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Title: Seeds of Resilience
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Build a village on a deserted island, and prepare for merciless natural disasters! Learn to choose the right items, understand nature's patterns, use real medieval construction and craft techniques in this turn-base management game.

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Seeds of Resilience Early Access Trailer


Build a village on a deserted island, and prepare for merciless natural disasters! Learn to choose the right items, understand nature's patterns, use real medieval construction and craft techniques in this turn-based management game.

Shipwrecked on a desert island


Seeds of Resilience is a turn-based simulation. You have to manage a team of survivors and build a village starting from nothing.

Turn based

At the beginning of each day, every villager produces action time. Then, you use this time to perform actions like harvesting or crafting. When all villagers have used all of their time, you end the turn and start a new day.

Face the storms


As if getting food and a shelter was not challenging enough, you have to face relentless storms that can damage buildings, crops and the land itself.

Natural disasters

The islands are regularly strucked by wind storms, earthquakes and tidal waves that will give you hard times but also some kind of reward. Winds can carry new seeds, the sea can bring unexpected resources from afar, as for the earth, more ore to mine.

Harvest, craft, build



Patiently go through the steps of re-creating civilization. Start with a stone axe and a shelter made out of branches to finally build elaborate houses and mechanized workshops.

Inspired by real medieval techniques



We made extensive research about medieval construction and craftsmanship, as well as survival techniques. We simplified and balanced data to fit the game’s needs, while remaining consistent with how things work in real life.

Seeds of Resilience’s features

•   Patiently go through the steps of re-creating a civilization: Start with a stone axe and a shelter made out of branches to finally build elaborate houses and mechanized workshops.
•   Survive in a harsh environment where storms and other natural disasters occur way too often.
•   Primary resource is the work time of the survivors. Carefully manage their actions and optimize their skill progression.
•   Detailed building construction: Choose natural resources according to their properties. Use them to craft the materials needed to assemble a building.
•   Realistic medieval construction and craft techniques. Everything could be made in real life the same way.
•   Observe the environment response to human activity. Maybe you should avoid fishing everyday at the same spot or cut down the whole forest.





Title: Re: Seeds of Resilience
Post by: Asid on July 13, 2018, 01:32:30 PM
Survival Guides (

Survival Guide 1 – Wood Working

Survival Guide 2 – Shelter

Survival Guide 3 - Milling

Survival Guide 4 – Wattle huts

Survival Guide 5 - Metal Working

Survival Guide 6 – Stone roofed cabins
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Illustrated with the work of archaeological designer Francesco Corni.

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Vote for the "community feature" that will make next patch


We want to include the community in our development! Alongside with our planned feature for next patch (which is aim for August 2nd) we are pushing 3 ideas.
- Creation of a 3rd map, to improve game length and diversity
- Show skill evolution on a panel ingame
- Customize tempest frequency at the beginning of a map pick

You can now jump in on our public Trello map and vote for your favorite feature!


We started a new wiki here to explain the mechanics more deeply. It takes a lot of time and we only spent an hour on it so you'll have to wait for more! For now, we gave details about Disasters & Skills.


A bit of bad news we have to be clear upfront about. We know we kind of pushed the campaign mode (and it's still appearing ingame) but Gan is developing the game alone. We have to be really careful about where we put the focus. Right now, we mainly need better UI/UX & a bit of late game content.

Campaign is very costly and lengthy to do, so we'd rather cancel it for now.
Rotating the map is 100% impossible with our current engine & technology.

We don't want to spend several months making a new system to only be able to rotate the map!

We know those are quite important for you but at least we can give our explanation & point of view about those.
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V0.9 - The “Better life” update - Seeds of Resilience

UI/UX improvements
The biggest work in this update was to improve user interface and user experience. Let’s be more specific.
Clever harvesting and recycling

Harvesting and recycling stuff on the map is way quicker. You don’t have to select the right tab anymore! Say you are on the crafting tab and you just lack one branch to complete an axe recipe, you can simply click on a sapling to obtain a branch, and then click on the craft button.


