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WW1 Combat Flight Simulation

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Single player
Dynamic campaign

Gameplay Trailer

Fly and fight over the most extensive WW1 battlefield ever created in a flight simulator.

With a stunning immersive WW1 environment Beautiful lighting and the best WW1 Pilot Artificial Intelligence for thrilling immersive combat in 'WOFF UE'.

Now amazingly with around 80 superb FLYABLE aircraft !

Zeppelins (AI only)  - included from the start.   

1000s of authentic historically researched aircraft paints/skins (free download for WOFF owners).

See the full aircraft list in the right hand column        ------------------------------->>

.: Superb Artificial Intelligence  "AI"
WOFF UE brings a thrilling WW1 experience as the AI pilots possess knowledge of WW1 Fighting dofight manoeuvres, Landing, Formation Flying, and much more.  Some of the finest flight simulator AI ever made in a home PC flight simulator.  Pilots also suffer from morale/fear, fatigue!
For more read the AI Features page linked in the menu above.

.: Unique Dymanic Campaign Engine specially for WW1.
Controlled by a new WOFF Manager with hundreds of improvements, re-written to produce and control the many WW1 campaign pilots, squads, missions and objectives.  For more read the Dynamic Campaign Features page.
.: NEW Scenery and Scenery Objects
Stunning realistic colored landscapes. New Winter trees, new airfields and more, terrain bump mapping.  Users comment that WOFF has some of the finest scnery in home flight simulators ever made.

.: WW1 Damage systems
Included  are damage systems to give more damage including fire damage spread, progressive damage, engine and component failures and more.   
Cockpit Damage - now windscreens and dials crack! Bloods splats,oil leaks, holes appear in various placs around you in the cockpit (Use TrackIR headtracking for ultimate immersion).

.: Full Original WOFF Musical Score
by MATT MILNE,  many exclusive tracks and also includes the popular theme from previous release... and so much more in WOFF please see other features sections.

454 fully researched historic Squadrons you can fly with. Includes the detailed comings and goings of their Aces, aircaft, historical pilots.   

 (each nation incudes Fighter squadrons and 2-Seater aircraft squadrons, and in early war some
  have both in the same squadron!): 

Approx numbers;
            Britain: 87 squadrons
            Germany: 205 Squadrons!
            France: 139 Squadrons
            USA: 23 squadrons


 .:  New Scenery in WOFF UE some of the best looking flight simulator scenery environments ever created. New winter trees bring out the starkness of the winter landscape, each with its own realistic shadowing. Together with several "Snow" states and normal winter ground really adds to the atmosphere.

Highly detailed terrain textures to represent the various landscapes that the WW1 pilot flew over from pristine farmland to devastated frontlines and cities.

 .:  Land and Scenery progressively becomes damaged over time as the war entrenched and became stagnant, with vacillating front lines modeled in 12 'best fit' states over the course of the war.

.:  Detailed  period villages towns and cities, many becoming devastated over time.

.:  Large vistas including huge wooded forests, ever changing skies and seasons .: The four major seasons are rendered with accurate hues and snow build-up and thaw is also simulated in autumn and winter.

.:  Words alone cannot adequately describe all the scenery features so its best you head on over to the screenshot section!

.: Carefully researched colour hues for scenery for a realistic appearance to the overall hues in the various different landscapes in WOFF each with seasonal variations too.  All easy on the eye !

Some newly added ground objects include;

Amiens Cathedral   (and damaged version)

Verdun Forts

Ypres Cloth Hall

St Martins

Red Brick Factory/Works  (Manfred von Richtofen flew near this on his final day).

