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Title: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on April 08, 2019, 09:58:51 PM

Fantasy General II

Fantasy wargaming is back!
Fantasy General II is the reimagination of the strategy game classic from the 90s! Armies once again draw battle-lines on the war-torn land of Keldonia, and a new generation of commanders will test their bravery and tactics against each other.

Product page  (
Official forum (
Game engine: Unity

Manual: PDF / Printed - Color
Period: Fantasy
Turns: Turn-Based
Unit Scale: Tactical
AI: Yes
Players: 1-2

Fantasy General II - Announcement Trailer

About This Game

Three hundred years have passed since the Shadow Wars have ravaged Keldonia and the world of Aer, and the struggles of the past have long since faded into legends.

In the Highlands of Fareach, Clans of Barbarian warriors have eked out a living in the harsh northern climate, constantly feuding with each other and raiding the wealthier Borderland towns. Fed up with these constant attacks, the Borderland Clans called on the Empire for help – a powerful realm controlling the land from the Scarlett Mountains to Cynehelm Valley and the Hoarwood. The Western Imperial Legion was sent to face the highland raiders, and with the help of the Borderland clans Iseal and Machnar, killed High King Brendan in the battle of Wyrm’s Pass.

A treaty was signed that forbade any clan from crossing into the Borderlands in return for peace. Since then, there has been no High King to unite the Clans, and they fell into quarrelling and raiding amongst themselves.
In these dark times your clan has been led by Falir One-Eye, a warrior of great renown. You are his son and designated heir, and you are eager to prove your mettle to the Clan Council and your father…


The Legacy
Fantasy General II - Invasion is the reimagination of the strategy game classic from the 90s!
Armies once again draw battle-lines on the war-torn land of Keldonia, and a new generation of commanders will test their bravery and tactics against each other. Fantasy wargaming is back!
The Battles
True to the tradition of the original game, Fantasy General II is all about turn-based battles. Lead over 75 different unique unit types, including powerful heroes.
Take into consideration terrain, weapons and armour, magical effects, morale, and the balance of forces, make a plan, execute it, and vanquish your enemy, forging your reputation as a savage war-leader.
The Campaign
Battle after battle, you will need to make decisions and develop your army. The young clan members will need to be trained, and as they gain enough experience, even the greenest recruits can be turned into champions. But beware: costly victories can be worse than a defeat… when battle-hardened units perish, so does their progression and experience.
Each unit comes with their specific abilities, arms and armour, and they can be equipped with magic artefacts you find during battle and upgraded with gold and resources that you need to plunder from your enemy.

The Clans
A confederation of autonomous hill-land tribes, who value their independence and will fight fiercely for it.
Field axemen, berserkers, spearmaidens, trolls and shamans, summon ancestor spirits and mighty elementals or train nimble stag riders and deadly werebears or recruit mercenaries from longbowmen to centaurs.
The Empire
The most powerful realm on the face of Aer.
Face the mighty Legions of the Empire and their magical creations from dragon cannons to golems as well as the Undead hordes they bring to battle, or fight harpies, lizard people and great dragons on your way.
The World
The world of Aer is filled with beauty and wonders. From the cold, magic-rich highlands of Fareach, home to the player’s Barbarian Clans, to the Borderlands with their fertile river valleys and deep woods where witches and monsters still roam free; from the Sunken Land, submerged through a great Cataclysm and filled with treacherous swamp and Lizardfolk, to the refined and temperate Empire to the South, home to wondrous cities and built upon undead labour. Your campaign will see you fight across very different battlefields, requiring variable tactics and army composition.





Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
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( (

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
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Come and talk with the devs on the Discord server of Fantasy General II


Great news, people.

As we get ready to show you more and more of the game, we'd like to establish a more direct relationship between the development team of Owned By Gravity and all you fans who are waiting for Fantasy General II (

For that reason we are opening a new Fantasy General II Discord server (! The devs are in it, and we will be notifying you anytime we post anything about the game. It'll be the perfect place to speak with the devs and with the community.

We will also be running some contests, and in the Discord server you'll be the first to know! By winning, you will be part of Fantasy General II's future, but let's not speak of that, yet.

Fantasy General II Social media:
- Discord (
- Facebook (
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on April 16, 2019, 03:23:34 PM
The Clans Younglings
16 Apr @ 2:37pm - Alberto   


We are going to start posting about the units included in the game, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are over 75 unique unit types and we intend to cover them all, so this is going to be a regular thing for a while.

The Barbarian Clans field both male and female warriors with different equipment and abilities. The Clans Younglings are wild warriors, adapt charging the enemy in an ambush, while the Maiden’s spears serve to break charges from other Clan younglings, cavalry or wild animals
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on April 17, 2019, 03:58:57 PM
What to expect next...
17 APR @ 2:50PM   - ALBERTO

We announced the game last week, and we were overwhelmed to see such a great reception! Lots of people wishlisted the game and applied to the Beta. We have also seen a lot of articles popping up on all major gaming sites, like PC Gamer, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamewatcher[] and more.

We are really happy to see a lot of interest about the game, and we are looking forward to telling you more of it. As we already announced yesterday, Tuesdays and Fridays will be the days of our weekly Units Focus, and every day we'll take a look at a couple of units. Wednesdays are also going to be very important days for Fantasy General II! On Wednesdays we are going to give you updates & news about the development, and we're also planning to post a series of Dev Diaries to tell you and show you more of the gameplay, starting next week.

In other news, Beta has started, and the first lucky testers have been picked and they are already trying the game and giving us useful feedback.

We read some concerns about Minimum requirements. Those are not set in stone: optimization hasn't been completed yet, and we wanted to receive some good feedback from our testers. Plenty of people have been testing Fantasy General II on Windows 7 on the past few days, so we're glad to announce Windows 7 will be officially supported.

Until next time!
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
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The Berserkers
19 APR @ 2:37PM   - ALBERTO


The fiercest warriors of the Clansmen become berserkers, who can gain magical abilities and go into a frenzy, slaying even the largest of opponents with wild abandon.
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on April 23, 2019, 04:45:58 PM
Thunderers and Stone Killers
23 Apr @ 4:00pm - Alberto   


Some Clan Younglings take up the safer route of fighting from the distance and take up the traditional sling, hurling stones at the approaching enemy.

While the sling’s range may not be great, Thunderers and Stone Killers turn it into a deadly weapon.
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on April 25, 2019, 12:00:38 AM
Fantasy General II - The first video dev diary


As we previously announced, today we are starting a new series of video dev diaries focussing on the gameplay of Fantasy General II (!

