped in realism, today's armies use them as training tools.

The men with the buzz cuts and big pockets began utilising videogames back in the early '80s. One of the first recruits was arcade classic Battlezone. Struck by the parallels between hunting vector-graphic hover-tanks and UFOs in a 3D battlespace, and hunting T-72s and Hind gunships on a Cold War battlefield, the US Army persuaded Atari to adapt their coin- op for instructional purposes. Two 'Bradley Trainers' were eventually built. Featuring 20th century targets and weapons, and AFV-style control yokes rather than joysticks, the machines were designed to assess and sharpen the skills of Infantry Fighting Vehicle gunners a fact that could explain why movement options were restricted to turret traversal.

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