Intuitive building selection
Before this update, selecting a building requires to close the parchment. Not intuitive at all, I know… At the time I made that, it seemed pretty logical to me, and I needed players feedback to realise it was not a good design.

Anyway, now you just have to click on a building and its description will open. From there you can repair it, recycle it, or use its special abilities like fishing.


Storage in a separate window
Storage is not in the parchment anymore, but in a separate window. Food rationing slider now shows in this window when you select the Food category.


Simple objectives for starters
In replacement of the sorry excuse for a tutorial we had before, there are now a series of objectives that should guide new players in the first turns of their first game. We’ve studied the things new players were often missing and invited them to do it in the tutorial so they cannot miss it anymore.

Later we could add long-term objectives that will be like achievements for experienced players.


Other improvements
•   A loading screen with a progress bar, displayed when you start a new game or load a save file.
•   “In construction” and “damaged building” indicators always visible on the map.
•   Waiting time for actions like crafting, fishing, working on a building have been drastically reduced (for crafting we went from 2 seconds to 0.15 second). So now this is nearly immediate so you don’t have to wait, and still this tiny delay gives feedback that makes you sure that the action was made.

Skills window
We asked players to vote for a feature (chosing between 3), and the winning one was a window showing information on skills evolution and unlocks.


This new building has to be placed next to an ore vein. It allows extracting large amounts of ore, which is essential when you start to produce metal tools. Using the mine is also quicker than breaking the boulders on the map.

In the same idea, the quarry is an efficient and nearly endless source of stone, but requires to clear a large area to be built. Also, as you can see in the gif, this will alter terrain.


We’ve got translators working hard for us this month! The game is now available in three more languages: Portuguese, Russian and German. The Steam store page has also been translated.
( ( ( (

I also worked on a tool that automatically finds missing translations, because I was always missing a few with each new update.

Minor changes
•   Woodcutting and woodworking skills have been merged, as were mining and stoneworking.
•   Cooking fish is now associated with the Survival skill. Villagers should now be able to learn Survival and Stoneworking skills (where before it was really hard to practice).
•   When a villager is level 1 in a skill, practicing level 0 actions will make it progress twice less than practicing level 1 actions.
•   Tree stumps are now removable with a pickaxe.
•   Pressing Escape when a raft is coming to the island will instantly end the movement (so you don’t have to wait)
•   Some buildings were showing material lines with a required quantity of zero. Those lines are now hidden.
•   Removed “difficulty level” in save file previews

I spent a few days on bugfixes. I wished I could have done more but we chose to focus on new features first. The interesting thing is that some of the UI/UX improvements fixed several bugs by just being implemented.
•   Fixed bugs that occured while loading a save (details are too technical to explain shortly)
•   Bronze tools recipes now really produce bronze tools instead of rudimentary ones
•   Screen resolutions higher than 1920×1200 are now selectable
•   Fixed workshop requirement tooltip
•   Fixed skill progress bar that was showing 100% before really reaching the next level (it happenned when the value was something like 99.7%, it was rounded to 100).
•   Several minor UI adjustements

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Patchnote 0.9a
Seeds of Resilience - contact

Minor changes
•   Balanced tomato, zucchini and spelt growth and yield, considering players feedback on the matter

•   Prevent quarry rotation
•   Replaced mining skill by stonecutting skill when working in quarry and mine
•   Made loading screen slider non-interactable
•   Discord & Wiki icons on title screen no longer appear above save/load/new game windows
•   Fixed stuck loading bar when you started a new game after having launched another one then returned on main menu
•   Handled corrupted save files in the loading process (it no longer crash the game, there’s an error message then the game returns to title screen)
•   Fixed loading bar that didn’t always start at 0%
•   Harvesting using a tool always consumed 1 use, even when the harvest required 2 or more uses. Fixed.
•   Fixed plants prematurely dying after reload

Title: Re: Seeds of Resilience
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Patchnote 0.9b