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence : The superb WOFF WW1 AI opens up many possibilities!
Physics, Collisions and Artificial Intelligence : Thinking AI Pilots

  .:  The Aircraft Physics have been revised for Wings Over Flanders Fields:
All AI craft now use the same flight models and engine models as the player craft - they have no advantages, so they are flying the same complexity of flight model as the player. This includes ammo weights, wind forces and more.
Improved collisions for more immersion. All aircraft physics are more realistic than before especially when disintegrating or colliding with objects or the terrain including AI aircraft.
.:  Collisions have improved effects:
Scenery and Object collisions are now improved with differing effects depending on the speed of collision as well as the hardness of the object into which the aircraft is colliding.

.: With the Brand new AI code for Wings Over Flanders Fields the AI behaves more like a human pilot; his fears, skills, and mortality all play a much more important part: 
Each AI pilot has a complete set of key human-like abilities that determines how he behaves - Skill and Morale being the major components of this.
AI no longer simply fight to the death, they evaluate their surroundings for enemy and friendly craft alike and can change their behavior accordingly to these dynamic ever changing conditions as they carry out their missions.

Some of the dynamic conditions considered include ;
Number of Friendly craft in their Flight and condition, altitude, speed, direction and ability of craft.
Number of enemy craft in vicinity that have been seen and their condition, their ability, altitude, speed and direction, and even the type of the aircraft!
Condition of the AI's own aircraft and his own health.
Proximity to/distance over enemy front lines and which side is below him.
If flying a 2-Seater without support morale may be lower, but enhanced if an escort is protecting the flight.
Fatigue - each AI pilot can become fatigued over time in the grueling dog fights and their skill and morale becomes diminished over time as they get tired from the G forces (!) and effort to move the control stick - if too fatigued they well may break off the fight and attempt to recover or break for home.
Based on these criteria, and others, the AI is constantly evaluating whether to stay and fight or flee to home base or nearest friendly base, or simply to try to continue on and carry out the mission. Above all they try to preserve themselves and their machines, as any human would!

.:  New AI Vision - the AI constantly look around the skies as they fly, to try and see any enemy flights - they do not always succeed and they also cannot see through clouds and visibility distance is reduced in haze. Their skill rating also affects their vision acuity. This applies to pilots and observers/gunners. Thus it is possible to sneak up on unsuspecting aircraft crews.

.: WW1 Flying Skills - The AI pilot's skill rating affects the complexity of maneuvers he may know, as well as the AI pilots integrity when it comes to dog fighting over the battle scarred landscapes or bombing airfields and other targets. For example an Ace pilot will know more manoeuvrers than a veteran pilot and attempt them with more skill and vigor!

.: Trained AI -  AI are competent to fly WW1 aircraft and actually go through special training by us (yes they have the ability to be taught how to fly new aircraft!) to competently use the aircraft they are flying and can do everything from take-off, navigate, fight, land and much more. For example they have new low level flying and fighting abilities according to their skill levels, all the while constantly evaluating the environment.

.:  Ground Attack - New fantastic ground attack skills - the AI now co-ordinate attacks on ground targets and will break off at suitable moments depending on state of ammunition and or other threats to their safety!

.: Random Failures - AI Aircraft (as well as Player Aircraft) are subject to random mechanical or structural failure based on known traits and flaws of the machines they are flying at the specific time. AI try to control their aircraft and emergency land or try their best to survive a crash landing.

.:  New Landing Abilities  - A virtual and hidden Airfield landing controller helps to ensure correct flight and machine behaviour when landing at home or nearby fields for multiple and or large squadron flights - this means AI can understand complex airfield situations with multiple craft and flights landing on the same field. They also can attempt to ditch or crash land a damaged aircraft.

.:   Allow you the Pilot to Exercise control - over the AI pilots in your flight, provided you have sufficient rank, with commands such as Attack, Return to Base, Rejoin, Land here etc.
and much more you will discover when experiencing Wings: Over Flanders Fields ...


The New WOFF Manager manages the new campaigns and missions -
A Real Immersive Dynamic Campaign for World War one air combat.

Campaign Features

.: WOFF is primarily geared towards a real-time, fully immersive single player dynamic campaign system, designed to immerse the player in as realistic a world as possible, and to recreate as closely as possible the first world war, in a 'living world' about them.  The WOFF interface also manages all aspects of the dynamic campaign and can take full advantage of WOFF AI and new features.

