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Author Topic: Joni Nuutinen's Android wargames  (Read 3426 times)

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Joni Nuutinen's Android wargames
« on: August 15, 2019, 12:18:23 AM »
Hey, I'm not shilling here to be certain, but considering his list of titles, and how they are actually genuine wargames, thought I'd mention them, on the chance he might be an unknown to anyone here.

So yeah, I have a handful, I've played them, they're ok, and his list of titles is a long one (I'm only mentioning the ones I like).
It's a tablet environment game (no shock there I hope). And a massive screen (desktop) is not always a good thing or a bad thing. I tend to prefer larger viewing surfaces (it's the older eyes eh). But these play fine on a 10-inch tablet (I'm not a fan of pretending a cell phone screen is a great idea).

Anyway, here are the titles, I'm assuming no one here will find the title names too obscure.

Listed as what I have, and what exists.
I have all of them, either purchased or in free demo mode (I'll likely buy all of them given enough time).

D-Day 1944
Eastern Front 1941-1945
Panzer Missions
Demyansk Pocket 1942
Kursk The Biggest Tank Battle
Rommel And Afrika Korps
Fall of Normandy
Battle of Bulge 1944
Operation Barbarossa 1941
Operation Market Garden
Iwo Jima 1945
Winter War Suomssalmi 1939-1940
Korean War 1950
Battle of Guadalcanal 1942
British Offensive: Second Battle of El Alamein

Free mode demos

Case Blue: Panzers To Caucasus (free)
Invasion of France 1940 (free)   
Fall of Stalingrad 1942 (free)
Battle of Berlin 1945 (free)
Panzers to Leningrad 1941 (free)
Crete 1941 (free)
Battle of Leyte (free)
German Ardennes Offensive 1944 (free)
Battle of Moscow 1941 (free)
Falaise Pocket 1944 (Allied) (free)
Battle of Saipan 1944 (free)
Second Battle of El Alamein: German Defense (free)
Battle of Okinawa 1945 (free)   
Finnish Defense 1944 (free)
Operation Sea Lion (free)
Allied Invasion of Italy 1943-1945 (free)
Allied Anzio landing, Battle of Monte Cassino (free)
Axis Balkan Campaign 1941 (free)
Battle of Peleliu 1944 (free)
Allied Invasion of Sicily 1943 (free)
Battle of Guam 1944 (free)
Battle of Luzon 1945 (free)
Operation Luttich: Falaise Pocket 1944 (free)
Invasion of Norway 1940 (free)
Third Battle of Kharkov (free)
Axis Crimean Campaign 1941-1942 (free)
Invasion of Poland 1939 (free)

That's a hefty selection eh. They tend to cost 5.99 or 6.99. Hardly a major expenditure.
Just thought you might wish to know, a wargamer has determined that they ain't 'just more Google garbage'.
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Just killing cardboard or pixels when not building tanks eh

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Re: Joni Nuutinen's Android wargames
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2019, 11:37:53 AM »
I have heard of this dev. It is good to get the information out about good or interesting war/strategy games.

Thanks for posting the information  :thumbsup
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