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Taking a screen shot
« on: January 19, 2015, 11:41:41 PM »
Screen Shots "Shift + F12"

We all like screen shots. The below options can be used to tailor the shot. If you are running with low shadows etc due to your pc then you can temporarily increase the settings to take the shot. When done reduce the settings.

Alt+H = removes GUI
Alt+G = Graphics settings
Alt+D = Terrain detail distance

You can also take shots from the AAR after the battle is over. This will let you create a visual representation of the battle. In this situation you can use the "zoom" function. You can take your time and find a great angle and zoom level. However the smoke effects in the aar are not as detailed as in the live game.

To take the screen shot press "Shift + F12". Everytime you press that combo a new image will be saved. The previous image is NOT overwritten. The screen shot will be saved in the following folder "savedImages". The location of which is:

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\MyDocuments\ eSim Games\Steel Beasts
Windows 7 & 8
C:\Users\<username>\Documents\eSimGames\Steel Beasts

The images will be stored in folders that are labelled by the date the image was taken.

You can change the Screen shot format by going to the "Main Menu" and selecting "Options". The choice of formats are:


Get snapping
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