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Falcon BMS 4.35 Base
« on: August 22, 2022, 12:15:59 AM »

Falcon BMS 4.35 Base
December 20, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,

on behalf of the entire BMS development team, I am happy to announce that the latest iteration of the BillionSoft Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.35 - is available for you to enjoy as of RIGHT NOW!

BMS 4.35 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message.

For those of you who are new to Falcon and still need a legacy Falcon 4.0 license, you’re lucky, as there are various season sales going on right now (i.e. at the time of writing this post):


Note that this is NOT an exhaustive list of where to buy Falcon 4.0, it’s just a list of retailers known to me (best effort) that offer sales/discounts right now, for your convenience. The list will not be updated.

This mod may not be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of Billion Soft (Hong Kong) and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you.

BMS 4.35 comes with a plethora of changes. As with each major BMS release, a full changelog would fill whole books. Instead, we’ve summarized the most important changes for you here:

Falcon BMS 4.35 Base changelog: Changelog


- 4.35 is *not* an update to the former 4.34, but a new independent base installation
- 4.35 can co-exist with 4.34 on the same machine
— The build number string in the Falcon UI will read "4.35.0 (x64) Build 22548" for the base installation

BMS 4.35 Changelog Summary:

- DirectX 11 Upgrade
- Tactical Reference UI and Data Update
- Weather Control Improvement
- Zulu Time Integration
- Enhanced Flight Planning
- Updated 2D War
- Enhanced Fog Of War and Unit Detection (RECON/JSTAR)
- Improved Gameplay for KTO TvT Theater
- Revision of (AI) pilot names
- New Arresting System for emergency landings
- HTS and HARM improvements
- New multipage customizable kneeboards
- Full canopy control implementation
- Jet Fuel Starter 1+2 support
- Taxi-/Landing light update
- New Pilot Seat Adjustment
- New Anti-Ice Implementation
- Updated MFD fonts
- Enhanced Brakes + Hydraulic Systems
- Accurate Gear Implementation
- Better Aircraft Spawning and Despawning
- Improved Taxi, Lineup, Takeoff and Landing behavior (AI)
- ATC Overhaul (AI)
- Tanker AAR Update (AI)
- Carrier Enhancements (AI)
- RWR Realism Update
- New Pilot Death Situation
- SAM and AAA Operator Enhancement (AI)
- SAM Multi Targeting (AI)
- Enhanced Ship Self Defense Capability (AI)
- Anti Missile Intercept (AI)
- Better Aircraft Weapon Selection + Deployment (AI)
- Improved BVR Tactics (AI)
- More realistic pilot view and threat detection (AI)
- New Wind Turbine Facilities
- New Airbases
- New Features
- New Aircraft
- New Aircraft Skins
- New Ground Units
- New Naval Vessels
- Optimized LOD transition
- Improved Aircraft Destruction Model
- Moon Phases + Ephemeris
- Higher Atmosphere Upgrade
- Enhanced Smoke Duration for Destroyed Vehicles
- Updated switches on the F-18 cockpits
- Mirage 2000 cockpits improvements
- A-10 cockpit fixes
- New Sounds (internal + external)
- New HOTAS Callbacks
- RTTClient/RTTServer Update
- Hitbox Optimization
- Updated Flight Models (non F-16)
- Updated Key Files
- New Training Missions
- Documentation Update
- Enhanced Multiplayer Stability
- Hundreds of bug fixes, 3D and data improvements

Read on....