.:  Enlist in an immersive dynamic campaign as a WW1 pilot in one of four Nations; Britain, France, USA or Germany.

.:  Career dates range from early 1915 through to the completion of the war with up to 55 aircraft types available in the release version with more to come as add-on packs later. See the aircraft section for more details.

.:  Choose from one of many historical squadrons to enlist in - all available in the main WOFF 1 release version:
            Britain: 42 Fighter squadrons ; 27  2-Seater Squadrons 
            Germany: 80 Fighter squadrons ; 101  2-Seater Squadrons
            France: 79 Fighter squadrons ; 24  2-Seater Squadrons
            USA: 14 Fighter squadrons
Many squadron specific skins are included so that you fly with the correct squadron insignia and markings for the chosen squadron. Note: Some squadron aircraft are not currently available but we will be releasing more craft as add-on packs

.:  When choosing a Squadron you are shown where the squadron is based relative to the front-lines,  as well as the Squadron Craft Complement, Ace complement, Morale, Activities etc so that you can easily launch yourself into a squadron that suits you and your virtual flying needs. Once in a squadron you can also use the Intelligence room check what the surrounding squadrons (enemy and friend) are.

Or you can auto-enlist and be assigned automatically to a squadron, electing optionally to undergo training at a home field first.

.:  Fully interactive Pilot log books keep track of up to 100 virtual pilots that you may enlist at any given time. The Log Book reflects Pilot Biography, user selected Photograph and accurately tracks the flyers Flights and Hours, Claims and Victories, Awards, and General Squadron Details such as location, craft upgrades, transfers etc.

.:  Complete your training with your trainer at a historically accurate location to get the required flying hours and move on to the action in your chosen squad, or just join the fray as an experienced Flyer.

.: Fly and survive - file claims for your kills (optional configuration settings allows kills to be awarded immediately) and climb the ranks and receive aircraft upgrades over time as the squadron historically did.
Your missions are largely tailored to the historical mission types that the squadron flew during WW1.

.: Lead your flight or be lead - depending on your rank (or optionally you can always lead your flight) as a leader you can control your flight with key commands and lead them to destiny.

.:  With over 1000 targets of opportunity for any of the 12 frontline states (see scenery for more details) - fly and defend your nation in one of histories most bloody wars. (In effect over 12000 targets for the war)

.:  Mixed flight complements: Fly with the Aces (many with their correct historically accurate skins and assigned to their historical squadron machines), and also fly in multiple mixed aircraft type flights!

.:  Select your own personal skin (Players may create additional personal skins in their favourite paint program and use them).

.:  Equip your flight and your personal aircraft load outs, from flight loads to individual pilot loads in your flight.

.:  File requests for a Transfer to another squadron at any time. This may or may not be approved depending on your rating and the rating of the squadron you have requested to transfer to - it also takes time for approval.(Or select the configuration setting option for instantaneous transfer - no approval required and you transfer immediately!)

.:  Squad dynamics change constantly over time with painstakingly accurate and detailed data research, for each and every squadron, to reflect the changing Craft Allocations, Airfield Locations, Ace Complements, Morale, Skill, Material and Manpower Issues, Current Role (defines squadron's historically accurate activities at that moment in time) and Frequency of Operations, to name a few.

.:  Fly in a dynamic world with no artificial 'air spawns' - up to 250 aircraft are dynamically assigned to fly from real squadron bases on real squadron operations based on the squadrons historical detail data for that moment in time. If you deviate from your flight path beware: there is a war on, and you will run into these squads and ground units - for good or bad - together with active ground units.
Flights are sometimes waiting on the ground at fields to takeoff or are 'scrambled for takeoff and interception, based on in-coming AI craft approach or the players approach - a true 'living world'.

