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--- Quote from: Bloodstripe on April 30, 2018, 04:14:09 AM ---I can't seem to download the sectionals via Skyvector in the app. Is there a way to fix this?


--- End quote ---

Hi Bloodstripe,

I'm sorry for this inconvenience. You can have 2 issues :

1st : You have the 1st version of Mapview with an issue on dynamic format of month for Skyvector's URL (ie. august was formatted 8 instead of 08)
Solution => download the last available version here:
be carefull with mapview.ini file, use the new file and copy from your original the maps def created or updated 

2nd : there is a bad def of skyvector provider into your mapview.ini
Solution : check your mapview.ini file specifically in the [SKYVECTOR] section

if nothing of this twice issues help you, please send me more data, files or screenshots


I am so glad I have discovered this software a little late in life but hey its here! Awesome stuff dev!


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