--- Bufixes ---
* Fixed error occuring every turn on Alpha Island
Title: Re: Seeds of Resilience
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Patchnote 0.9c

Bugfixes ---
* A building you tried to place on empty but not flat enough terrain would show green cells even though you couldn't place it. It now shows red cells in this case.
* Elements on clay terrain were not accessible (you couldn't harvest or recycle resources, neither select building). This has been fixed, and now you cannot harvest clay if there is something on it.
* When building the fishing shack, the fishing rods appeared before the floor under them. The algorithm sorting elements to make them appear in a logical order in the construction animation has been improved, though it's not perfect yet.
* Fixed repairing building not consuming materials
* Fixed turn number coming back to 1 after reloading
* Fixed next storm and newcomers delay not memorised when saving
* Fixed bug that allowed multiple copies of the same villager to come on the island
* Fixed a bug during saving that corrupted the save file (related to the quarry)
* Added saving of cells altitudes * Corrected translation ref on quarry details
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PROCEDURAL Update - New game = new island!
Seeds of Resilience - Tavrox

Hello (Insert random name.... oops) and welcome to the procedural update! We didn’t choose the features by random but sure got some stuff done this month!
FYI the game will be on sale from tomorrow (Sept 12) for 2 weeks at 20%!

Update summary
•   Procedural Map Generation: every new game, the island is procedurally generated. You can share seeds with other people on our Discord (
•   Storms Warning
•   Steam Achievements
•   Access hidden resources with CTRL shortcut
•   New localization: italian
•   Zoom In & Out
•   Ingame Shortcuts
•   More & More bug fixes !

Here are a few pictures from the upcoming content:

New game panel with seed display

Storm warning, voted by the community!

Shortcuts we want you to see

See behind trees with CTRL

Jump into the game and try out this slick generation! Tell us what you think in the comments or on Discord.

Next Month update: SEASONS

The planned content for next month is SEASONS.
The game will now have Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring like in real life. Basically, in winter the crops will be more sparse and the soil will become frozen. You’ll have to plan your game more carefully!

There are 3 features to vote


Minor Changes
•   Added “place stockpile” as the first objective
•   You no longer get chestnut when cutting down a chestnut tree. As with other trees, you have to harvest the seeds that spawn around the tree
•   Added Credits on title screen
•   Window buttons now toggle the window instead of opening them
•   Removed some plants graphic variations that were too hard to see (spelt, flax and cotton had versions with only a couple stems)

•   Fixed quarry no giving any stone
•   Fixed fishing shack repair cost being zero (in time as in materials)
•   Deactivated keyboard shortcuts during writing save file name
•   Set up the right sound when picking tree seeds up
•   Fixed a problem when placing several stockpiles rapidly
•   Fixed quarry/mine making game freeze when trying to extract past the limit
•   Fixed too long repair time by applying a logarithmic function on the original repair time
•   Fixed tree seeds spawning in water
•   Fixed a silent error occuring when trying to craft a tool while missing a material
•   Recycling a building now checks if there’s enough space in the storage
•   Fixed “return to main menu” button which was inactive when on the “all villagers are dead” screen
•   Fixed a glitch that allowed you to have infinite ore veins if you recycled and rebuilt the mine before it depleted
•   Fixed “villager affected to houses” count which wasn’t working, preventing from unlocking the Hamlet achievement
•   Fixed mine building corrupting save files

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SEASONS Update! Survive against the four seasons!
Seeds of Resilience - Tavrox


0.11 - The seasons update


This is it! It’s been a huge amount of work on our side as we had to draw an integrate lots of new graphics, so we have autumn leaves and snow everywhere in winter.
More, the growth of each and every plant has been entirely remade, to comply with the calendar. There probably still is some balancing to do, so please give us feedback!

Most trees and plants produce seeds or roots that remain in a dormant state during winter and sprout in spring. There’s also a seasons wheel, with a storm indicator attached to it:


There’s now a seasons wheel, with a storm indicator attached to it:

Read on  here (
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EARLY ISLANDS Update - Beginner islands + new proc generation criteria
Seeds of Resilience - Tavrox


0.12 - Early Islands

This update focuses on new players first experience, a side of the game that becomes more and more important as we reach new people. To all our long-time players: Thank you for your patience, we assure you new content will come!