.:  Protect your men and material - excessive losses can eventually lead to your squadron
becoming grounded whilst you wait for your replacement pilots, aircraft or repairs.

.:  Visit the stores room to evaluate aircraft stock and aircraft repairs status

.:  Visit the 'Intelligence' room to get the latest on the war or evaluate nearby enemy squadrons that you are likely to encounter over the front lines! It is here that you can apply for Transfers as you evaluate possible squadrons to transfer to.

.:  Ground activity reflects the major battles as and when they raged along the frontlines for the duration of the war.

.:  A master 'Order of Battle' system controls the air and ground activity in each of 4 sectors - Flanders, Marne, Verdun and Alsace to reflect the dynamics of the air and ground war.

.:  Accurate tracking of all player squadron pilots, including the players A and B flight members, in runtime, for accurate post mission results and tallies. Each of the AI pilots in your squad have logbooks which you can peruse to evaluate their progression strengths, weaknesses, claims and kills, and even view their medals.

.:  Dynamically moving front lines modeled in 12 states follow the historical battle actions of the western front as accurately as possible from 1915 to 1918.

.:  Many historical Landmarks that become permanently damaged when they did historically.

.:  Fly with either dynamically changing weather or historically accurate weather - bad weather will see all air ops grounded. Other features include windscreens that are affected by weather (frosty, rainy, etc.).

.:  Pre Flight briefing interface shows details of the intended operation, waypoints, and target on an interactive map so that you are fully aware of what you have to do.

and more including Terror Over England Campaign - defend England from Gotha and Zeppelin raids, or fly for Axis and fly the giant Gotha bombers against England.

New features in WOFF UE in more detail

1) Two new 2-seater aircraft Breguet 14 A.2 and the Caudon G.4.  Both important French craft

2)  New 3D Direct X Shaders for superb visuals in sim, with improved FPS, especially at airfields and self shadowing and more:
  - much improved rendering of shadows on aircraft and objects.
    Also now shadows will now remain visible from parts that are no longer in view.

  - new feature: dynamic ground shadows, fully replacing stock shadows with new much improved
    and faster shader versions.
New performance from WOFF core engine too, combined with the new shaders and other optimisations gives a dramtic increase in FPS.  This alone is a major point!

3) Fully revised French squadrons to bring the French campaigns in the Champagne regions of Marne and Verdun to life as never before.    Extra French airfields in Marne, Verdun and Alsace sectors

4)  Now Widescreen compatible - 3440 x 1440 etc to allow users to take full advantage of the new  ultra widescreen monitors hitting the market.

5) Revised DM for all aircraft (Cockpit damage revised, aircraft will show damage more often, with more varied break ups, other miscellaneous improvements).

6) Implemented bomb loadout options and a detailed bomb rack model for the Roland aircraft.

7) Improved aircraft type deployment at Airfields by Nation: Bombers, Fighters and Specific fields. 

8) Improved airfield facility scaling over the years as well as changing tree types depending on location of airfield

9) Revised and improved lighting systems at airfields eg hangar lights etc  All lights now work irrespective of craft taking off, or not, at  that field.  Come home to lights on at your field at late dusk, night or early morning!

10) Added smoke and lights to factory facilities.

11) Added 11 detailed 'Specific Airfields' rendered as closely as possible as they historically were. These fields are fuilly rendered for all season types :


St Omer and St Omer Extension
Mont St Eloi
Vert Galant East and West Fields

Additional airfields are in the pipeline for future expansions.   
Note some airfields are period dependant. i.e they only appear in certain time periods of the war.

12) New Winter Trees now bring leafless deciduous trees to the Winter, Winter Light, Winter Medium, and Winter Full Snow, terrain sets, as well as at airfield Facilities for more natural realistic looking airfields.

13) Improved Fine detailed distant object rendering in game.

14) Additional Building models for Airfield Facilities.

15) Earlier operation start times should realise more dawn Patrols, when you can see the dawn and camp lighting for immersive moments, feel the dawn of a new day!