This first entry is about the general gameplay concept behind the game, and it is a good introduction to the principles and mechanics of the game.

Watch it here!

We hope you'll enjoy it! If you have any question please let us know on the forum. We will be back on every Wednesday with a new video!

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Post by: Asid on May 03, 2019, 12:17:34 AM
Fantasy General II - Dev Diary 2 - The Barbarians


Today we continue our series of Dev Diaries covering the gameplay of Fantasy General II.

This time we'll have a look at how the Highlands Barbarians will play!

We'll be back next week with a new video! As usual please let us know what you think on the forum, and feel free to ask us anything you'd like.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on May 08, 2019, 03:40:32 PM
Fantasy General II - Dev Diary 3 - The Empire


Time for our third dev diary of Fantasy General 2.

This one is about the faction you'll be facing in the single player campaign: the Empire.

Watch it here!
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on May 17, 2019, 12:38:24 AM
Dev Diary 4 - Morale system


Today we conclude our series of dev diaries by posting the fourth v-log: it's about the Morale system, and expanding on how it works.

We are going to be posting more about the game, so stay tuned!
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on May 30, 2019, 01:46:35 AM
A tease of Fantasy General II's magical soundtrack
29 May @ 3:10pm - Alberto

The original soundtrack of Fantasy General was really good. Plenty of fans still remember it fondly, and it was important for Owned by Gravity for the sequel to have music which lives up to that standard.

Today we would like to post just a small tease of what you can expect to find in Fantasy General II's soundtrack.

Fantasy General II - New Music Tease

This is but part of one of the tracks which will be included in the game's soundtrack. You can definitely hear the inspiration and influence behind this music, and it is one of the many ways the team is paying homage to the original Fantasy General.

We have asked the composer, Matthias Wolf, to tell us about his work.

My name is Matthias Wolf, composer and project manager from Dynamedion and we have composed several tracks for Fantasy General II.

We wrote completely new songs for different settings like the Highlands or the Empire, but also revised the "Dies Irae" from the old soundtrack in new splendour. We reworked the original, already very well done and beautifully arranged piece with modern sounds and have embedded the original choir recording, thus bridging the span of time between the two games by combining their creative work and ours. By using the original choir, extracted from the game files itself, there truly is a piece of the old game at the heart of our music and we have tried to carefully add a more orchestral instrumentation - always with the premise to keep the feeling and style of the original composition, which has been a fan favourite for over two decades.

Dynamedion was founded in 2000 and has since developed to one of the biggest and most successful audio production studios in the world including music composition, sound design, field-recording, live orchestra production, audio branding and music licensing. Over 2,000 releases of video games, TV series, trailers, and movies represent Dynamedion’s unmatched quality and integrity and we have worked on everything from Indie to AAA titles with the same enthusiasm and dedication. Fantasy General II was an interesting project due to its long heritage and parts of the soundtrack have been written by Dominik Morgenroth, Armin Haas and Matthias Wolf. The premise was to create a soundscape that represents the different environments in the game to create a fitting atmosphere, but also to give them a common theme that resonates through each piece. For this to work, we used actual historical instruments from Norse (for the Highlands) and Roman (for Empire) as well as Medieval times (for Borderlands) and mixed them with more modern sounds.

What do you expect from the other tracks mentioned? Let us know in the forum!

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on June 14, 2019, 12:53:21 AM
Fantasy General II - Dev Diary 5 - Combat System


We are back with a new video Dev Diary for Fantasy General II (!

Watch the v-log here!

In this video Jan Wagner, the lead designer for the game, expands on what his views are in regards of combat mechanics.

By watching you can see what choices were taken and how the gameplay has evolved since the original Fantasy General.

It is really important for the team to make Fantasy General II an extremely fun and addictive game, a worthy successor of the original. So let us know what you think, give us your feedback on the forum!

We will be back next week with a new dev diary on Magic!

Fantasy General II Social media:

- Discord (
- Facebook (

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
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Fantasy General II - Dev Diary 6 - Magic!


It's time for our sixth video dev diary of Fantasy General II (!

Lead designer Jan Wagner is back to tell us about magic, spells and what role they will play in the upcoming game.

Watch the video dev diary!

As usual, do let us know what you think on our social or on the forum!

Fantasy General II Social media:

- Discord (

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Twitch Let's Play series announced!
1 AUG @ 2:09PM   - ALBERTO


We know many of you are waiting to hear and see more of Fantasy General II.

Well, we have great news for you!

Starting on Wednesday August 7th we are going to be starting a Let's play series of the single player campaign of Fantasy General II!

Every Wednesday at 6 pm BST during all of August we will be continuing the campaign on our Twitch channel , with none other than Agrippa Maxentius as your host and supreme warlord.

Are you ready?
Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on August 08, 2019, 11:53:35 PM
Watch the Slitherine Let's Play! - Ep. 1
8 Aug @ 12:38pm - Alberto

Yesterday we started our very own Let's Play series of Fantasy General II on our Twitch channel!

Since many of you couldn't make it, we've uploaded it on YouTube.

You can watch it there:

Fantasy General II - Let's Play Part 1

Let us know what you think in the comments section below or on the forum!

We'll be back with episode 2 on Wednesday 14th August at 6 pm BST on our Twitch channel , when general Agrippa Maxentius will continue the single player campaign! Don't miss it!

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
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Let's Play! with Agrippa Maxentius - Ep. 2
21 Aug @ 2:44pm - Alberto

In case you missed it last week, we uploaded the second episode of our Let's Play series on YouTube!

You can watch it here:

Later today we will be live streaming part 3 on Twitch ! Agrippa Maxentius will continue his single player campaign at 6 pm BST!

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
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Fantasy General II to be released on September 5th!


The date many of you have been waiting for is drawing near: Fantasy General II will be out on Steam, Slitherine, GoG on September 5th!

The sequel to a true gem from the 90s, Fantasy General II brings a classic formula to the modern era and innovates on it. Prepare to lead the Barbarian Clans in their fight for freedom against the oppressive Empire. Make use of powerful and ancient artefacts, magical spells, side with (or fight against!) fantasy creatures such as dragons, trolls, golems, harpies and many more!



You will be able to buy Fantasy General II plus two special editions: the Hero Edition and the General Edition.

Hero Edition

The Hero Edition ( will comprise of the base game plus the following exclusive content:
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Post by: Asid on August 26, 2019, 05:03:45 PM
Fantasy General II - A look at the artbook


As we announced last week, Fantasy General II will be released on September 5th.

A special edition will be available, the Hero Edition (

The Hero Edition will contain:

Today we're posting an excerpt from the artbook, which will be available both in a digital and physical version.

