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Title: Tempting Fate
Post by: jhay on June 23, 2018, 05:36:04 AM
I have fallen hard back into RC soaring and flying (I could have a knock-out computer rig for what I have spent on RC in the past 9 months).  As to soaring, I have recently identified a delimma that is stifleing and suffocating my progress.  The joy of soaring is to harness nature and use natural forces to lift your $$$aircraft$$$ to the limits of sight.  I can do this occassionally with my foamy Multiplex sailplanes.  Radio telemetry has informed me that I have been at 1,000 feet and still climbing, whereupon I am desparate to get the aircraft back down to where I can reliably see it.  I have lost sight of one for more than five seconds,...and that is a very long five seconds.  I recently attended an RC soaring meet where the average cost of aircraft was probably $1,500!  The feeling of panic and desparation I had at losing sight of a $300 dollar glider almost choked me,  I cannot imagine what losing sight of a $2,000 sailplane would do to me, if only for a moment.  But I find myself shopping the internet lusting over these hi-tech carbon fiber spaceships. They just look soooo cool. 
So I just bought a used and beat-up Multiplex Fun Cub and am tempting fate by flying tight figure 8's three feet off the ground.
Title: Re: Tempting Fate
Post by: Asid on June 23, 2018, 10:17:07 PM
Hi Jhay

I know exactly what you mean.

Price can build up very quick. However the enjoyment you get with RC flight cannot be achieved by simulating it on a home pc.  :Wag finger

I had a model helicopter with all the best equipment. It was over $4500 flying in the air. I was cautious.

Price can be a barrier to enjoyment and progression. If the model is very expensive then you might feel very anxious when flying. You might do only "safe" flight.

I have a "beater". It is a model which does not cost to much and  if   when I crash, I just fix it. It helps me push forward to try new things.

Keep it up my friend