16) Additional British UK airfields and types.

17) Ability to suppress/turn off precipitation effects (rain and snow) in workshops. (Flights are still cancelled on inclement days and weather is still fully variable, there is simply no rain or snow effects in flight).
18) Airfield bumpiness now changes with weather and season  conditions

19) Craft wheel rolling sounds now change with weather and season conditions

20) Ability to allow 3rd party mission editors to modify the campaign mission just prior to runtime.

21) Improved dynamic ground bumps on fields.

22) Improved airfield night time Drum lamps.

23) Includes new RNAS squads for Caudrons.

24) Revised Damage rules to lessen craft instant destruction. 

25) Updated graphical  content for user interface.

26) Revised Flak effect.
.:  Immersion Labelling system, including DOTS option, Activity and Identity options for immersion.
.:  TrackIR - smooth fast implementation.
.:  Prop Blur - see the Prop from the Cockpit now.
.:  Flight Training instructor, with flight instructor messages for key events.
.:  Random aircraft Engine Failures !
.:  Wind and 'air bumps'.
.:  "GAI" flights - these will be waiting on ground to get the call to intercept you
.:  Gun Jams and Un-jamming.

... and much more you will discover when you fly with Wings: Over Flanders Fields UE.
Remember if you did not buy WOFF2 or WOFF3 or some of the Add-on packs, then you are getting the aircraft and features from those packages included!  I

WOFF UE Aircraft:

80 superb flyable aircraft!
(Yes that's Eighty ! )

German Aircraft:
Albatros D.I
Albatros D.II
Albatros D.III (early)
Albatros D.III OAW
Albatros D.III
Albatros D.V
Albatros D.V (Later)
Albatros D.Va
Albatros D.Va 200 PS
Aviatik BI
Aviatik BII
Aviatik C.I
Aviatik C.I trainer (x2)
D.F.W. C.V
Fokker D.II
Fokker D.III
Fokker D.R.I
Fokker D.VII OAW
Fokker D.VII
Fokker D.VIIF
Fokker E.I 
Fokker E.II
Fokker E.III
Fokker EIV  (Twin gun)
Fokker E.V  (monowing)
Gotha G.IV bomber
Halberstadt D.II
Halberstadt D.III  (Argus Engine)
Hannover CL.III
Pfalz A.I  2 seater
Pfalz E.III
Pfalz D.IIIa
Roland C.II
Rumpler C.IV

Allied Aircraft:
Breguet 14 A.2
Bristol Scout D
Bristol Fighter F2b
Caudron G.4
D.H.2 Early
Morane "Parasol" Type L 2 Seater
Nieuport 10
Nieuport 12
Nieuport 11
Nieuport 16
Nieuport 17 Lewis gun
Nieuport 17 Vickers gun
Nieuport 17 Bis  (2 guns)
Nieuport 23 Vickers gun
Nieuport 23 Lewis gun
Nieuport 24 Bis Lewis gun
Nieuport 24 Bis
Nieuport 24 Lewis gun
Nieuport 24 Vickers gun
Nieuport 27 Lewis gun
Nieuport 27  Vickers gun
Nieuport 28
R.A.F. B.E.12
R.A.F. B.E.12 HD
R.A.F. B.E.2c Early
R.A.F. B.E.2c
R.A.F. B.E.2c HD
R.A.F. B.E.2c trainer (x2)
R.A.F. R.E.8
R.A.F. S.e.5  (Early variant, 150HP)
R.A.F. S.e.5a
R.A.F. S.e.5a Viper
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Camel - Bentley
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Strutter B1
Sopwith Strutter A2
Sopwith Tripe
Sopwith Tripe (RNAS twin vickers)
Spad VII
Zeppelin R Type*
Zeppelin P Type*
(*Both Zeps not player flyable, A.I. only currently).

HD = Home Defence

Breguet 14 A2 and Caudron G.4 are new.


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