The artbook contains the amazing artwork drawn by Dominik Mayer, the man behind the art of Fantasy General II. It includes all concept artwork and illustrations ever made for the game, as well as exclusive articles on all the units and heroes of Fantasy General II and background lore information on the game's world.

You can download the excerpt here (

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Let's Play! with Agrippa Maxentius - Ep. 3
28 Aug @ 9:41am - Sharon

Another episode of our Let's Play series of Fantasy General II was live on our Twitch Channel last week!

You can watch it here:

Today at 6 PM BST we will be live with part 4, join the streaming here: Twitch !

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Watch the Gameplay Trailer!
30 Aug @ 2:30pm - Alberto   


We are releasing a new trailer for Fantasy General II, consisting entirely of gameplay.

Our goal was to explain the game in just under two minutes. We failed, as the end result is 2 minutes and ten seconds... but hopefully you will enjoy it nonetheless!

What is FANTASY GENERAL II in 2 minutes

Fantasy General II is releasing next week on September 5th. Are you ready?

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Fantasy General II - A look at Skirmish mode


Skirmish Mode in Fantasy General II is a catch-all term for any map you can play independently of the campaign against the AI.

Map sizes, resources, army strength, budget, Experience amount and even speed can be determined as can your setting and faction. Want to play an Empire vs Empire struggle with hordes of Undead and Golems obliterating each other? There’s your chance!


We have provided a number of pre-generated Skirmish maps with specific themes and challenges as well as win-conditions, but you can always use our procedural generator to create them completely from scratch, determining the kind of environment you want to choose. From a mountain-less river plain to a number of narrow valleys surrounded by steep cliffs or a gentle forest region in the borderlands with a mysterious walled city hidden in the mists.


You can also determine the amount explorable locations such as caves or ruins and the number of settlements. Make them few and far between or dial up the number of monsters roaming the area for a wild swamp-stomp. Or create a mountain valley filled with Harpies and their minions, like we did with our Harpy Invasion Skirmish map!


And if THAT is not enough, you can go on and use our editor to manually create maps including enemy spawns, missions and even magical item rewards and other factors.

Skirmish will bring you and endless amount of challenges and gameplay fun limited only by your creativity!


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Fantasy General II - The minor factions


The main factions in Fantasy General 2 have quite a deep and extensive unit roster to pick from – around 30 units excluding heroes and thus there are a lot of choices to make.

But not every enemy or allied faction in the game has that variety – there are a number of minor factions on the map that may work with or against you. Players can gain access to them in the course of the campaign and they consist of colorful fantasy creatures that enrich the setting.


The three minor factions in this campaign are the Harpies, Centaurs and Lizardfolk – each consisting of 4-5 different unit types with a specific strong theme. While the major factions have themes as well – as described in our Vlogs on the Empire and the Barbarian faction- they are wider and more generalist.

Minor factions can usually do one thing exceptionally well, meaning they are more situational with a pronounced strength and weakness. Take the Lizardfolk, for example.


Encountered in the Sunken Lands, they have two major assets: Being amphibious (moving in water quickly and able to hide below the surface) and having magical attacks, making them dangerous ambushers even for heavily armored units .Thanks to their witch doctor and swift movements, they can really disrupt your army quite efficiently. They are especially deadly in their native swamp lands, but useful for any map that has a lot of water! The LIzardfolk have their own story and background stemming from FG1 and associated with one of the leaders you could play there and their own settlement types as well. Allowing you to harvest Liquid mana from raiding them!


In the other factions, Centaurs are heavy cavalry troops with exceptional mobility and bow range and harpies are flying units able to charm males or drop poison bombs on your heads. Each of these factions has a home and excels in certain areas, so it can support your main faction in a specific role or pose a particular challenge to your tactics. As always, they come with their own background and motivations as well as a role they play in the larger scheme of things.

Some even have their own heroes – such as the Harpy Queen Arylis or Tirea the Swift, proud leader of the Great Herd, who is renowned for her skill with the composite bow.


Lesser factions add new variety and a welcome dose of extra fantasy to the mix and you will meet them frequently throughout the world, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Post by: Asid on September 06, 2019, 01:12:39 PM
Fantasy General II is out!

Battle-lines have been drawn, horns sound the charge, war-drums make the blood boil. Magical spells are hurled and all sorts of creatures enter the fray. Like in the days of old, once again valour on the battlefield will shape the fate of Keldonia.

Watch the trailer!

Fantasy General II ( has just been released!

Prepare to lead over 75 different unique unit types, including powerful heroes, in a long series of exciting and diverse tactical battles.

Engage in the single player campaign, where you will lead the clan of Falir One-Eye in an effort to unite the Highland Barbarians against the mighty and wealthy Empire to the south.

Battle after battle, see your army develop as your units and heroes gain experience and can be upgraded, learn new skills and equip magical artefacts. Take decisions, choose where to fight, and recruit other races and factions into your ranks to bolster your numbers.


You can also play in Skirmish mode, in either single or multiplayer, and tailor a battle to your liking, choosing between several different game modes.

And if that is not enough, you can make use of the Content Editor to create your own dream battles, and share them with other people! We are going to release the Content Editor as a free update in the next few days, alongside tutorials on how to use it.


You can buy Fantasy General II in two special editions: the Hero Edition and the General Edition.
The Hero Edition ( comprises of the base game plus the following exclusive content:

- Digital Artbook (Physical versions of the artbook will be available and ready to be shipped out at the end of September)
- Digital Soundtrack (includes the original Fantasy General’s soundtrack)
- Printable World Map

The General Edition ( includes all the content from the Hero Edition plus the next two future expansions: Onslaught and Empire Aflame!

This edition is the go-to choice in case you want absolutely everything and you also would like to save on future content.

And there's more! From today to Semptember 12th, we will run a special launch sale on our website: all the available editions of Fantasy General II will be discounted of 10%! Visit our Special page!

Important: you can download the game after acquiring it by heading to My Page ( and clicking on File downloads.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on September 06, 2019, 01:20:55 PM
Also Available on G.O.G. :


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Patch I is released! (v01.00.07250)

The first batch of fixes is here!

Woah, it's been one hell of a week! Fantasy General has been out for 8 days, and we're very happy to see that people like it (Mostly Positive reviews on Steam).

As all the fans who have been following us closely know, Fantasy General II is a game which we mean to improve and expand. Last week was just the beginning of our journey, and we would like you to involve in it as much as possible.

Thanks to you and your feedback on our forum and on Discord, we were already able to spot some areas which needed a few fixes. We are now ready to release the first update today!