Read on  here (

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Discover and help us test the new UI!
18 Jan - Tavrox   


Hello everyone!

We know we've been a bit silent those last months, because of Christmas but also because of this new UI. We took some time to make a brand new user interface that will allow you to navigate more quickly in the menus.

You can test it onto the public beta test branch, like this

Feel free to give us your feeling about this new UI in the comments here :) It's not 100% perfect and we'll improve UX over and over but most of the rework is here!

The UI update, unless there are major bugs, will be pushed onto the main branch next week.

Title: Re: Seeds of Resilience
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23 Jan - Tavrox


0.13 - NEW INTERFACE Update!

It was a long work, but it was needed! UI is now smaller, easier to use, with some additions like a report panel at the end of each turn, giving you more information about the well being of your survivors.


We also reworked keyboard shortcuts, take a look if you like to use the keyboard rather than the mouse.

Shells, crabs and frogs

Finally, shells respawn! A reproduction behaviour has been implemented: once a year, every shell “breeds”: it produces another shell, giving there is space on its natural environment, and there are not too many other shells around.


The same behaviour is used for crabs and frogs, two new animals that offer new sources of food.

Removed stockpile

You no longer need to place stockpiles before harvesting resources. Items will simply stay on the map, clearly identified by a white outline. Next step is to add proper warehouses to store all those items and protect them from the storms.


Minor changes

Now, Snow only appear on higher parts of the islands on the first day of winter. On the second day, it covers more land. On the third day, ice forms on the coast. On the fourth day, ice recedes, kind of announcing spring is close.

Balanced strings and bamboo amount required for fishing buildings and floating bridge


•   LOTS of bugs fixed by the new UI!
•   Zucchinis are no longer immortal, ever producing top tier vegetables. They die in winter along with tomatoes and other annual plants.
•   Snow no longer persist in spring
•   Tool durability and villager time updated every time an action is performed
•   Added missing translations
•   Prevented appearance of fake buildings
•   Fixed storms taking way too much time to finish
•   Fixed static tornadoes
•   Building rotation is now properly restored on loading
•   Firecamp can now be destroyed by a tornado
•   Fixed new buildings appearing damaged
•   Fixed old skills reappearing
•   Prevented selected character changing when zooming
•   Moving map with mouse sometimes didn’t work, everything is fine now
•   After 10 villagers, empty rafts no longer arrive
•   When all villagers died at same turn a newcomer arrived, game was lost (because for a very short time, there were no alive villager on the island and the game detected it). Game is no longer lost on this occasion now.
•   Rationing cursor position is now properly restored on loading


We're also proud to announce we're working with Red Bricks ( to improve our community link! You can now submit features, bugs and others directly here!


All of this was made possible because Seeds of Resilience is now published by Goblinz Studio. We're all french people trying to make good indie games. Goblinz has been putting money & efforts to bring more quality & marketing to Seeds of Resilience!

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March Update Teasing!
5 Mar - Tavrox

Hello there!

Sorry we kept you waiting because we needed some time to rest. Our main developer didn't get much vacation for the last months so we felt it was a good time to take a break. The team also wanted to think about the next updates carefully.

We sat down and you can now check our March Update on Red Bricks


Here are some core things we'd like to work on:
•   Better UX for Agriculture
•   Villagers with random traits,
•   Specific mission with specific challenges that will unlock some of those villagers
•   Sound design is being reworked right now! We'll ship stuff when it's ready
•   Optimization, still WIP but should be much better for our 1.0 release players in a few months!
•   Add a bit more narrative for empathy with the villagers

The core problem we'll try to adress is PROGRESSION! What do you think? What is the ONE THING we should be working on according to you?

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Post by: Asid on March 29, 2019, 01:24:41 AM
"Agriculture & Sound design" - March Update


The March Update is here, it’s called “Agriculture & Sound design”.

