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Multiplayer 16/10/14 (Thursday)
« on: December 10, 2014, 10:09:25 PM »

Thursday night session was called....Thursday It's Tank Stuff ......

Multi crew  with the Dogs of War. This was 1 platoon comprising 3 tanks which were multi crew. The other vehicles in the mission were single player + AI

G = Gunner, TC = Tank Commander

Colebrook(TC) + Asid(G)
Assassin(TC) + Mastergunner (G)
Tanker(TC) + Cougar11(G)

I was a gunner in a Leo2A5. Colebrook was the TC. These images are from the gunner view and most in thermal white hot.

Enemy junkyard!

One of the DOW crew seeking solace from the a church.

We had report of enemy armour moving along the road in the center of the pic

Close up of the road!

Civilians were in the area!

This civilian child was knocked down by us! The child ran right in front of us. :(  We reported it.

Built up area!

We needed resupply in the mission......

Cupcake in the AH64 (pic by Cupcake)

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