You can see the full changelog down below. Please let us know what you think on the forum, on Discord, on our socials or in the comments section below :) And of course, stay tuned, we have very juicy news coming.

Patch 1 Changelog (v01.00.07250)

New Skirmish Map
Added new skirmish maps: Battle Lines and Coastal Defense

The Gap adaptations
Replaced Longbowmen in "The Gap" (as Clan Machnar does not have them) and made sure there isn't too much Artillery. Now is your chance to take the Wall!

Lizard Tweaks
Lizard Hunters aren't retreating anymore and Newt chance of retreat is reduced. Should lead to a less annoying Sunken Lands. Get them lizards!

Berserker Balancing
Berserkers, Cleavers and Ulnar have more health; Berserkers and Cleavers are 'Fueled by Rage' (immune to kills) increasing survivability. ROOAR!

Loot Rebalancing
Reduced randomness of loot locations, there is now a clear flavour to every location and more and different volunteers from camps if there are open slots in your army.

We now grant and display mission rewards for some maps in the Battle Outcome screen. On Easy and Normal difficulty you also get a part of the gear of lost units refunded, making up for your losses.

After the Clanmeet
The decision you make after the Clanmeet now has a visible impact during your Borderlands part of the campaign (You need to replay that map for the bonus to take effect)

Thunderer buff
Thunderers now have a missile range of 3. Stones away!

Enemy XP Progression
XP progression does no longer scale with Player Army. You can now be better (but also worse) than the AI and paying for keeping XP is more useful. (Difficulty Setting still impacts XP progression)

Ambushers remain on their hex after ambushing and killing a unit. Discuss!

"Fixed bug where summoned units would sometimes have skills they shouldn't have (e.g. raiding)
Fixed bug where petrified units could still use free actions"

AI bugfix
Fixed a bug where the AI would not correctly evaluate the last seen enemy position and run off into the woods; will now follow/investigate hostile sightings correctly.

UI bugfix
Fixed icon and tooltip bugs in the display of artefact effects in the detailed combat previsualization.

UI loading
Added a loading indicator to campaign menu in case it takes some time to load all available campaigns.
Fixed an isssue causing savegames to not load correctly after a unit with a skill on cooldown dies.

Map Bugfix
Fixed bug where game is stuck in map "Clanmeet" when a temporary unit moves into the lake. Thanks to our players for spotting it!

Controls Bugfix
When cycling through units the camera now moves to the selected unit on the screen.

Load game UI
Allows double click to load a savegame.

Mirror Image Bugfix
Clones do not grant 3 Mana on death anymore and it doesn't allow to duplicate an artefact. Thanks for making us aware!

Heroes leaving Bugfix
Fixed the two game stoppers in the Empire, when Ulnar or Dolos would leave. Thanks to our players for finding that bug.

Disaease spreading Bugfix
Fixed a bug where spreaded Disease would immediately spread again, and again. Healthy!

Added more unit sounds.

Move below flying units possible!
Implemented a key binding ("Movement Skill") to select the movement directly allowing you to move ranged units below flying units or flying units above enemy units without auto-attacking them. Existing Users need to bind the button themselves!!! New users can just use the default "M" key.

Fix Corrupted Savegame display
Improved handling of corrupted savegames ("Empty Savegame List"). It will now allow you to try to load it and display all non corrupted savegames correctly.

Fixed various localization bugs.

Fixed various visual effects.

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Post by: Asid on October 01, 2019, 03:06:48 PM
Patch II is out! (v01.00.07404) – Content Editor now available!
01 Oct 2019


This is another big one: It comes with the shiny new Content Editor, a tool which allows players to craft their own custom maps and scenarios.

With it you are able to fashion your own maps and sculpting your own geography, quest locations, reards, enemy spawns, win or loose conditions and even proper quests! Those maps can used by other players to be played in Skirmish mode including texts and quest triggers you set up to create your own story.

It is a very flexible tool, and easy to use. If you’d like to learn more about it and its functionalities, you can download and read its manual from here (

The update also comes with a number of fixes and balancing changes. You can find the full changelog below. Speaking of balance, we introduced a number of Analytics which will help us analyze gaming stats during the single player campaign. They are absolutely anonymous and only relate to gameplay behaviour, and will help us with fine-tuning balance in the months to come.

We are eager to hear what you think about this update, and we can’t wait to see the first player-made scenarios coming out!

That’s not all, of course. We have big plans for Fantasy General II, and as you know we are working on expanding the game. Good things come to those who wait…

Patch 2 Changelog (v01.00.07404)

• Analytics - Implemented gathering of stats for campaign difficulty balancing. All stats are anonymous and game - specific only. This will help us determine the avg for non - scaling AI enemies in maps. Once we have the base numbers we will then do a beta test to test the resulting difficulty.
• Dialogues - Various dialogue fixes and rebalancing (Iseal decision are less punishing and/or more beneficial, Centaurs and Marcra can now be properly used)
• Mercenary Tutorial - Added to map 4 (Under Attack) and gave extra gold to hire
• Aura and Resistance bugfix - Resistances > 100% do not heal the target anymore; fixed a bug where non - stackable auras would still stack in damage calculation.
• Difficulty Tutorial - Tutorial added to explain difficulty change during campaign.
• Challenge Difficulty - Added new difficulty replacing normal, normal and easy are now easier; players who were on normal are now playing challenge, Easy is the new normal.
• Supply Skill and scaling - Removed Extra Supply through skill trees from adding to AI scaling if they are actually used by the army (so +2 supply but only using 8/10 supply does not reduce the enemy numbers)
• Sunken Lands - Into the Sunken Lands is less swampy and easier to navigate.
• Unit Cycle - Cycling units ignores and skips petrified units
• Easy Difficulty Buff - The new Easy difficulty provides a damage resistance teambuff to all player units. Making it even easier!
• Dragon Breath / Charge Through - Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck if the skill was used
• Bugfix - Fixed an issue that would cause the game to get stuck when stag riders tries to return to his original position after dying during the attack.
• UI - Various changes trying to reduce Chinese font memory usage
• Bugfix - fixed hiring Centaur Mercenaries in camp in Porikos
• Bugfix - fixed that units that are not part of your army provided you with scavenge/gold resources at end of the map
• Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused artefacts to disappear while mirror image was active
• Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck if a charm runs out after you opened the inventory.
• "Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused Blood Oak Bows to increase its stats while playing
• Bugfix - Certain story locations were permanently displayed as "unexplored" and will now properly display.

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Beta Test our latest patch
Tue, 22 October 2019

New balancing and non-scaling AI!

