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Author Topic: MEW Scenario #5. Six Day War 1967: AAR  (Read 4063 times)

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MEW Scenario #5. Six Day War 1967: AAR
« on: May 31, 2016, 10:54:45 PM »
MEW Scenario #5. Six Day War 1967: AAR

By:  pzgndr

This is an After Action Review for Schwerpunkt's Middle East War game, Scenario 5, Six Day Way 1967.  I've been meaning to do this for quite some time, so finally knocked it out.

Optional rules: 
#1 Fog of War
#3 One Arab country per attack
#4 Coalition technology shift
#7, Double Arab mech air losses
#8 Arab TEM minus 1.

Some minor edits. 
I edited the scenario slightly to remove the at-start entrenchments for the Arab units in the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula.  I also increased Israeli max combats per turn from 6 to 8, primarily to allow for a few more minor “mopping up” attacks each turn.  After playing this scenario several times during playtesting, my experience is that the Israelis have a very difficult time achieving historical gains even with the optional rules advantages.   

AAR concept of operation.
I will follow the historical Israeli plan as described at, a pretty good Wikipedia summary.  Turn 1 air attacks will focus on Arab air bases at El Arish and Damascus.   Southern Army will launch attacks into Gaza and Sinai.  Central Army will launch attacks into the West Bank.  Northern Army will hold off launching attacks into the Golan Heights until June 9, Turn 5.  The computer opponent will not be restricted to the historical Arab response with the following two exceptions.  First , I will use a CO_No_Ops plan file (i.e., the CO will not do anything) on Turn 1 for both the Arab air and ground phases to simulate complete Israeli surprise.  Second, I will continue using the CO_No_Ops plan for subsequent Arab air phases to simulate the Arab decision to ground their air forces, leaving the Israelis with complete air superiority and able to fully support its ground offensives with Fighter-Bomber ground support.  Other than that, the CO is free to maneuver its ground units, which means no hasty retreat from the Sinai and thus no sweeping historical advances for the Israelis.  This results in a considerably different campaign, and perhaps one of those great What-Ifs of military history…. 

Full AAR: Click Here
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