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Angola '86
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The first strategy game to capture the essence of the entire South African Border war, from Omugulugwombashe to UNTAG (Aug'66 - Mar'90)

Homepage: Here
Steam: Here


Angola '86 Trailer


It is 1966 and the South African Border War has commenced, with the South African Defence Force being deployed to South West Arica.
As a SADF commander, wage a counter-insurgency (COIN) war to secure the region, on the border with Angola.

In order to win the Hearts and Minds of the local population you will need to track and destroy the SWAPO insurgents, who infiltrate from across the border and destabilize the region by intimidating the locals, laying mines and ambushing your forces.

The insurgents also have a bigger brother, the army of Angola (FAPLA). This Soviet supplied, conventional army have much wider ambitions than SWAPO, they want to take total control of the entire region, a stepping stone to unifying Angola under communist rule.

FAPLA provides a secure base from which SWAPO can operate, but it's primary focus is the destruction of UNITA, a faction supported by the USA and South Africa.
To carry out your COIN mission, co-ordination of ground troops, special forces, artillery, mechanized units, training of local forces (SWATF) and air force assets is essential, but of greater consequence is winning the support of the local population. With greater co-operation from the local inhabitants comes the reward of intelligence, a key factor in COIN warfare.

The war is not fought in isolation, so as the commander of the SADF forces, you will have the added complexity of managing the support for the war back home, should you the lose the support of the United Nations, the war will also be surely lost.
This is a game that captures the true essence of the South African Border War, where counter-insurgency operations are paramount, gathering intel, tracking the insurgents and destroying their bases in Angola play a critical role and containing FAPLA can save the day.

Rise through the ranks and watch your personalized uniform transform from a junior Lieutenant to General as you relive the South African Border War.


- Hearts and Minds victory conditions
- Turn based strategy game, procedurally generated at the start of every new game thereby ensuring extended playability.
- Multiple factions for the player to control (SADF,SWATF,UNITA)
- Full and authentic order of battle management
- Political support model, stakeholder management of the sentiment back home.
- Full range of SADF units including transport helicopters, APC’s, armor, Gunships, Engineers etc
- Full tracking and detection model, including helicopter air support
- Special Forces operations (Recces) and cross border raids
- Operational intelligence map
- Training of South West Africa Army (SWATF)
- Air strikes
- Medevacs and in field repairs
- Minesweeping and ambushes
- Full logistical model, including vehicle repairs and maintenance
- Road and base construction
- Handover and intervention of the United Nations (UNTAG)

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