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Re: Falcon BMS 4.35 Base
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2022, 12:16:29 AM »
Falcon BMS 4.35 U1

Here is the changelog from 4.35 Base to 4.35.1

3DDB (rev 13641)
Fixed the C17 3D models

Data (rev 13663 -> 13943)
Fixed airbases (critical) - part 2 (final)
Fixed airbases (critical) - part 1
Fixed wrong key file descriptions and typos
Fixed te_new.tac file : set the initial start time to 7:30:00z to create enough time margin for TOS shifting before the day begins
Fixed IFF and TGP definition in fm file for some F-16 types (RJAF / IAF / EAF)
RTTRemote: updated to v3.3.0.3
- Implemented network congestion control for RTTServer/RTTClient communication
- RTTServer can now be configured to limit its maximum bandwidth usage per client
- Check the RTTServer.ini for the new config option "LIMIT_MBPS"
RTTRemote: added missing info about "RakNetDefinesOverrides.h" options to "RTTNetData.h"
Fixed BrakeAbsorptionFactor value for aircrafts with AFM files. Can't be less than 1.0
Fixed MFD fonts
Adjust key combinations related to the DirectX window behavior
- Alt+RETURN (Switch Windowed - Full Screen & Ctrl+Return (Switch Windowed - Borderless, was Alt+Backspace before) are integrated into the key files (as a reminder)
- Remapping of the following key combinations:
-- Full / Basic / Minimum / Blank key files:
   Reset Trim   from Alt+Return -> Alt+F1
   Caution Reset from Ctrl+Return -> Alt+F2
-- Pitbuilder key file:
   TWP Priority   from Alt+Return (now used by Toggle Full Screen) -> Alt+Space
   TWP Msl Launch from Ctrl+Return (now used by Toggle Borderless) -> Ctrl+Space
   Seat Up   from Ctrl+N (used by Instr Hdg Dec) -> Shft Alt+V
   Seat Down   from Alt+N (used by Instr Hdg Push) -> Ctrl Alt+V
   Canopy Stop   from Alt+B (used by Instr Hdg Inc) -> Shft Ctrl Alt+N
   Canopy Open    from Shft Alt+V (changed with Seat Up) -> Shft Alt+N
   Canopy Close   from Ctrl Alt+V (changed with Seat Down) -> Ctrl Alt+N
   UHF *4*.***   from Shft Ctrl Alt+F (Windows critical) -> Shft Ctrl Alt+M
Improved a bit the look of gun trail
Updated RTTRemote to v3.3.0.0, added possibility for *custom* remote shared mem clients (non-RTT) to also receive the data by means of UDP multicast on plain sockets independent of the "regular" RTTServer/RTTClient network protocol. See "MULTICAST.txt" for details
Critical fix for Kunsan airbase. Replacing a closed HAS (Feature Id 149) for an open HAS on south apron to avoid spanning into a closed HAS provoking player death as soon as it start taxiing
Added RTTNetData.h, it includes the network and message formats and flow definition and descriptions, to allow development of 3rd part RTT client applications
Fixed CTD when taking of from the Vinson carrier in "TE_BMS_10_Multination_War.tac" mission (from Team USA)
Fixed launch sequence for bru-42 and lau-88 rack
Fixed afterburner glare for all F-4 (was way too strong)
Fixed F-4M (had an F-16 cockpit)
Updated TacRef (added new items, updated existing ones, cleanup)
Rebuilt the Config.exe
Added new missions set
Fixed EvalFile.xml file :
- Fixed "structural" typos (spaces/tabs)
- Fixed section which is dedicated for the weapons launch calls
-- Added lots of missing entries (weapons added in DB)
The old name TE_BMS_07_1 Vs 1 Strike do not fit exactly with the current standard = TE_BMS_07_1_Vs_1_Strike

Docs (rev 543 -> 550)
Fixed some typos / mixed up descriptions
Fixed a lot of layout issues - added missing screenshots - added navigation bookmarks
Fixed mixed up descriptions for Parking Break Step Up / Down
Fixed compiler error in Foxy software when trying to DL Cougar_DX.tmj to the Cougar
Updated all device key files - updated all printouts - updated Key File Editor - added BMS Keystrokes - Defaults for Pitbuilder profile - updated Complete Callback List.txt
Some minor tweaks and fixed cross reference links in the Harpoon chapter
TO-BMS1F-16CM-34-1-1 -- Added revised AGM-84 Harpoon chapter (3.7)
Added revised Harpoon chapter
Updated Harpoon documentation

