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Polychop Simulations – 3rd party developer which could bring more life to the helicopter stables of DCS with its upcoming modules. We have prepared an exclusive interview with developers working on SA342M Gazelle and Bo 105P/PAH-1A1 helicopters for DCS World.


SW: Even though almost all DCS World fans already know about Polychop Simulations, could you please tell us something about you? What were you doing before you started working on the DCS modules? What was the main impulse for creating the Polychop Simulations and the following modules?

PS: Everyone of us still has a fulltime job – so we do work on the modules after work. I (Olli) am working 14 hours on the modules in my daily job every day. The main impulse to create Polychop was an insane passion of flying machines, really.
I (Pat) was interested in flight sims since 90’s, I guess I flew them all. Olli was flying them since the end of the 80’s (MS Flightsimulator). Sven is also doing flightsims since about 20 years.

SW: How many people are working at the Polychop Simulations? Do you have a stable team or are you looking for more, even external, people? What should such people, next to enthusiasm, have in their skill set?

PS: We are a stable team of 3 at the moment but we plan to fill the team with additional people in the future, which will be necessary at some point.

SW: What does the work in P.S. consist of mainly? Do you have it as a full time job or is it only a free time passion?

PS: At the moment a free passion, but we hope it will turn into a full time job.

SW: How much does the community influence your work? Would you consider doing some module which would be highly praised by the community but would not fit your style for example?

PS: We have no own style actually, as flying machine lovers we would be happy to work at any plane or helicopter from the WWI area to nowadays.

SW: Currently you are working on two helicopters the SA342M Gazelle and Bo 105P/PAH-1A1. How far are you with the development? You have a lot of good pictures directly from DCS which implies advanced development status, or not? What are the planned features of the modules (EFM, ASM, …)?

PS: The SA342M Gazelle is very close to its release beta state, the BO-105 is on a good way too. We are doing our best to create a module as real as possible.

SW: Now question that is not popular among developers, do you have an idea about release date? Due to the complexity of DCS modules we understand that it can be hard to determine, but do you at least have some target year for release?

PS: If everything goes as we planned, the Gazelle could be released this year, but as you can guess, a lot of events have to be taken into count, which do not depend on our own will only, and will set the final release date.

SW: Do you consider some kind of pre-order like other developers do including ED? In what form will you release the modules? In beta version or fully functional module including missions, trainings and campaign?

PS: We did not think about a pre-order at the moment. The module will be released as beta, it would be pretentious to release it as a final product. We will need the users feedbacks to turn it into the final state. But it could have very short beta stage.
The module will include training missions and a campaign.

SW: How long are your working at those two modules mentioned above? Why did you choose these two helicopters. Are they somehow special to you?

PS: We have been working at these projects for almost 4 years now for the Gazelle and a bit less for the BO. They were chosen according to our own tastes, as singles, before Polychop was created.
(Olli) I love the BO-105 and the Gazelle since I was a kid. I had thousands of plastic-construction kits (laughing) and Pat had the chance to fly in a Gazelle before. Sven had his first contact with these helicopters do to his dads passion of flying.

SW: You are quite open and honest about your inside stuff. But can you tell us something more? Are you working on some other modules not listed on official forums or are you considering some others which you did not announce yet?

PS: Yes for sure, some other projects are being considered, but we can’t tell more about them, not because it’s a secret, but much more because too many things can prevent us to do one or the other at some point and it would be disappointing to go backward after it has been announced.

But as soon we make official announcements I am sure people will be very satisfied with the choices we made already.

SW: What is your dream machine which you would like to create in DCS? Regardless of if it is really possible due to restrictions.

PS: For me (Pat) it should be the Airbus Tiger helicopter, or the Rafale, or any else recent military flying machine. Assuming you said my dream machines
For me (Olli), it would be the Littlebird or the F-104.
For me (Sven), Oh58d,Tigre or AH1s, Tornado, F15E and some real fancy one the SR71, although the maps would be to small for it, but I also do not mind about any other Plane, even heavy Transports.
If it flies it can be build, so it might be of interest.

SW: Are you also working on something else than DCS modules? Like maps, AI units, objects etc.?

PS: Not at the moment. Due to the amount of work we already have, but it could be considered in the near future.

SW: Your current modules are helicopters, did you also consider some module with fixed wing? If yes, which one?

PS: All of them. Now seriously, we hope we will be able to announce a fixed wing as soon as enough data, contacts and all needed requirements will be in our hands, but yes one of us is already talking to other companies besides Airbus and it looks good that there might be some surprises in the next 2 years that you will all like a lot.

Sven will not tell much about it but he is trying to do the magic with the big players at the moment for some interesting fixed wings which we will announce as soon we feel ready to do so.
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