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IL-2 Sturmovik 4.13.3 Release
« on: February 03, 2017, 06:34:53 PM »
IL-2 Sturmovik 4.13.3 Release



New flyable planes (include new added cockpits):
- Bf.110C-4, 1940.
- Bf.110C-4/B, 1940.
- Bf.110D-1, 1940.
- Bf.110E-2, 1941.
- Bf.110F-2, 1942.
- SB-2M103 (96 series), 1938.
- SB 2M-103A (221 series), 1940.
- U-2, 1933.
- U-2VS, 1936.
- U-2(LNB), 1942.

Improved cockpits:
- Bf.110G-2, 1943

New ground units:
- Medium tank T-34 1943 model. (USSR)
- Self-propelled gun SU-122 (USSR).
- Medium tank S35 (France)
- Heavy tank B-1bis (France).
- Heavy infantry tank "Churchill" Mk.VII (UK)
- Light tank Pz.I Ausf.B. (Germany)
- Command and staff tank KI.Pz.Bf.Wg. (Sd.Kfz.265) (Germany).
- Captured medium tank Pz.Kpfw.T34 740 (r) (Germany)
- Captured medium tank Pz.Kpfw.35S 739 (f) (Germany)
- Captured heavy tank Pz.Kpfw.B2 740 (f) (Germany)

Changes & Improvements:
- Changes in FM SB2 family aircraft. (SB-2M103 (96 series), SB 2M-103 (201 series), 1939, SB 2M-103A (221 series), 1940. added VISH22)
- SB-2M100A renamed to SB-2M100A (41-series). also removed the external bomb racks.
- SB-2M103 renamed to SB-2M103 (201 series). with changed engine cowlings.
- Added three new types of cluster bombs for KMB downloads (Cassettes bomblets) with the support of ballistic tables.
- Changes in FM Bf.110 family aircraft
- For Bf.110G-2 in the variant armament with the 37mm cannon armament BK37, ammunition shells changed to 66 (previously 72).
- For Bf.110G-2 in the variant armament with 30mm cannons MK108, ammunition left cannon shells changed to 120 (previously 135).
- For Bf.110G-2 added to the experimental and limited-edition variants weapons.
- Rockets Wfr.Gr.21 reduced damage radius.
- Changes in FM U-2VS.
- Replacing defensive weapons on the plane U-2VS. was UBS mg, now corrected to the mg DA.
- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to destroy Japan 25mm/60 Type 96 Model 1 Machine Gun Double Barrel
- U-2VS now have new external 3D model and the new skin is not compatible with the old.
- Correction scale reticle in the sight OPB-1, OPB-2 and Type90MkI.
- Changed the range of viewing angles with zoom sight OPB-1, OPB-2 and Type90MkI.
- Correction zoom work in the appointment of the mouse wheel.
- Fixed incorrect angle of drift bombsight on planes Ju-88.
- Fixed an accounting change of drag when you reset the gondola with 75mm gun on the plane Ju-88P1.
- Fixed output messages sight OPB-2 and Type90Mk1 in HUD-messages disable mode.
- Fixed output reports rotation angle of the torpedo sight on B5N2 plane in HUD-messages disable mode.
- Japanese bombsight Type90Mk1 value of speed input into the sight is made in the knots.
information in TAB menu show rate in knots for Type90Mk1 too.
- I-16type29 now correctly displayed markings in FMB.
- Correction scoring for tanks and multi-engine airplanes.
- On the P-40M was added Finnish tactical number.
- Fixed error with destroyed aircraft carriers .
- Fixed doubling number of dropped parachutists (on aircraft with load parachutists) in NTRK track and in the online game .
- Custom skins BMP format now supports 24-bit color format. Special Thanks to Mike from SAS aka Storebror.
- New default skins for I-15bis, I-153M62, I-153M63, I-153P, I-16type5, I-16type6, I-16type18, I-16type24, I-16type28, I-16type29, La-5, La-5F, La-5FN, La-7, La-7(3хB-20), Mig-3, Mig-3ud, SB-2M103 (96 series), SB 2M-103 (201 series), 1939, SB 2M-103A (221 series)

Special thanks go to Hayate, HoundDog for new skins and and Zoran for translates ..
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