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Author Topic: LIF:YO 14/10/2016 Weekly Dev News Update  (Read 2891 times)

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LIF:YO 14/10/2016 Weekly Dev News Update
« on: October 15, 2016, 06:14:01 PM »
14/10/2016 Weekly Dev News Update - Shoot it! Range combat revised
Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s development news!

If you checked out the last one, you’ll know we’re overhauling melee and ranged combat mechanics. In today’s development news, we’re looking at bows, crossbows and ranged combat!

Check out some of the changes we have in mind:
•   Crossbows. Reload speed, accuracy and range will be increased for all Crossbows. Unlike other ranged weapons, crossbows will require significantly less strength and agility. Crossbow bolts will be possible to equip in a hip slot.
•   Bows. Most changes are planned for simple and short bows, in some situations they may be preferable over the longbow. Agility will also noticeably affect accuracy.
•   Throwing weapons. Throwing trajectories of javelins, throwing axes and throwing knives will be changed, slightly affecting the effective range. All throwing weapon damage will be increased.
•   Projectiles. Stacks of arrows and bolts will be limited in number.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into some of what we’ve been up to!

Thanks, the team!

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