Our new Patch is going into BETA today and we wanted to invite all of you to help test it.
It contains the non-scaling AI difficulty and we need as many people as we can get to help us playtest this and see how the difficulty feels.

As this has been something a number of players requested, we hope you will hep us in making it work smoothly! We also adjusted Trackers, Berserkers and Wereberas and some Lizards for Sunken Lands! Let us know how you like the changes!

•   Pathfinder Aura fix
Pathfinder aura always works for ground units
•   Mirror Image Bug Fix
Mirror Image doesn't fail or win a map instantly anymore in certain scenario.
•   Game doesn't continue bug
Fixing a bug that caused the game to not continue after winning a scenario.
•   Bay of Kyrios fix
Fixed a bug where the option to make Marcra join was always disabled in Bay of Kyrios
•   Barbarian Balancing
Berserkers and Cleavers have less HP and less Morale, Werebears are now Flesheaters
•   Scouts Balancing
Buffed Trackers by making them Mountaineers (can move across mountains) and Live Off
the Land (no supply requirements)
•   Pegasi Balancing
Unmounted Pegasi cannot capture locations (in preparation for the first DLC)
•   Sunken Lands improved
First few missions are less swampy and separated swamp into smaller bodies of water;
water boots drop rate increased while in sunken lands
•   Lizards Balancing
Lizard Hunters and Witch Doctors get Speed 3 instead of 4; Petrify decreased to range 3
•   Tag Bugfix
Fixed a bug where summoned/hired units would receive AI tags if summoned/hired on top of an AI zone, leading to behavior like losing a map or not being able to complete a map when that unit died/didn't die
•   AI Scaling can be disabled
Thanks to the data we collected from you, we now added a fixed progression for both campaigns. The AI scaling can be disabled when starting a new campaign or during a campaign via the gameplay settings (same as you can change the difficulty)
•   AI tweaking
AI ranged units prioritize weak fliers less ferociously
•   Hide Army Bar
The army bar can now be hidden. see button to the lower left of your units
•   Animation Speed Settingd
You can now configure how fast actions are displayed (between 100% and 400%)
•   Death Bugs#
Fixed various bugs occuring if a unit dies during an attack
•   Visuals
Improved empire theme terrain visuals
•   Fixed bug with waypoints
Waypoints can't be used anymore to move over spiderwebs
•   Visuals
Changed entagled visual effect in preparation for similar effects to come
•   Fixed bug in summon skill
AI summon in fog of war isn't visible anymore if summonor is visible to player
•   Gameplay
Fixed faulty range display and valid/invalid target markers for skills (i.e. Chain Lightning will now display the correct target range as soon as you select the first target)

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on October 26, 2019, 11:38:25 PM
The Art Compendium book is now available


The Art Compendium, previously available only in the Hero Edition of Fantasy General II, is now available as a separate purchase.

It is a collection item, with 104 pages of illustrations and artworks from the talented Dominik Mayer, the artist behind Fantasy General II.

In the book, you will also find more details on the background lore of the world of Fantasy General II, on the playable factions and on their units as well. You can find more information on its product page (


Furthermore, the physical editions of Fantasy General II - Invasion ( (base game) and Fantasy General II - General Edition ( are now available.

Both editions also include a physical copy of the Art Compendium book, so if you still haven't acquired Fantasy General II and you would also like to get your hands on the book, this is your chance.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on December 06, 2019, 11:37:25 PM
Santa Claus is coming to Fantasy General II
06 Dec 2019

The guys from Owned by Gravity have been working on the new DLC, Onslaught (more info on that soon!), but on the side they have been preparing a special gift to all Fantasy General II players.

It is a brand new, special Christmas-themed scenario!


I bet you can't wait to test the Santa Claws units on the new snowy battlefield.

It will be released in the next free update, so be on the lookout for it!

We'll also have a special Christmas stream on our Twitch channel ( Richard Yorke will stream the new Christmas map on Twitch on December 19 at 6 pm UK time!

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on December 18, 2019, 02:37:36 AM
Fantasy General II - Patch 4 is out!
17 Dec 2019


Patch 4 is releasing today!

The new update introduces a brand new themed map called “The Defense of Castle Christmas”. Christmas is in danger, and only you can save it!

It will be unlocked at midnight, on Thursday, and it will be playable throughout the whole of December, until January 6.

The update also introduces a new game mode, Iron Maiden. With only one savegame available, this is not for the faint of heart!

You can read the full changelog down below. It contains a number of fixes, quality of life and balance improvements, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. As usual, your feedback will be very important to keep making the game even better, so keep it coming.

Last but not least, tomorrow will be a very exciting day for all Fantasy General players, so be sure to check for news.

Patch 4 Changelog:

- Christmas Event - Christmas is in danger! Only you can save it... look for a sign appearing around Christmas time!
- New Gameplay Mode - Iron Maiden. You only have one savegame and no chance to take things back and losing a map means you lose the game - finish the campaign or die trying!
- Large Creatures cannot be entangled - Large creatures cannot be entangled by spider webs
- Lances break charges - All lances and spears now break charge
- Multiplayer - Fixed various issues with multiplayer desynchronisations
- Multiplayer - Fixed an issue that caused a multiplayer game to not continue after deployment
- Menu - New Menu for selecting which campaign you want to play
- Performance Improved - Improved performance throughout the game
- UI - Various UI improvements and bug fixes
- Camera - Camera now moves faster the more you are zoomed out
- Frenzy Bugfix - Fixed a bug where frenzy status effects would behave weirdly when loading a game (or playing multiplayer)

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on December 19, 2019, 02:21:47 AM
Death comes from above in the new expansion for Fantasy General II, Onslaught!
18 Dec 2019


Armoured Giant Eagles roar in the sky and nosedive into enemy lines, while flying Night Mares spell doom for their targets down below. A Firebird screams high in the clouds, and a Pegasus-riding Transmuter flings his magical potions at the enemy.

In the war for Keldonia, the sky has become a battlefield.

Death comes from above in the new expansion for Fantasy General II, Onslaught (!

13 new aerial units are introduced, greatly expanding the original roster and allowing for daring new tactics and manoeuvres. Eagle Bombers, Firebirds, Pegasus Flamers, Monster Hunters, and more: you’ll have no shortage of options.

Deploy these units in the brand-new ONSLAUGHT campaign, where a strange dream leads you to hunt for the mysterious Book of Krell. The campaign has over 30 procedurally generated maps, from the abandoned castle of King Dragga to the Lizard infested shores of Eastern Keldonia, until you must finally face The Unspeakable. Choose your General from one of several heroes, each with different skills, armies and advantages, pick your rewards for winning maps and evolve your strategies: the campaign provides endless replayability. Combined with the new Iron Maiden mode, Onslaught offers the ultimate Fantasy General II challenge.

