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Author Topic: Tacview 1.5 beta 1  (Read 8922 times)

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Tacview 1.5 beta 1
« on: June 02, 2016, 02:50:31 PM »
The first beta of Tacview 1.5 is available to registered users!

NOTICE: This version uses a brand new data engine and file format. While there is no major issue expected, just to be safe, you should keep backups of your original flight recordings in a safe place until the final 1.5 is released.

If I have done my job well, you should not see much difference at the first glance ;) However, despite the appearances, Tacview 1.5 is a HUGE step ahead the previous releases.

Following Intel Tick-Tock model, Tacview 1.5 is a “tock”: it is running on a brand new architecture do to the same things as you are used to, just smoother and more accurately.

The next releases which will be “ticks”: You will get plenty of long awaited improvements and features regarding available data. You wanted more numbers? More accurate numbers? More playback capabilities? The brand new telemetry system will enable you to record and playback simply *anything* from pilot’s head movements to engine’ oil level to radars cones!

Feel free to post here any bugs and suggestions regarding this version only!

  • Brand new (fully rewritten) core telemetry system
  • Full 64-bit telemetry engine for more accurate replays
  • Added support for new ACMI 2.0 text file format (import & export)
  • Brand new Falcon 4.0 VHS file importer
  • Accurate interpolation (slerp) of geographical spherical coordinates
  • Improved roll/pitch/yaw emulation for low-end telemetry files
  • The new telemetry engine uses about two times less memory then the old one
  • Distances are now switching between feet and nautical miles at 2 nm
  • Added traveled 2D ground distance to the charts (vs 3D air distance)
  • Increased charts time and distance measurement marks resolution to 1/10 unit
  • Added support for comma as a separator for dates seconds in XML (GPX files)
  • Unknown objects are now displayed using related 3D meshes instead of just boxes
  • Updated terrains and databases to Falcon BMS 4.33 U1

  • Fixed a crash when loading truncated lines in csv files
  • Fixed a rare random crash when loading custom terrain textures
  • Fixed Falcon 4.0 VHS files landing gear and airbrake information
  • Fixed slow startup with a lot of custom tiles textures
  • Invalid UTF-8 characters in text files are now handled gracefully
  • Terrain custom textures loading has been tweaked and is now much faster
  • The advanced telemetry (effective) heading is now properly displayed for HDG instead of the calculated one
  • Telemetry data optimization is now lossless and always accurate
  • Camera controls are now more responsive while idle (playback paused)
  • Fixed Falcon 4.0 RKND & RKNW runways position and orientation

Here is a sample of the new data debugger displaying data available in a Tacview 1.4.3 flight recording:
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