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Re: Falcon BMS
« on: November 11, 2015, 10:32:41 PM »
Screen captures from a Falcon BMS 4.33 multiplayer session today. Four-ship DCA (Defensive Counter Air) F-16 flight out of Osan AFB in South Korea. Intercepted and destroyed hostile NK IL-2 Beagle's heading south to bomb a nuclear power plant. Successful flight and everyone RTB'd in one piece. Great job everyone!

Falcon 1-1  Beef
Falcon 1-2  Lusik
Falcon 1-3  Renders
Falcon 1-4  Wilso

Lusik snuggled up to Beef

Wilso links up with Beef and Lusik

Lusik on short-final to Osan

Lusik aero-braking like a boss

Renders finds his way home to Osan despite navcom troubles
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