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Author Topic: Shiloh Redux inc New Graphics Mod  (Read 6429 times)

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Shiloh Redux inc New Graphics Mod
« on: October 12, 2018, 01:18:17 PM »
SOW Gettysburg: Shiloh Redux inc New Graphics Mod


(All necessary files are included for the complete Shiloh Mod to work)

- designed by David(jolly)

Thank you Crikey for making this possible!

A conversion of the original TCM2 map by Jeremy Huggler (122nd Ohio).

- Converted OOBs based on Phantom Captain's originals.
- Ground texture and terrain upgrades.
- New Gunboat, camp and tent models by Pom.
- New building textures.
- New portraits for Army commanders.
- 2 scenarios to get things started (prefix SH).
- Character sprites for Johnston and Grant (in OOB suffix _CM - standing only)

About the OOBs
OB_ShilohDay1 and OB_ShilohDay2 are based on Phantom Captain's TCM2 OOBs for the Battle of Shiloh.   

OB_ShilohDay1_Hist is a historical first-day OOB, with Lew Wallace's Union division and Buell's "Army of the Ohio" removed.  This is a fairly balanced OoB for Open Play, with about 40,000 men per side.

OB_ShilohDay1_Hist_CMis a historical first-day OOB, with the Johnston and Grant sprites added.


This mod hasn't been tested for MP. I have no interest in MP so leave that side of things alone.

This mod can be used (and looks better) with Rebugler's Bugles and Flags mod.

PLEASE NOTE - If used,  Shiloh should be located below Bugles and Flags in the mod loading list.

Creator: Jolly
Size: 44.9MB
Version/Release date: 1.0  Oct 2nd 2018
Download: Here
Original post: Here
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