Exe (rev 22609 -> 23019)
Fixed terrain-related crash when TGP and Maverick WPN pages are open at the same time
Fixed Fog beeing applied when camera was above layer 
Fixed FCR Target Speed and Target closure
CTD fix at MP campaign / TE joining.  Fix memory corruption at ObjectiveDelta and Unit Loading 
Adjusted key combinations related to the DirectX window behavior:
- The toggle for window borders (CTRL+RETURN) will no longer trigger if ALT or SHIFT is pressed at the same time
- The toggle for fullscreen (ALT+RETURN) will no longer trigger if CTRL or SHIFT is pressed at the same time
- Fixed OFM bouncing at landing
- Fixed OFM positioning hiccups when speed is below 10 ft/sec
- Fixed OFM pitching down on its front wheel when player pushes stick forward during rolling
- "Improve" OFM pitch / braking behavior 
CTD fix in GetIRFactor : Prevent sensors  re targeting a UNIT after a SIM death
Fixed SAMS engaging without RWR warning when SAMS are located into hills / mountains
CTD fix in GndAI
Fixed transformations for models which have wires (lines) by calling the final RotateLightAndTransformIfNotDoneYet before drawing it
Fixed HDR from being applied to some surfaces
Adjusted key combinations related to the DirectX window behavior:
- Num Enter is no longer considered
- The toggle for window borders has been changed from ALT+BACKSPACE to CTRL+RETURN
- The toggle for fullscreen now responds to only ALT+RETURN
Some more CPU optimizations
CPU optimizations: Postpone rotation of vertices and normals until before the final draw
More CPU optimization: Change matrix transpose operation to SIMD
More CPU performance optimizations: InView test (Basically frustum culling tests done by the CPU) improvements to use SIMD math.  Some Monoprints optimizations - Some can be not cheap apparently
More CPU performance optimizations, especially should help when there are many objects to render
Fixed AI Jettison AG too soon when engaged by a missile
Remove flag "Warning treated as error" from libspeex and libspeexDSP projects
CTD fix in FCC : pointer check
CTD fix for Launch bar - non F18 type
Adjusted Bullseye fonts
Fixed ATC bad overhead side
Fixed Brakes being applied too slowly for Keyboard users when necessary:
- When using "K", the full braking is applied in 0.5 seconds in case speed is >70 kts and antiskid is active
- If antiskid is off , full braking is applied in 2.5 seconds which allows keyboard users to regulate their braking force
- If speed is below 70 kts, full braking is applied in 2.5 seconds which allows smooth taxi braking
Enabled display of PS labels on Particle emitters. Activate via chat line: ".pslabels 1" to enable ".pslabels 0" to disable
CTD fix when theaters are set up so that the sun never rises or never sets (like Nordic in June)
Fixed clients not having clouds in some cases
Make sure we don't display Exit menu in MP for other players when one client ejects
Fixed SAM/SHIPS radar cones not being reliable in MP for clients jointing after SAM deagged
Fixed TaksForce Radars not being updated correctly in MP
Fixed cable not catched on two points landing
CTD fix in Moon Phase computation
Some CPU performance optimization: Optimize matrix44 calculations to use SIMD Small optimization in LightManager
BattalionCommand CTD fix: make sure we don't have dangling pointers anymore Make sure we set up correct battalion hierarchy all the time 
Activated LEAN when looking backward with natural head option for TIR users
Fixed Anti-Ice not impacting FTIT on PW229
Fixed Canopy being closed in Ramp - MP
CTD fix for crashes when using IDM in a TE/Camp with less than 8 teams defined
Fixed AI poorly engaging with HARM (this is not a complete fix which would require 3 to 4 weeks of patience)
Fixed HARM - AI going into space after launch
Fixed Wheels that were not blocked fully when antiskid off  / failure and brake pressure applied too much vs RCR
Make Spawning more robust and run it only on server side
Fixed AI following leader dying
Fixed AI having difficulties to hit with some LGB's
Fixed Clouds not appearing when entering back and forth in TE / CAMP without commiting to 3D
Fixed Players not being able to be inserted in tanker queue properly
Fixed Loss of sound after being killed and respawn
Logbook UI: fixed large number of medals overflowing in other control causing wrong rank icon to be displayed
Fixed enabling RTT export freezes sim in 3D
Fixed RTT export freezes

