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Title: D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 01/12/19 @ GMT18:00
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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Sunday Mission 01/12/19 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.


Dog_Day_Sunrise by unknown



Our allies in a village some kilometers south of our forces have become isolated during last weeks heavy fighting. They have constructed entrenchements, minefields and various other obstacles around the village to halt the enemy advance. So far their defence has been successful but the remains of the company holding the strongpoint (called Frog) are running low on ammunition and supplies. HQ have planned a breakthrough to relive the defenders with US forces and also to clear the road to the village for wheeled vehicles like trucks and ambulances. We also want to do this to show our support for the civilian population.

This is a joint army-marine operation with combat engineer detachments.


The mission will begin at 5:35 AM and you must be in control of objective Frog within 45 minutes.

Your army-marine detachment will move along the road south to objective Frog and clear the way of any obstacles along the way. The bridge just south of your position was destroyed by enemy artillery a week ago and there is a known minefield on the other bank. You'll be provided with a bridgelayer and a MICLIC unit with combat engineers to breach these obstacles (this team is called Warp 1). Further to the south there are various roadblocks in the form of steel beams, two of your M1's are equipped with mineplows to breach these (and to help the engineers with the minefield if necessary).

Using your tank platoon as the spearhead for the advance you will notify the following marine detachment to follow you along the road when you deem it's safe. They will be travelling in LAV-25's and trucks. There are two checkpoints on the road (line Silver and line Gold). When all obstacles have been cleared radio the marines and they will deploy at objective Frog. Use your M1's to break any enemy attack on the village but beware of the minefields and obstacles around the village.

According to intel the enemy forces are the remains of a mechanized company which has occupied the region for some time. They have BMP's and BTR's in various condition. They also have used mixed force of T-72/T-80 tanks but it is unknown if any are servicable.

The weather is expected to stay clear.


Player controls a Biber bridgelayer and M1A1 Abrams platoon split in two teams 1/4M with mine plows and 4/4M.

Engineer detachment Warp 1 consists of a M113 MICLIC and two M113's with combat engineers. Marine detachment Bulldog 2 consists of 4 LAV-25's in two teams and two trucks with marines.

After the bridge has been layed use your tanks as the spearhead to secure the road and to clear the obstacles.

The engineer detachment (Warp 1) will commence clearing the minefield using trigger 1, your tanks will provide security during their work, if problems should arise you could use your mine plow-tanks to breach the minefield.

When the road is cleared and secured you are to inform the marine detachment (Bulldog 2) using trigger 2 and they will advance to a checkpoint at line Silver. Using trigger 3 they will continue to line Gold. Trigger 4 is the final radiocall for them to move into and secure objective Frog.

Your M1A1's are to support the marines and help them stop any enemy tanks advancing on the village.

Objective Frog must be controlled by our forces by 6:20 AM.

Good luck!

Dogs Of War Vehicles: (in mission)

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** Notes **
SB Version: 4.161
Mission Name: Dog_Day_Sunrise
Created by: Unknown
Available at: Stock scenario
Modified by: N/A
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Largest command: Platoon
Smallest command: Crew Position
Mission Duration: 45 minutes
Minimum number of players: 2
Date: Sunday Mission 01/12/19
Time: 18:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here (
Teamspeak IP:
Room: Steel Beasts Pro

Player Skill/Ability:
   Complete at least 1 tutorial of M1A1(HA).
   Working knowledge of Comms procedure.
   HAVOC designated members and Red Alert.
   Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.

Manning list:


Any position:

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