A bonus map has also been added to the Invasion campaign, introducing the new aerial units and a Barbarian Clan of Eagle Riders that you must help in order to gain the Giant Eagle’s support.

Onslaught is due to release in Q1 2020. You can join the Beta and apply now (!

Last but not least, don't forget that Fantasy General II ( is currently 25% off, so if you'd like to try the base game this would be the perfect time.



Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on January 15, 2020, 11:00:21 PM
Fantasy General II - Patch 5 is out
Wed 15 Jan 2020

We are releasing a minor update for Fantasy General II. This one mainly consists of some bug fixes. In the meantime the team is hard at work on Onslaught, and we can't wait to show you more.

Patch 5 Changelog:
- Fixed issues with "Living off the Land" not correctly influencing supply; will not affect existing games/issues.
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to disable all mouse input on certain pc configurations.
- Fixed an issue that allowed you to save during deployment in ironmaiden mode that caused the savegame to get corrupted.
- Fixed an issue where certain pc configurations would cause settings to not be saved and display wrong values in the options menu.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on January 24, 2020, 03:12:23 PM
Fantasy General II - Join the beta for the new Onslaught campaign
23 Jan 2020


From the devs:

We are about to start a beta to test the new procedural campaign for Onslaught.

The new Onslaught campaign does not only add a host of aerial units and new beast units, it also offers a brand new highly replayable campaign mode. The new Onslaught campaign mode tests your tactical skills on successive procedurally generated maps and allows you to pick your general from a roster of different leaders, each with their own army composition and abilities.

The campaign features over 35 different missions to explore, allowing you to plot your own path across Keldonia in search of a mysterious amulet of power. Each mission has been crafted with our new guided procedural map system. That means while each map shares core features such as general setting, enemy types and dominant landscapes, it will look and play different every time, yield different rewards and even offer different units and heroes to recruit along the way.

The Amulet of Power campaign provides you with a medium-sized warband to lead into battle, so you have to make the best of what you can find along the way in order to bolster your forces. Maps are more skirmish-style, getting you into action quickly and requiring less extensive exploration. Ideally played in the new Iron Maiden mode that only allows one save-game, you battle for survival against ever more challenging enemies guided by an unusual companion.

Can you lead your armies to the final battle?

Find out in our upcoming  Onslaught DLC for the award-winning Fantasy General II or join our Beta now and be the first to experience the new campaign. All you need is to do is own a copy of Fantasy General II and apply here (



Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on February 11, 2020, 05:53:49 PM
Fantasy General II is now available in Russian
Tue, 11 February 2020


The sequel to the strategy classic from the 90s, Fantasy General II, is now fully available in Russian.

The sequel to the strategy classic from the 90s, Fantasy General II, is now fully available in Russian, as part of our latest free update.

Take command of the barbarian hordes of Falirson as he strikes against the mighty Empire. Set 300 years after the original game, in Fantasy General II a new generation of heroes will clash on the battlefield and decide the fate of the world of Aer.

In the meantime, development continues on the first expansion, Onslaught. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think about this free update in the comments field below.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on February 18, 2020, 12:29:00 AM
Fantasy General II: Onslaught - Progress update
17 Feb 2020

From Mat/Slith

Looking at our Steam Rating for the past months, we have been happily getting a rare 100% positive rating from our players. This is of course the biggest compliment a developer can get and also testament to the dedication of the team and the constant communication with players. We have been taking their suggestions and complaints and adapted and expanded our game together with our community, with a load of patches and improvements. The result: Very happy customers.

Taking the player’s feedback and wishes (and sometimes demands 😉) on board, has also informed our upcoming ONSLAUGHT DLC, which features a campaign based on the player selecting from different leaders and troop rosters for a branching campaign of procedurally generated maps, similar to what the original Fantasy General offered.

We are blessed with a base of players who have helped us greatly with both Fantasy General II as well the currently running Onslaught Beta. The huge amount of variation in a campaign like Onslaught’s one is something that is impossible for a small team to properly test and balance on their own. There are endless permutations of possible ways it can go – too easy for this particular set-up of army, leader and selected path, too hard for another combination. Without our dedicated beta players, we would never have enough information and playtime to get it balanced properly.

For example, the ultimate mission for the campaign (Spoiler!) at first looked like this:


Notice how the blue player army (This one featuring Ailsa the Shaman and her mixed army of beasts and Barbarians) seems a little outnumbered?

Well this is what that game looks like after a few turns:


Obviously not the best result. But the reason is actually not only the horde of demonic enemies completely obliterating my meagre forces but a profound lack of defensive and missile troops that have to do with how Ailsa’s roster works. So balancing here is not only quantitative but has to do a lot with possible tactics derived from troop composition. Something only a real playthrough will give you.

Our goal in building the Onslaught Campaign mode was to create a succession of maps that would allow you a lot of replays and never feel repetitive, yet have your experience be useful still. One that offers enough branching decisions to open up plenty of new routes, yet not feel random, but rather tailored to what your preferences and needs in your particular playthrough are at the moment.

We did this by creating a set of “themes” and “areas” that the procedural generator then uses to build the maps, so there is framework of design priorities that will give a distinct flavor to each map, yet make it different enough in each iteration. Together with reward choices that are previewed, so the player knows what type of reward he can expect from a mission (like a unit, hero or artefact, but not which one exactly) and base his path on that, the campaign will have huge replay value – especially if you play it in our Iron Maiden mode, that – similar to Rogue-Likes- will only ever allow you one save, so there is no taking back any decision you make, testing your true mettle as a general.

With the help of our players, we hopefully will be able to create another experience that will make our customers 100% happy. And if not? Well, we will certainly try improving it until it does.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on February 21, 2020, 02:46:15 PM
Fantasy General II - Patch 6 is out - New free scenario available on Tuesday
Fri, 21 February 2020

There is a new update here, with special new content...

There is a new update being release today. You can find the changelog below - the most relevant addition is a new playable map!

Called The Return of the King, this new scenario will be playable to everyone on Tuesday at 6 pm CET, for one month. Why Tuesday? Well, let's just say there will be something going on on Tuesday, but we can't give any spoiler away now.

A look at the new map:



Patch 6 Changelog:

- Fixed localisation issues in Editor for Chinese and Russian
- New aerial units map available from 25/02 at 6 pm CET

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on March 07, 2020, 12:01:15 AM
Onslaught DLC to be released on March 12th!
Fri, 6 March 2020

New Aerial units and new Onslaught campaign coming to you...


