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Author Topic: Item Removal Services Requests  (Read 5722 times)

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Item Removal Services Requests
« on: February 02, 2016, 07:48:38 PM »
Good afternoon fellow citizens of DoW:LiF

After some thought and discussion between the GMs of the server we have decided it would be best to handle item deletion requests in the following manner.

I will first say that we want to make sure that deletion of property or items does not become regular practice because of poor planning on the players part.  Deletion of property or items should be and will hopefully be mainly because people have grown in the game and want to upgrade their property or items. 

Obviously we understand things do happen and we all screw the pooch once in a while and put something somewhere that ends up being prohibitive or plans change.

These should be few and far between since whenever you build something you have quite a bit of control over where and how you place it before finalizing it.  So take your time and take care when building things. Don’t just pop them up because you can.  Give it some thought.

The other issue that can cause players to need to request removal services is things wear out.  Furnaces, Kilns, Forges and the like do have quality rating and will decay as you use them.  Keep an eye on this. As things decay through normal wear and tear make sure you are repairing them with small, med and large repair kits.  All craftable.

Ok so with that out of the way lets move on to how this is going to be handled.

Item Removal Services can be requested by posting a request in the LiF forum here with the subject line “Item Removal Services Request”.  Then in the body of your post a clear and brief description of what you need removed and why.  These requests will be read by the GMs and if there are questions related to the request they will reply to your request or possibly talk to you on TS or both.  Item Removal will be handled on one day per week, most likely Friday night.  Once the removal has been completed the post will be updated so that it shows complete.

When the GM comes to your property to do the removal this will also allow us to be proactive in relation to something that can cause the server issue down the road and that is tree stumps.  Everyone is asked to remove stumps when cutting down trees in their area and replant as much as it fits what you are doing with your property.
Tree stumps can cause server lag if they are too many and really just don’t look very nice.  So when the GM comes to take care of your removal it might be a good idea to have your stumps all nice and cleaned up or he might ask that it be done before he completes the services.  Not trying to be Tree Nazis but GET RID OF THEM!

So in closing below you will find the shortened version of the process.

Item Removal Services Request Steps:

1.   Make a post in the DoW: Life is Feudal Forum with the subject line: “Item Removal Services Request”
2.   Explain the request briefly but with enough detail that it makes sense and provide the justification for the removal.
3.   Requests will be handled one day a week, currently on Friday night U.S. Time.
4.   Once the request is completed your forum post will be updated to show complete.

I hope this all makes sense and does not sound too prohibitive. The idea was to make it prohibitive enough that  the requests will be few and far between for people just not able to decide where they want something but also not make it too painful for people who are using this service for actually expanding and advancing themselves in the game, which we want to encourage. 

We think this process is a good middle ground and we will see how it goes for a while and adjust if needed.

Thank you all for listening and watch out for those eyelid stinging hornets!

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