In this update, you’ll get to understand better how plants are evolving in the game. You now have small panels ingame and a better interface to show you what’s planted and when it will grow.

Edit : I forgot but we also tripled the FPS more lags, people!


You now have more than 20 sounds in the game that are creating a complete soundscape, and a natural ambiance which varies according to the season (and the zoom level!). We will be bringing a few more sounds and short musics with the next update as well. You can congratulate Antonin (programmer) & Jérôme (our sound designer) for their work on it!


Players also get new buildings and items for the late game, including advanced workshops like a forge, a foundry, a sawmill… Existing content has been a bit modified for balancing, e.g. fishing rod has been replaced by a pronged spear (some kind of rudimentary harpoon) and planks are now made in the sawmill instead of the wood workshop.

Have a good day and see you for the next update. We should give more information about it next week!
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"Traits" April update teasing
2 Apr @ 11:52am - Tavrox


Hello everyone,

The team gathered and decided what will be in the April update : Traits! Your villagers will get random traits that can help (or not) your village to survive!

Here is an example of a “character sheet”, in french (sorry, it’s our work language :p)


We also had great suggestions from @Botaxalim on Discord that we’ll be using, noticeably the “thumbnail showing energy on characters” from this picture :


and potentially more in May's update.

We will also improve and rework the “food / health / sleep” system. It needs to be reworked for the traits and want to simplify it a bit. Finally, we’ll add new musics to improve the game’s mood and finalize the audio part.

That should be all good for April’s update :) We’ll keep you up with the news!
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LAUNCH 1.0 Release on June 13th!
23 May @ 3:57pm - Tavrox   


Hello fellow villagers!

We’re glad to announce that Seeds of Resilience is coming in 1.0 release on June 13th. SOR has been in development for more than 6 years now and we feel like it’s a good time to release it.


Antonin aka Gan has been the solo game programmer on this project, with the great arts by Alexandre & marketing by Goblinz. Being the only programmer on a project is a GREAT task. We know everyone would love more features, more work, more content. We would like to give SOR a good 1.0 release before looking at the post-release content.

We’re discussing with partners to bring it to Switch or mobile platforms. If we do this, we may bring a bit of new content along with those platforms.



We hired a QA team, will be pushing the “Missions Update” and bringing tons of new fixes for the game on June 13th. Our graphic artist is also working on a new trailer that showcases the latest features. You can already test the “missions update” in the beta test.

Thank you to everyone for all the feedback and joy shared making Seeds of Resilience. Join us on June 13th to celebrate the 1.0 release of SOR :)


Love from all Subtle Games & Goblinz Studio.
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May update - Missions!
27 May @ 3:52pm - Goblinz Studio

May update - Missions!
There is now a mission mode which offers new challenges, sometimes in special environments. Compose your team and start playing! Completing missions will unlock new characters, some of them having really helpful traits in certain situations.


There are currently 7 missions, the first 3 being the new tutorial. We plan to have 10 more missions for the release on June 13th!


Ship building
Survival mode now has an objective: To build a ship so your characters can leave the island!


Bugfix and general improvement
As we near the release, we’re putting great effort into fixing all the bugs and adding small improvements to enhance the user experience. For example, you can reorder you characters, assign them to houses more easily, and there’s permanent information about your food stocks and how much is needed to feed everyone.


What’s next?
Seeds of Resilience will leave Early Access on June 13th. Until then, we’ll continue to do some polishing, and prepare new missions with various environments. We’re also going to rework the Steam achievements!

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Patch 0.16.14 is live
31 May @ 7:58am - Tavrox


Hello everyone!

The patch 0.16.14 is live and we're planning to bring even more before the release.

