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Title: Tacview is now available on Steam
Post by: Asid on November 06, 2019, 02:01:52 PM

Tacview is now available on Steam.


 Steam page (


You can use your existing stand-alone keys to add Tacview to your Steam library.

Eager to understand what really happened during your last flight? Tacview is a universal flight data analysis tool which enables you to easily record, analyze and understand any flight to improve your skills much faster than with conventional debriefings.

Existing stand-alone customers
Just add the Free version of Steam Tacview to your account. When you launch Tacview through Steam, your existing license will be available.

At this point, your Steam account will still show the "Free" version is added regardless of your actual license.

Tacview must have been activated on the computer previously.

The activation system for existing stand-alone users will be improved. In the future, on a new system you will be able to enter your existing key in Tacview as usual.