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Re: Falcon BMS 4.35 Base
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2022, 12:17:03 AM »
Falcon BMS 4.35 U2

Here is the changelog from Falcon BMS 4.35.1 to 4.35.2

Generic Information & Known issues:

— The build number string in the Falcon UI will read "4.35.2 (x64) Build 23835" after the update.

— The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U2, they will still read "Falcon BMS 4.35" after the update, feel free to rename them manually.

— The following change log is by no means complete. Its purpose is to give you a quick overview about the highlights. You can expect tons of smaller tweaks and fixes.

— If you have any questions or found bugs regarding the change log items please always! reference the revision number, e.g. "(r12345)".

— Note: None of the manuals have been updated yet. The 4.35.1 manuals remain valid.

File Updates:

- Falcon BMS.cfg     [color]YES[/color]
- IVC Client.ini    [color]NO[/color]
- RTTClient.ini     [color]NO[/color]
- RTTServer.ini     [color]NO[/color]
- Key Files         [color]NO[/color]

- Note: Please always update the files manually. Don't copy paste!

Table of content:

01\. CTD fixes
02\. Falcon BMS.cfg changes
03\. Shared Memory changes
04\. Tool updates
05\. Key File & Input fixes & updates
06\. Multiplayer fixes & improvements
07\. ATC fixes & improvements
08\. Weather fixes & improvements
09\. Various code fixes & improvements
10\. Various data fixes & improvements

01\. CTD fixes:

- Fixed CTDs related to gndai. (r23563)
- Fixed CTDs after map erase, iterator is invalided for that position. (r23591)
- Avoid dangling pointer after deleting pn->subPartData. (r23592)
- CTD fix when pilot nid is above hardcoded 686\. (r23637)
- Fixed gndai waypoint CTD. (r23646)
- CTD fix in the whole ATC state machine, rule out helos from ATC entirely. (r23681)
- CTD fix in landme (null ptr check). (r23702)
- Locked simloop UpdateATC, since this can be called from campaign thread (race condition CTD). (r23765)
- Fixes alpha CTD due to different viewports. (r23432)
- Fixes nullptr PAKmap CTD. (r23348)
- CTD fix, related to nullptr insertion of GroupDrawLists. (r23356)
- Fix for pure virtual CTDs. (r23389)
- Tons of other CTD fixes.

02\. Falcon BMS.cfg changes:
- Added missing lines in the Falcon BMS.cfg (r14319):
  * set g_nRespawnTimeforStuckAI (default 6 minutes). ReagTimer and DeagTimer adjusted accordingly.
  * set g_bHostDisableP2pForDubiousConnections (default 0/false). Should be activated for large MP events.

- U2 *does* replace your existing config file. Do *not* make a backup!
- Instead, re-configure from scratch based on the new file, otherwise you'll miss new config options.

03\. Shared Memory changes

04\. Tool updates
- Fixed the BMS Editor 'Model Viewer' (r23421)

05\. Key File & Input fixes & updates

06\. Multiplayer fixes & improvements

07\. ATC fixes & improvements

- Make sure DigitalBrain rWindex is aligned with the ATC / Airbase in the whole landme function. (r23681)
- ATCMsg is missing a break statement. In case of lParked, info can be destroyed and default case will access it.
- Fix for ATCBrain::GetOppositeRunway (r23629)
- pointer in ATCBrain::ProcessQueue() gets deleted twice. (r23652)
- Fix in ATCBrain: Pointer nextTakeoff may become dangling during function. (r23660)

08\. Weather fixes & improvements

09\. Various code fixes & improvements:

Note: The following changes may include data & 3ddb updates as well.