•   Fixed Spanish translation problems
•   Fixed a bug that was making items in warehouse disappear
•   UIScale is now applied on title screen
•   Fixed visual problem with tornado
•   Removed unwanted "notifaction" sound on new game
•   Fixed "poor appetite" food need reduction appearing as "glutton" on the food needs per day info bubble
•   Changed text showing "health has changed during last night" when health actually didn't change
•   Rafts are no longer overlapped by water (though there still are some minor glitches)
•   Fixed graphics of additional crates on Stardew Island mission
•   Fixed 2 storeys stone house which was lacking a plank floor
•   Fixed partially disappearing UI components on game lost

•   New sounds when game won or lost
•   Indication of how many villagers are assigned to a house
•   "Restore default controls" button in settings
•   Removed Awena's Natural-born woodcutter trait
•   UIScale minimum is now 0.6 so it can fit on 800x600 screen resolutions
•   UIScale is now automatically clamped according to the selected screen resolution (e.g. with 1024x768, the maximum scale is 0.7)
•   Added a text showing current and max health over the health bar in the character window

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Trailer for 1.0 Release on June 13th!
3 Jun @ 2:03pm - Tavrox   


We're releasing a new trailer to showcase the 1.0 release of Seeds of Resilience. The whole team of Goblinz worked on it, shoutout to Mathieu & Jérôme for the editing & sound design.
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1.0 Release is in Beta + Sum-up of all Early Access
10 Jun @ 10:46am - Tavrox


Antonin is working hard on the new bugs right now! He's sending out new bugfixes every day or two days, so please be patient with us :) We're still working out on the 1.0 release.

Patchnote 0.16.17
•   #Bugfix
•   Fixed bug preventing to place soil
•   Fixed blocking bug with quarry
•   Fixed modifiers like Insomnia sometimes appearing twice
•   Fixed volume control settings not affecting music (some FX were not affected as well)
•   Allow both types of fishing hook to be used in both fishing buildings

Patchnote 1.0.0 (only in beta for now)

•   #Main content
•   5 new missions
•   20 achievements
•   #Bugfix
•   Unblocked "cooked fish" recipe in 3rd mission.
•   Fixed stone house strength and insulation values.
•   Fixed a bug with wind storms

------------- EARLY ACCESS SUM-UP -----------

Also, I've seen people say the game is still not ready for a 1.0. It may be true, it may not be! Our opinion is that the game is good enough to be released now and we need to reach that step. Antonin has been working on it for 7 years and myself for 1.5 years, we think it's time.

It's fair to say it may not be ready, but here's all the updates we've made to consider it ready:

June - Upcoming 1.0
•   Loads of bugfixes
•   Fine tuning
•   5 new missions

May- Missions Update - 27 May
•   Players can now play 8 missions with specific objectives which unlock characters
•   Survival mode provide the unlocked characters and give new ways to play the game
•   Loooaddsss of big fixes thanks to an hired QA Team!
•   New trailer!


April - Traits update - 30 April
•   Random traits for villagers
•   Character sheet showing more stats
•   Energy Bar around
•   Bugfixes


March - Agriculture & sound design update - 28 march
•   Agriculture gets reworked and you can now see crops status!
•   Late game buildings added
•   Full sound design & music rework
•   Big optimization, FPS x3
•   Bugfixes


January - New Interface Update - 23 Jan
•   Complete rework of the interface!
•   Shells, crabs & frogs now respawn
•   Announcement of publishing by Goblinz Studio
•   Bugfixes


November - Early Island Update - 14 Nov
•   Procedural generation for islands
•   Modifiers that allow
•   Tutorial with 3 islands
•   Random villagers
•   Bugfixes


October - Seasons Update - 11 Oct
•   Game now has 4 seasons with different challenges and conditions
•   Lot of graphic work for winter stuff!
•   You can harvest and place layers, sand, dirt to terraform terrain
•   “Easy map”
•   Bugfixes


September Update - PROCEDURAL - 11 Sept
•   Island is now procedurally generated
•   Seeds to customize generation
•   Zoom in & out
•   Achievements
•   Storm Warning
•   ITA localization
•   Ingame Shortcuts


August - Better life update -- 2 Aug
•   Improved UI & UX for game sessions
•   Separate storage window showing you what you currently have
•   Objectives that teach you throughout the game
•   Localization in Portuguese, Russian, German
•   Bugfixes

July - Launch Update! - 19 Jul
•   Small bugfixes

Thank you for helping us on testing, keep the bugs coming in :)

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Seeds of Resilience 1.0 Release is OUT and a backstory!
13 JUN @ 5:07PM   - TAVROX


After almost 1 year of Early Access and 7 years of development, Seeds of Resilience is out now. It’s a 2D turn based survival management game where you have to make a new village from scratch.

