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Author Topic: Russo-German War '41-'44 By Combatsim  (Read 6441 times)

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Russo-German War '41-'44 By Combatsim
« on: May 31, 2016, 09:05:40 PM »

Russo-German War '41-'44 By Combatsim
Published: 21 Nov 2001
Published by: Peter "Zhukov" Pawelek

These guys look serious..and with good reason!


Schwerpunkt Games and designer Ron Dockal have brought us the most comprehensive stand-alone computer wargame on the Eastern Front of the Second World War since Gary Grigsby’s classic War in Russia. The game is comprised of fifty-one scenarios focussed on key battles in this titanic conflict: from the initial German thrusts through Smolensk and the Crimea through to the post-Stalingrad turnabouts in which the Soviets started their drive to Berlin. The game does not cover the period between ’44 and ’45, so those of you who want to advance on the Hitlerbunker will have to wait for an add-on. The game also does not cover the Soviet battle for Finland, also known as the Winter War of ’39.

Every major battle in the Russian Campaign is covered in this game.

Game Mechanics

Russo-German War (RGW) is an operational-level wargame in which individual units are generally division-sized. Hexes are 10 miles across their largest dimension, and due to the innovative dual-phased movement system, armored divisions under ideal conditions (and barring rail movement) can drive almost 50 miles over a one-week turn. In addition to infantry and armored units, the game also features air and naval units, which can be used for a variety of different functions. In fact, the turns are structured around phases and ground/air/sea operations.

Depending on the particular phase of the turn, each unit can conduct a range of operations specific to its particular function. During a phase, the player selects an operational mode by a right-click menu. For example, in the first phase of each turn the player can have its naval units provide support for land combat, ferry friendly troops from port to port, supply land units in coastal hexes, or move from one port to another. Things get even more interesting with air operations.

In the Air Phase, the player can have his squadrons support ground combat, fly CAP over a particular region, conduct air recon flights, supply ground units, or transfer to other air bases. Fighter CAPs are flown to establish air superiority over a particular region and are essential in the planning of any major ground offensive. The opposing player has the opportunity to intercept these CAPs, challenging air superiority in this region. This system is very well done, and reminds me a lot of the air unit rules in the old GDW Europa series board wargames.

Air unit establishes air superiority via fighter CAP mission. Notice the white circle indicating the radius of Axis air superiority over that part of the front.

Full review: Click Here

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