Yes, you've heard it right: Fantasy General II Onslaught will be released on March 12th!

Onslaught is the first expansion for Fantasy General II, adding plenty new aerial units and the brand new procedural Onslaught campaign, in which you will fight your bloody way through the war-torn Empire which has fallen into chaos and civil war following the Emperor's death.

The Onslaught campaign is essentially a procedural make-your-own campaign: no playthrough will be the same. Pick your General from a selection of different Heroes, each with different skills, bonuses and available units. Then play through the campaign, facing different scenarios and reacting to events.

We have showcased Onslaught live on Twitch with general Richard Yorke taking up the commander mantle.

Fantasy General II - Onslaught - Let's play Stream with Richard Yorke

Fantasy General II - Onslaught - Let's play Stream with Richard Yorke

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on March 12, 2020, 06:05:51 PM
Fantasy General II: Onslaught is out!
12 March 2020


A new campaign, new units, infinite battlefields.

Fantasy General II returns with its first DLC, Onslaught!

This new expansion brings the brand new Onslaught branching campaign, a dynamic campaign in which you will fight on procedural maps and hunt for the Book of Krell, an ancient and mysterious relic. Choose the hero you'd like, then carry over your army in the 30 scenarios campaign. No playthrough will ever be the same.

Furthermore, Onslaught introduces thirteen new aerial units for both the Empire and the Barbarians and allowing for daring new tactics.

Find more information on Onslaught on its product page (

Onslaught is being released alongside the new patch, Patch 7, a massive free update for everyone who owns the base game. It is a rather big update, containing, among other things, plenty new units! Check it out here (

To celebrate the release of Onslaught we are running a week-long discount on Fantasy General II.

Starting today and ending on Friday 20 March, we will be discounting Fantasy General II: Invasion ( at 35% off, the Hero Edition ( at 35% off and the General Edition ( at 20% off.

Both the Hero and General Edition contain exclusive content unavailable in the base game, but the General Edition also includes the first two DLCs: Onslaught and the future expansion Empire Aflame.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on March 12, 2020, 06:08:30 PM
Fantasy General II - Patch 7 is here - New units and content
Thu, 12 March 2020

Onslaught is coming your way! With a few surprises...

We are releasing the update accompanying the Onslaught DLC (official announcement of the DLC coming soon!).

You can find the full changelog below. As usual, we'd like to thank everyone who took part in the beta for Onslaught, your feedback has been amazing and invaluable!

This is a massive update: new units, new upgrade trees, and of course it comes with the new DLC Onslaught, which adds so many new features and content.

Let us know what you think of this update, and please tell us what you'd like to see implemented in the game.

Patch 7 Changelog:

New Features
Onslaught - "With the new DLC the ""Artefact of Power"" campaign is unlocked. Brave a branching and procedurally generated, massively replayable campaign."
Hall Of Fame - "Scores from your Onslaught playthroughs will be displayed here, so you can brag about your vitores in the mead halls!"
Flying Units - Added a new unit trees for flying units to Barbarians (Eagles) and Empire (Nightmares / Pegasi)

Additions / Changes

Summons - All damage dealt to summoned Units is permanent now.
Winds of Magic - Maps start with a random 2 to 8 Mana in top of any Mana granted by skills.
Kill Chance - The modified kill chance is now displayed for all units when mousing over the health bar. Berserkers now have -30% chance of being killed (instead of complete immunity).
Upgradable Volunteers- "Volunteer units that join your side can now also be upgraded as they do not receive the ""cannot upgrade"" promotion (This does not work for volunteers already received.)"
Volunteers - Now start on the same level as recruits (Falirson's Drill raises affects their level as well).

New Unit: Skeleton Archer - Skeleton archers can now be hired/summoned by the Empire
New Unit: Newt Clubbers - A melee variant of the Lizard Newts.
New Unit: Fire Spiders - Ranged spider that dissolves a target's armor; charmable
New Unit: Hunting Pack - This upgrade for the Dire Wolves they efficiently guide your army around difficult terrain and hunt down wildlife.
New Unit: Spirit Wolf - This upgrade for the Dire Wolves is an astral assassin that needs to leech life to heal.
New Upgrade Trees - Empire and animal (like wolves and bears) units now have their own upgrade trees.

Trackers Buff - All Trackers received +1 Search range
Flying Units Buff - "All flying units gain 25% missile protection and +1 Speed, so they cannot be taken out by missile fire as easily. 'Onslaught' DLC adds several flyers that counter other flyers."
Floating units - "Floating units (Ancestors, Gatekeeper...) can attack flying units in melee. Spirit Wolves are no longer floating."
Doughal improved - Received more health to make him less squishy.
Ulnar improved - Is now utterly 'Fearless'. As he should be!
Werebears improved - Improved the underutilized Werebears. They now shred target's armor with their claws.
Border Riders improved - Can now retreat and have become a bit tougher.
Longbowmen changed - "Have no defensive fire now, but deal additional ambush damage when not spotted. They are now the snipers they were supposed to be."
Harpies changed - "Harpies can only charm male units with disordered or lower morale state, but they can now Shriek (lowering morale and shielding themselves for some time)."
Pegasi changed - Received more health but do less damage in the wake of the new flyers available.

Centaur Archers Nerf - Have no defensive fire anymore and less health.
Lizardfolk Nerf - Reduced damage throughout (especially Swamp Dragons) to make them less lethal. Added non-magic Melee Newt variant. Changed Upgrade tree to include Swamp Dragons. Lizardfolk Hunters are now Trackers and can retreat (again). We will get those Sunken Lands sorted one day!
Armored Slingers Nerf - Now only have infinite support fire when on Rough terrain like the other slingers. They were just too powerful...

Defensive Locations - "Defensive locations such as towers and castles gain additional Missile Protection, making missiles less effective than melee or magic. You can still bypass fortification damage reduction with siege damage."
Entangle Status Effect -"Does not reduce armor anymore, behaves properly now when blocking movement"
Fog - Fog provides cover vs missile attacks.

AI distributes artefacts - "The AI now distributes artefacts form its inventory at the start of its turn, so artefacts lost to the enemy do not vanish."
AI Reinforcement - Overhauled rules about when and how AI buys reinforcements. The AI will also buy a more diverse army and have a limit on certain unit types.
AI protects their Property - AI now dedicates units to defend locations that are important to it and different factions choose different locations. This means Ai now often keeps its conquered locations guarded.
Restore Unit Costs - Adapted the formula to provide fairer refunds.
Cost Balancing "Due to many changes, costs and upgrade costs of units have changed"
Flying Units and Terrain - "Flying units ignore terrain modifiers, fixes a lot of issues like Flyers receiveing charge breaking when hovering over a town"
Fated Promotion - "Makes a unit ""Immune to Kills"" thus becoming more useful for units with several squadmembers instead of heroes or thanes."