A Story Made In Brittany

The game has a special story, it was born in a time where the environment was still a forgotten issue, 6 years ago. It was the kind of time where growth was the only thing people were interested in.

The team is made of Antonin Deudon & Alexandre. During the development of the game, they were also involved in environmental activities. They made survivalist trips together, where they learned to live in harmony with nature.


The graphic artist, Alexandre, has a main business which is making durable, wooden insulative material for the construction industry. He invented and built a whole machine by himself to make those materials.

Something in French you probably can't read but I found it funny enough to add it here!

Antonin, on his side, has started to make an eco-village. It’s a village made of around 20 people who is fully built on having a resilient, plastic-free, auto-sufficient way of living. His family of 4 will be moving here in the upcoming months, it even has an internet connection!


Nowadays, many game developers are concerned with the environment and wondering : are video games worth it for the planet? I hope we can see that like Antonin and Alexandre, it doesn’t have to be exclusive with other pro-nature activities people are making on the side.


Have fun with the 1.0 Release, happy game to everyone!
Title: Re: Seeds of Resilience
Post by: Asid on June 21, 2019, 02:48:32 PM
Patchnote 1.0.8
21 JUN @ 11:16AM - TAVROX


•   Terrain is now properly updated when placing quarry and other buildings
•   Fixed incorrect pinecone name in Russian
•   Fixed resolution and fullscreen settings problems


•   Locked crafts and buildings are displayed along unlocked ones, with requirements displayed
•   Added keys to zoom in and out
•   Added information text when placing or removing soil (water depth after action, impossibility to dig next to a river...)
•   Added objective "Build a quarry" in mission "Mining in the forest"
•   Achievements translated in Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Italian

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Post by: Asid on July 23, 2019, 01:27:04 AM
Announcement regarding updates
22 Jul @ 4:18pm - Tavrox


Hello everyone!

It's been a while without news so we wanted to give you updates regarding the future of Seeds of Resilience.

The game is doing good, and we're pretty happy with the current state. It's not perfect, but it's a solid experience for all future players. We will be taking at Gamescom with future partners regarding potential ports.

If we have ports, there will probably be a PC patch as well, even small.
If there's no ports, we will probably not push new updates.

IN ALL CASES, we will solve critical bugs that kill the game. We will maybe add a few missions. But don't expect much more, sorry.

Gan, sole developer of the game, is still resting and looking at how the game is doing. He's been working on it for 6 years along with Alexandre so they definitely need a few months to process the release.

We wish you all the best.

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Post by: Asid on August 01, 2019, 11:39:39 PM
Turkish language added
1 Aug @ 2:03pm - Tavrox   


We've just added Turkish language in the latest patch.



Also, Gan the developer will be present at BIC (Busan Indie Connect), to showcase the game in South Korea!

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Post by: Asid on September 23, 2019, 11:55:56 AM
New languages added to the game!
Mon, 23 September 2019


We are happy to announce we added Korean and Turkish to the game!



If you see any mistakes, feel free to send us an email about it!

A new update will arrive in the next month... with new missions <3 Stay tuned survivors!

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Post by: Asid on September 24, 2019, 01:53:23 PM
Seeds of Resilience is 30% off!

For one week, get a discount on this village building manager


Seeds of Resilience is 30% off! Want to start anew? In this game, you'll be able to build a village from scratch. It has 2 game modes : missions & survival. The missions allow you to discover the game mechanics at your own pace. The survival is the real challenge where you dropped in nature!