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Author Topic: Turbulent Designs: L35 Big Bear City Airport  (Read 2632 times)

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Turbulent Designs: L35 Big Bear City Airport
« on: May 16, 2018, 05:27:54 PM »
         L35 Big Bear City Airport

San Bernardino County in Southern California

Compatibility: FSX, P3D
Airport Type: Large GA Airport
Location: Mountains, Southern California
Coverage area: 1400km²
Resolution: 30cm
Number of runways: x1

Official page

Coverage area


Our Big Bear City Airport scenery addon is compatible with both FSX and P3D alongside other third party addons in the area. It features highly detailed buildings, an accurate ground poly and use of our Real Flora technology.

Big Bear City airport is a large general aviation airport located in Big Bear City, San Bernardino County, Southern California. The airport, found within the San Bernardino mountains to the west of Los Angeles, is at a particularly high altitude of 6,752ft. This provides pilots challenging departures and arrivals due to reduced engine power and turbulence.

The single runway at big bear city airport has an asphalt surface and is 5,850ft in length. Pilots can enjoy exploring the surrounding mountains and lakes thanks to the large PR coverage area of 1400km2 with 60cm resolution, and 30cm resolution in the immediate airport area.

Feature List

•   An incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of L35 Big Bear City Airport
•   High definition ground poly and baked lighting
•   Baked ambient occlusion and other rendering techniques
•   1,400 square kilometres of coverage
•   'Real Flora' technology

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