Invasion Sunken Lands Maps - "Maps ""Shrouded Coast"" and ""Glowood"" now also end if your raid all the lizard hovels instead of requiring you to wait it out"
Iron Maiden Achievement - Achievement for winning Invasion campaign on Iron Maiden added
Unit Renaming Removed - Level restrictions on unit renaming. Name your unit whenever you want!
Tooltips - Unit Tooltips now displays faction name and color; Health tooltip exposes the Chance that a member of the unit is killed
UI - Savegames can now be filtered by Campaign
UI - Tooltips can now be scaled from 70% to 130% of its original size.
UI - "Decrease/Increase font size (from 70% to 130%). This will affect several but not all text elements (i.e. Quest Log, Dialogues, Resources, ...)"
UI - Skirmish menu has been redesigned.
Art - "Added new texture variation for the 'Great Wall' in Empire theme, so it looks more IMperial."
Content Editor - Implemented Scrollview for all Tree Views in the editor. e.g. Save/Load Map dialogue
DLC displayed - Game now shows you which DLC you don't have and will forward you to the respective store
Multiplayer Clean-up - "Implemented button to removed a finished instance from ""Your Games"" list"


Mercenaries - "When progressing through the game, weaker mercenaries get locked and do not appear anymore"
Fear Aura - Does not stack anymore. Be brave!
Invasion Wolfhounds - "Fixed issue with upgrading them before their final event, does not fix wolfhounds you already upgraded."
Hiding - Fixed a bug where units wouldn't hide/unhide after Grow Trees / Wing Flap / Sentient Fog was cast on their location.
Memory Leaks - Various fixes to avoid memory leaks from starting / loading / exiting multiple maps in a row.
Mercenaries - Fixed an issue where available mercenaries would be refreshed after hiring all of them and loading a savegame.
Ambush - Fixed a bug where ambush wouldn't trigger for the last position the AI steps on.
Summon - Fixed a bug where hidden summons would still be visible to the user.
Camera - The camera will now center on spawnzones instead of already spawned units if you enter a new map.
Looting - Fixed an issue where summoning / hiring a unit onto an unexplored location wouldn't give you loot.
Ambush - Summoning and Hiring now correctly triggers an ambush.
UI - Improved UI performance
VFX - Raid effect can now be seen within the known area.
Savegame - Overwriting an already existing savegame does not require double confirmation.
Animations - Fixed skill animation for skeleton units
Bugfix - Fixed some cases where units were not killed correctly
Animations - Ranged units will not play a melee animation when attacked if they don't have an actual melee skill
Barbarians - Gain no Mana from charmed units on those unit's deaths.
XP Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused all enemies and volunteers to have double XP
Uncontrollable Units - Fixed a bug where units would flee each round after finishing a map in routed state.
Unit Movement - Fixed a graphical issue where units would snap to their formation position when starting to walk
Combat Previz - Combat previz doesn't show up anymore if there is no damage done. e.g. Winged Leap onto a an empty tile.
AI - Fixed an issue where the AI wouldn't move it's units after they have been released from an enemy charm
Looting - Fixed an issue where standing on a loot location while loading a game would grant you more loot. You sneaky people ;)
System - Fixed issues where game files couldn't be accessed in low access privilege environments.
Content Editor - Fixed an issue where the overwrite dialogue would be displayed behind the Save Map Dialogue
Skirmish - Don't show a gamename input field for non multiplayer games
Hiring / Summoning - Improved UI performance for opening the hiring / summoning unit selection.
Multiplayer - Fixed various issues where the game would show the incorrect state of a finished game
Auras - Fixed an issue where auras of dead units would still be counted during the next action
Turn Indicator - Fixed turn indicator in multiplayer. Should now always show the enemy name instead of AI and also pop up during replaying your opponents turn.
Multiplayer - Fixed issue where multiplayer would become unusable after 1 hour of being logged in.
Ownership - Fixed an issue where Summon Mists and Wing Flap would cause settlements and castles to be owned by the casting player.
Restore Unit Fix - Fixed an error which caused single unit troops that received too much permanent damage to drop to level 0 (e.g. Empire Siege Engines).
Charge Line and flyers - Fixed a bug where flying units would block ground charges
Shrine Effects - Due to an internal change the effects a shrine gives you may have changed.

Title: Re: Fantasy General II is announced!
Post by: Asid on March 30, 2020, 12:46:20 AM
Fantasy General II - Patch 8 is out!
27 Mar 2020 16:06


We are releasing the first patch since the release of the Onslaught DLC. It mostly consists of fixes to some bugs and minor issues, found thanks to the feedback provided by players.

Keep it coming, and let us know what you would like to see added or changed next.

In the meantime the team is hard at work on what comes next. Expect news soon!


Artefacts - Fixed an issue where savegames would become corrupted if you sacrifice an item in transition to e.g. a Blood Oak. Affected savegames should now be working again.
Bugfix - Fixed graphic bug if shadows were set to 'No Shadows'
Localization - Fixed a bug where the name of The Barrens wasn't localized.
Input - Fixed an issue where no mouse input would be recognized when playing a map.
Triggers - Fixed an issue where dialogues would be triggered during loading a savegame resulting in the game stalling.
Invasion - Fixed an issue that caused "Eagle’s Eyrie" to not show up in a pre-Onslaught savegame until you saved and loaded the game or exited the next mission
Minimap - Fixed incorrect camera position after clicking on minimap on non-1080p resolutions
Settings - Fixed an issue where "Command Speed" in options wouldn't reflect the actual value set.
Main Menu - Fixed an issue where the wrong campaign was visually selected after entering and exiting the campaign selection menu multiple times.
Bugfix - Summon Sentinel promotion is now correctly shown when Ailsa learns it.
UI - Fixed the Campaign Score Screen to display all text correctly when language is set to Russian or Chinese.
Scoring - Fixed a bug where not all results from the last campaign mission where added to the total score.
Dialogues - Fixed incorrect dialogues in "Return of the Summer King".
Bugfix - Fixed graphical glitch while a quest marker was active in Sunkenlands.
Achievements - Achievements for choosing different paths through the Onslaught campaign now require Iron Maiden mode like the rest.
Invasion - Fixed an issue where Tir would die to enemies or neutrals in "Into the Trollwoods" before you could get to her. This will automatically restart this mission if you haven't met Tir yet.