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Marching Eagles: Waterloo by Paul Bruffell Game
« on: September 19, 2019, 11:54:48 AM »

Marching Eagles: Waterloo

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Manual: PDF / Printed - Color
Editor: Yes
Period: Napoleonic
Turns: Turn-Based IGOUGO
Unit Scale: Grand Tactical. division/brigade level
AI: Yes
Players: 1-2
Hotseat: Yes

'My regrets are not for myself but for unhappy France! With twenty thousand men less than I had we ought to have won the battle of Waterloo. But it was Fate that made me lose it.'
   -Napoleon to Baron Gourgaud on St Helena

The Battle of Waterloo, 16-18 June 1815, was the climatic battle of the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon Bonaparte led his veteran army against the Duke of Wellington's Anglo-Allied and Marshal Blucher's Prussian armies on the road to Brussels. On the first day of the campaign, Napoleon gained an indecisive victory against Blucher, while Marshal Ney was repulsed by Wellington at Quatre Bras. The next day, both sides refitted, and on the 18th the French attacked again.
On the French right, Marshal Grouchy fought a generally inconclusive action against the Prussians at Wavre and was unable to get significant forces across the Dyle. Further west, Napoleon himself led his forces in several epic attacks against Wellington's position in front of Waterloo. But without the anticipated arrival of Grouchy, it proved too much for the French and they eventually went down to defeat.
And with this final loss for the man called the 'Nightmare of Europe', the world had changed once again. The Napoleonic era was over.

Fix Bayonets, Draw Sabers
Marching Eagles: Waterloo recreates those fateful days in June 1815 when the fate of Europe, and even the world hung in the balance.
Using an easy-to-grasp, but hard-to-master area based combat system, players command the French, British, Prussian and Allied forces that participated in the battles that culminated in Napoleon's final defeat.

To The Sound Of The Guns    

Marching Eagles: Waterloo is a division/brigade level game. Players maneuver their forces on an area map of each of the actions, then commit them to attacks. However, players are limited in the number of units which can be given orders each turn, which gives a realistic feel for the limits of command that leaders faced, and that frustrated them, in real life.
The optional use of Event Cards, and tactical Battle Orders further allow users to customize their experience. In the same way that 'fate' caused Napoleon to lament on its intervention, with these options players will experience it directly for themselves.
Yet fate is ever present on the battlefield, and constantly stressing even the best laid plans. Woe to the commander who is inflexible, or that is hanging on a thread of hope. Fate... as Napoleon found out... is unforgiving.

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