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Author Topic: Multiplayer mod v2 aka "Sir, a message for you" (Courier mod)  (Read 4725 times)

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Multiplayer mod v2 aka "Sir, a message for you" (Courier mod)

New version of the multiplayer mod.

I managed to add a vocal message when a courier comes to you.

The good thing is that you hear the voice only if it's a human player message and also if you have Map screen or Send courier screen opened. Of course the courier window will not pop-up if you have those screens opened but at least you notice you have a new message to read.

The bad thing is that the sender must remember to add the vocal message or the message will be simply delivered as a normal message.

I don't know if it's possible to have vocal message automatically written into the dispatch when you open the Send Courier Screen. Another solution should be to have a courier order issued via a button. I saw in the courier.csv file that it's possible to have a BUTTON type (others are NEW, MENU, ITEM) but I don't know how and if it works. If this would be possible I could put it togheter with the Send Message Button.



- changed the layout of the Multiplayer Select screen in order to better see Commander's name

- Changed tab's disposition in the Send Courier Screen: now you have the Message Recipients tab always visible in the upper part of the window

- Added two new buttons in the Send Courier Screen which permit to send a copy of the same message and to send a message and be able to immediately write a new one without reopen the screen

- added a bugle icon in the Free Text tab in order to add a vocal message to your Dispatch. The Recipient will hear a voice telling him of the incoming message (French accent playing French and English playing Allied). This will work only for human player message and also if the recipient has other screens opened

- added an "Old Paper" layer under the Dispatch text in the Send Courier Screen

- When you click to open the Map from the Send Courier Screen, the message recipients will be selected in the toolbar so when you close the Map the recipient is still the one you selected in the Message Recipients Tab

- When you click on the Send Courier Button your character will be automatically selected

- added a button to open the Map and a button to open the Send Courier screen from the Courier Message Received

I'm here for any questions, idea or bug report

Creator: Biondo
Size: 664KB
Version/Release date: 24/07/17
Download: Here
Original post: Here

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