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Damage model 5.0
« on: May 19, 2016, 12:04:16 PM »
Damage model 5.0
Implemented 19 May

Penetrations and armor has been finalized to the final state and will be deployed in next patch
   Ship armor has width and strength of planking is now measured in effective armor (from 25 to 100cm)
o   Effective armor does not equal real width of planking. Victory armor is 60cm, but because of the hull construction methods, quality of wood the real effective armor is 90cm.
o   Effective armor is also affected with the angle of shot (final implementation). hitting the ship at 10 angle drastically increase effective armor width
   Cannon penetration fall off with distance reworked based on historical gunnery data and adjusted for gameplay
o   Long guns penetration now falls off a lot less compared to medium guns
o   Carronade penetration sharply falls off after 500 meters
   Partial penetration implemented. Shot can now hit and have a partial penetration giving less damage.
   Armor width now gives less damage. If you shoot the very narrow planking it will give almost no damage to hull.
   Vertical ricochets angles bugs fixed
   Gun loss reworked
   Mast damage reworked - no more long distance mast shooting. Masts have strength and if cannonball has lost the penetrating power it will not damage the mast
   Rudder penalties fixed. Yellow broken rudder was only giving 15% penalty due to a bug. It will be more dangerous from now on.

As a result
   Broadside tanking should work a lot better now
   Certain ships will be almost invincible against lower class guns at medium or long distances if they are not raked or damaged through bow

Future additions
Double shot as a consumable or as skill on cool down to bring tactical depth
Double charge as a consumable or as skill on cool down to bring more tactical depth
We are thinking of reducing reload a big across all guns.
Please provide historical tables if you have any references on gun reload rates (sustained reload not 3 shot gun test data).

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