- Fixed ground Units not reaggregating and memory corruption as well. (r23506)
- Fixed ObjectLOD races -> missing cockpit and model problems. (r23562)
- Fixed repairing code in campaign thread. It will now send a message to SimLoop thread and all clients to repair the given feature. (r23564)
- Fix Squadron stores ressuply when aircraft are coming back home. (r23580)
- Added critical section during ObjectLOD::Unload.This can avoid a leak, in the case of unload/load/unload sequences. (r23593)
- Fix for out of bounds access in the O_Output WordWrap function. (r23606)
- Prevent accessing the team array out of bounds. (r23607)
- Avoid buffer overflow write, which caused memory corrupption in SetAcLoadout. (r23611)
- Fixed TGP being blocked after loosing a flight element. (r23611)
- When movieClose is called, we can release the surface twice, causing undefined behavior. (r23621)
- BaseBrain lastTarget is not referencing the object it points to. As a result, it may become dangling when targetPtr is dereferenced. (r23627)
- Fixed UI_UpdateOccupationMap (r23637)
- Fixes deadlock due to ArrestorDraw. (r23639)
- Fix for SimVehicleClass::Sleep is not nulling death message. (r23661)
- Make sure to call ClearTarget on SimBrain destructor, to avoid leaks. (r23664)
- Fix for Weapon fire msg is converting helicopter to aircraft. (r23665)
- Fixed overruns within the 3D-interpolationfunction (MissileClass::GetRMax, GetRneMax and GetRopt)when it tries to access the assumed 3D-data. (r23692)
- Added precondition checks and fixes in 1, 2 and 3D-interpolation function. (r23693)
- Fixed bogus values being read outside the data table array. (r23693)
- Fixed memory leak in SimWeapon::launcher. (r23718)
- Fixed bad cockpit text drawing outside Start and Finish frame. (r23726)
- Fixed memory corruption in CameraDrawList. (r23727)
- Fixed zero devision in GetRMax. (r23736)
- Fix to avoid deleting any waypoint from SimVehicleClass which is shared with gNavigationSys waypoints. (r23737)
- Avoid dispatcher races (UI and campaign for example) when leaving campaign or 3d (depending on game type). (r23739)
- Added Copy paste functionality in edit box and chat command line. (r23755)
- AIM120 fixes: That makes MADDOG shots a defensive of WVR mode as expected. (r23761)
  * MADDOG : goes active as soon as off the rail and scan with a limited range capability
  * MADDOG : does not loft anymore since has no information on range when fired
  * HOJ : HOJ is only capable when the missile went active
- Fixed AI reacting to missile too early when missile was in HPRF instead of MPRF. (r23762)
- Fixed out of bounds fix in ooutput: when SetText is called on an existing O_Output. (r23770)
- Fixed Terrain loading race. (r23774)
- Fixed Shadow map was not being cleared after sundown. (r23792)
- Fixed race possibilities while exiting campaign/TE. (r23795)
- Fixes nan values due to InJetWash computation. (r23435)
- Fix Heat Blur positioning and velocity when aircraft is in Idle. (r23401)
- Fix heat Blur not oriented correctly with vectoring thrust. (r23401)
- And many, many more.

10\. Various data fixes & improvements:

Note: The following changes may include code & 3ddb updates as well.

