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Author Topic: Tacview 1.6.3 is out!  (Read 1030 times)

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Tacview 1.6.3 is out!
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:13:51 PM »

Tacview 1.6.3 is now available!

Download: HERE

This intermediate release brings a few new features and several bugs fixes.

Cockpit instruments

It is now possible to display a 5-pack cockpit instruments in all views. This makes replays even more intuitive, especially during navigation and GA aircraft flight analysis. The cockpit instruments will try to display the IAS, magnetic heading and true altitude when available. When not available, they will respectively fallback to CAS, TAS, and true heading. A future update will display barometric altitude as well as the QNH.

True custom terrain textures

Now, you can display truly custom textures and orthophotos! No need anymore to produce perfect 1x1 degree tiles! All you must do, is to store your PNG and JPEG files in the appropriate folder and to declare your new maps in the appropriate XML file. You can use this feature to display real-life photoreal textures as well as the maps of your favorite region. PNG transparency is supported, so you can overlay several layers.
  • Copy your pictures in C:\ProgramData\Tacview\Data\Terrain\Textures\
  • Copy the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacview (beta)\Data\Terrain\Textures\CustomTextureList.xml in C:\ProgramData\Tacview\Data\Terrain\Textures\
  • And declare in it your new pictures. All you need to do, is to declare the latitude/longitude of each corner of your texture. You can easily check them using Google Earth image overlay tool, in the LatLonQuad Location mode.

IL-2 Sturmovik support

All IL-2 elevation maps have been added for more accurate playback especially for ground and naval units. Moscow, Stalingrad, and Velikie Luki will be displayed by default. Smaller terrains like Lapino, and Novosokolniki are also included but disabled to not conflict with the major ones. You can still comment/uncomment the correspond declarations in the following file:

[C:\Program Files (x86)\Tacview\Data\Terrain\Custom\CustomHeightmapList.xml]

You may want to copy this file in [C:\ProgramData\Tacview\Data\Terrain\Custom\] for easier interaction.

The instruction manual for IL-2 and for the custom terrain textures will be available soon™.



•   Added optional 5-pack cockpit instrument at the bottom of the 3D View
•   Added IL-2 Sturmovik terrains
•   Added support for free custom textures and orthophotos
•   Added focus management to remote controls (for buttons and axe shortcuts)
•   Improved remote controls modifier assignment
•   Doubled remote controls custom commands for a total of 8
•   When available, Magnetic Heading is now smoothly interpolated
•   Magnetic heading is now exported from X-Plane, P3D, and FSX


•   DCS World exporter was not working anymore when flying online on a server with no Tacview installed
•   Joystick dead zones are now properly managed by the remote controls
•   Resizing Tacview window could be very slow
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Re: Tacview 1.6.3 is out!
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2017, 12:38:31 AM »

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Re: Tacview 1.6.3 is out!
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2017, 11:25:15 AM »
Hi there ... i have a problem with the current version concerning the "online debrieffing"

I have the Advanced version and a friend has the standart version.

So i hosted a debriefing and i gave my friend the Ip so he that  he can connect.
somehow it doesnt work ... we tried it with the standard port, even with the DCS Port(10308 cause i we both opened them on tcp/udp)

Did I miss something ?
I tried to find a tutorial on Yt but i wasnt succesful.

I need some advice please ;)

Greetz =STP= Schnarre

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Re: Tacview 1.6.3 is out!
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2017, 03:38:17 PM »
Hi Schnarre,

To use the online debriefing, you must first host an online debriefing preferably using the default port. Just make sure the corresponding port is properly redirected on your router (since you are the host of the debriefing).

It is possible to use the same port as DCS World. But this is not recommended since this may cause a conflict if DCS World is running.

Load the acmi file you want to use for the debriefing on your computer and tell your friend to join your session.

Your friend should enter your public IP address and the same port as the one you have used to host the session.

Your friend will have to load its own recording of the flight (acmi file), or the one you may have shared using a public service like dropbox for example.

As soon as your friend is connected to your session, you should be able to share the same debriefing experience. You may click on your friend name to temporarily give him the controls.

If your friend cannot join the session, a clear error message should be displayed on your friend computer. This will help you to find what is the problem.

Let me know if this helps.