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Create VFR maps for Tacview in just a few minutes!

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Jacques ‘Detox’ Deyrieux has just released Mapview 1.0.0, a great program to create VFR maps for Tacview in just a few minutes!

Simply add the region of your choice in the maps.ini file (do not forget to add the region in the GLOBAL section of the ini file). Launch Mapview. Adjust some of the parameters, and click [Go!].

Three new jpg textures modes have been added to Tacview 1.7.0 beta 2: adaptive black & white, adaptive color, and transparent. They will be available soon, till Tacview 1.7.0 beta 2 is released, make sure the blending mode is set to [Normal].

The next version of this wonderful program will be able to generate maps with OpenStreetMap as well as orthophoto from Bing maps!

Thumbs up to Detox! :thumbsup

Mapview is available here:

Blending modes available in Tacview 1.7.0 beta 2:

This is great  :thumbsup

Thanks for your interest !

I can't seem to download the sectionals via Skyvector in the app. Is there a way to fix this?


My apologies for the delay Bloodstripe.

It looks like that the address to download the maps from Skyvector has changed again. Even the latest hack from Detox does not work...

I have contacted Detox on that matter and waiting for his answer.


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