- Updated ambiant light since we have real moon now. (r14084)
- Fixed TracersGreen and TracersRed missing alpha channel. (r14141)
- Fixed Al-Tariq bomb : mimic the GBU-54 instead of the GBU-12\. (r14142)
- Fixed F18 series totally out of control while landing. (r14186)
- F-16 Cockpits updated. (r14333)
  * Made flight control stick move (very little)
  * Fixed seat adjustment switch. Now it has the washer and jam nut on the sidewall to hold the switch.
  * Added more switches on the 2 seater F-16s for more real life accuracy.
  * Textures updated.
- Fixed JFS Start does not work in all non F-16 cockpits. (r14339)
- Fixed Unit Flight's element for ASW, ECM, Recon and Tanker types. (r14340)
- Updated American F-16 CCIP pit avionics panel to the more correct panel. (r14347)
- Fixed RSAF F-16 IFF panel. Digits were not working. (r14347)
- Fixed F-16 Sufa cockpit. Changed from Aux Comm to IFF panel. (r14350)
- Cleaned up some texture misalignments on the night lighting and missing backlighting in some areas of some cockpits. (r14360)
- Disabled the MAP switch on the PXIII F-16 since it is not used. GPS switch now moves instead of the GPS and MAP switch. Hotspot updated. (r14360)
- Fixed Sufa Altimeter (6 digit). Was only showing 1/2 the digits. (r14360)
- Fixed ALS for Kimhae RWY 36R that had one element in the middle of the Taxiway A. (r14365)
- Updated shaders. (r14370)
- All Hotas Basic key files are now available in the UI Controllers Setup "Load Keyboard". (r14375)
- Fixed F-16 EAF incorrect AGM65G loadout. (r14377)
- Various Texture updates.

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Re: Falcon BMS 4.35 Base
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2022, 12:17:34 AM »
Falcon BMS 4.35 U3

Please find the changelog for Falcon BMS 4.35.3:


- Improved flight insertion according to take off time.
- Fixes a bug where the ATC was missing some calls in case leader was dead and new leader was calling
- Fixes Airbases not lighting in MP when player is not #1.

- Fixes BVR tactics for  AI wingmen of player's leader
- Fixes loops in the wingmen BVR tactics comms.
- AI now evades missiles in MP.
- Fixes AI not taking off from carrier sometimes (race condition between atccmd message and airframe).

- Improves alpha sorting (objects burning through clouds issue)
- Fixes lit objects (lights, sign and alpha lit such as building window) burning through fog.
- Fixes wrong object altitude computation for fog.
- Fixes glitch while chasing bombs in weapon camera;
- Improved sky fog computation, ambient color values, terrain fog distance.
- New sunrises and sunsets.

- Fixes tanker brain is storing raw pointer, which can become dangling.
- Fixes in weapon fire message when trying to shoot a flight of helicopters.
- Fixes if Harm is launched in HTS and locked target is destroyed in the same time.
- Fixes external padlock CTD while overGing.
- Fixes AirTaskManager race between simloop and campaign.
- Fixes HARM when accessing POS from HAD.
- Fixes sound CTD due to bad initialization.
- Fixes left over from previous frames which were not being flushed and caused CTD.

Serious bugs:
- Fixes a NaN in airframe fuel that caused aircrafts such as AN2, J5, MiG17 to become zombie.
- Fixes a deadlock between UI and campaign while leaving campaign;
- Fixes RWR not catching STT locks;
- Fixes deadlock of campaign and simloop thread, when campaign is doing cleanup and simloop is running SFX exec.
- Fixes sound deadlock in campaign.

- Allows head adjustment position with mouse while using trackIR.
- Fixes to look closer when using trackIR.
- Fixes ships engaging non deagged entities, wasting missiles and killing FPS in the same time.
- Fixes airbase repair, which was broken in U2.
- Fixes dying aircraft tracking with radar.
- Fixes Problems with slots assignments;
- Fixes airbases flooding when no parking PT available.
- Section line up fix.
- If all tactics fail, output debug showing what went wrong and keep current tactic.


- RTTRemote: bumper version to 4.1
- Fixed fuel tanks (critical).
- Fixed CTD in Tactical Reference: removed J-20 and MQ-9 from the TacRefDB.xml file (index not updated but that is not an issue) because these vehicles are not in the 4.35 DataBase.
- Fixed unit "MIM23 Hawk" battalions Element Flag: AN/MPQ-55 RDR is now defined only as "Is Target Acquisition Radar".
- Fixed E-8C being invulnerable in 2D.
- Fixed Flight Elements data + squadron store pointer.

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