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Title: For The King
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Weave your own unique tales in a challenging single player or cooperative RPG adventure that spans across the realms. Trek across the perilous badlands, trudge through poisonous swamps, and brave the high seas in uniquely generated maps.

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Online Multi-Player

Official trailer

About This Game
The King is dead, murdered by an unknown assailant. Now the once peaceful kingdom of Fahrul is in chaos.

With nowhere left to turn and stretched beyond her means, the queen has put out a desperate plea to the citizens of the land to rise up and help stem the tide of impending doom. Set off with your make-shift party, either single player, local, or online co-op. Choose to split your party up and cover more ground, or stick together for protection. A sound strategy can mean the difference between life and death.

For The King is a challenging blend of Strategy, JRPG Combat, and Roguelike elements. Each play through is made unique with procedural maps, quests, and events. Brave the relentless elements, fight the wicked creatures, sail the seas and delve into the dark underworld. None before you have returned from their journey. Will you be the one to put an end to the Chaos?

Fight and die as a party in fast paced and brutal turn-based combat using a unique slot system for attacks and special abilities. Find and gather herbs for your trusty pipe to heal your wounds and cure your maladies. Set up safe camps or brave the horrors that nightfall brings.

Just remember adventurer, you do this not for the riches or fame but for your village, for your realm, For The King!









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Post by: Asid on April 29, 2017, 12:01:14 PM
Patch note 1.0.29
For The King - cyberswine

"There is no cloud. Only someone else's computer"
This is a lie. There is most certainly a cloud… and we’re in it! Steam Cloud save is now integrated.

Note If you are currently playing on multiple machines: you should update, save, and exit the game from the machine which has the save data that you want to remain persistent.

Also: communication is key! We’ve got a chat system now, so you can yell at each other in caps about who gets what sanctum. Or to strategize and what-not…. Whatever.

In addition: we’ve addressed numerous multiplayer syncing issues which should result in a much more consistent experience.

In the backed, we’ve made huge strides in a robust localization system that will permit us to push forward with getting new languages. Previous versions of the game didn’t really support it out of the box, so we had to refactor some stuff.

•   Steam cloud save support
•   Multiplayer chat
•   Online players can now move the camera in their off-turn
•   Server browser now permits selection of the region, and automatically selects the fastest ping - note for Chinese players: you must manually select China from the list, as the “auto” function will not work
•   Buttons now display if the character has an applicable elite skill
•   Initial assets for backer Dead Adventurers added
•   VSync options
•   (backend) work on localization

•   You can no longer accidentally teleport to the hex you’re on

Bug Fixes
•   Many multiplayer synchronization issues have been addressed
•   Online Auto save option now functions correctly
•   Destroying a scourge notification did not get propagated to remote clients
•   HUD Text was duplicated for each connected player
•   The “6000g frozen HUD bug” has finally been squashed!
•   Fixed an issue with saving and resuming while in a balloon in online play
•   Fighting a second battle on the same diorama showed blood particles from the first battle
•   Dungeon sounds would keep playing if you got party wiped in a dungeon
•   Colour of Pipesmith icon was different than the others
•   Cult Device ambient sound didn’t stop if you started a new game
•   Issue with orienting towards enemies when casting AOE or BUFF
•   When poisoned in the overworld: no sound was playing
•   Triclops floating arrow fixed
•   Sound levels of Thunder have been adjusted
•   Kamiik Boots item was not correctly configured
•   Sneaking and retreating between two side-by-side enemies resulted in a trapped character
•   Taking damage from enflamed/poisoned etc after death would result in a freeze
•   Focus points would not display past 6 online
•   Losing gold in a mini encounter would give gold online
•   Abrupt camera cut in dungeon during combat
•   Stepping through a portal did not snap the camera to the new character location
•   Misconfigured encounter in the buried temple
•   SFX - 1H and 2H Blunt Heavy Attack anim not playing vocalization
•   Bow victory animation not playing sound effect
•   Remote clients tributing a stone hero that they don’t have unlocked would freeze the game
•   Scourges were visible prior to locating them
•   Dying through a Shipwreck did not deduct remaining action points
•   Fixed some missing strings
•   Player Portrait did not show on MiniEncounters
•   Mousover tooltip for a players' devoted sanctum was inaccurate

Have a great weekend!

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Post by: Asid on May 05, 2017, 06:39:28 PM
Food for Thought: The Future of Chaos

Hey there FTKers! In an effort to keep everyone up to date, and keep the community engaged with progress before we release a patch: we’re going to try and provide occasional news, and upcoming design implementations that we feel will be of interest to you all. Especially if we think this will have an impact on gameplay, or player strategy.

With this in mind, let’s talk about Chaos.

The Current Chaos System
As with any Rogue-Like: there is a mechanical driving factor behind a player’s progression. In FTK: it’s Chaos. As you work your way towards your goals, there is an ever-present threat of encroaching Chaos that, as it increases will change gameplay and add new challenges. Namely:

•   Chaos hexes that add traversal challenges
•   The inability to revive characters
•   Scourges activate with various effects

Chaos can be incremented when a character dies, or when the time limit of a quest is exceeded. After the quest time limit is exceeded: Chaos will increment each round. As it increases, new ways to lower the Chaos are unlocked, or made available so you can mitigate the negative effects. These include:

•   Destroying Chaos statues
•   Destroying Scourges
•   Killing Chaos Beasts

What we’re after
We see it throughout some reviews, and community posts that some people feel too pushed by the “time limit” factor of the game. Telling a player they have a set amount of time to finish a quest, and then penalizing them pretty harshly if they fail to do so. We understand this, and we agree to a certain extent.

We know we need a Chaos system that pushes players forward - this is an essential Rogue-Like mechanic - but we want players to better understand when chaos will increase, what it will do when it does increase, and be able to prepare for it better. We want to remove the feeling of being blindsided by these harsh effects with little to no warning, and treat it more like a hunger mechanic in a survival game. That is to say; do what you want, explore, fight, experience, but you know you’re going to get hungry eventually so plan with that in mind.

We want players to know what’s coming up, and plan for it; so inclusive of changing how Chaos works: we’re going to revisit the visualization of the Time Line to make things more clear.

Why this next? What about Free Adventure Mode?!
Yes, yes, ok. We all want FAM. And you’re going to get it too. But this new design, and it’s back-end system is a prerequisite for it. Don’t worry: we’re working on Free Adventure Mode as I type this.

Final Thoughts
Chaos is the main threat in the land of Fahrul. It’s supposed to feel ever present, and foreboding. So we want to treat Chaos as part of the setting, and not so much part of the story. Our vision is always that you will be pushed forward with a sense of urgency, but you’ll be able to adapt better, and in some cases push back! (Albeit, not forever). We think that this simple, yet fundamental change will result in a more well rounded experience that will grant you even more opportunity to play the way you want.

If you’ve made it this far: thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for more Food for Thought from us here at IronOak.
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Post by: Asid on May 10, 2017, 12:46:22 PM
Patch Notes 1.0.30

Hey all!

We have a medium size update today with some great quality of life improvements in both single and multi.

Namely, something to really improve your quality of life in multiplayer. Inventory management in your off turn! This means you can now browse inventories when it’s not your turn, as well as give gold, or other items. Related to that, you are no longer allowed to take items from characters that aren’t yours. The end result is that you can work with your party members to consolidate loot and gold without anyone worrying about someone taking it all without your permission.


You can also now resume an online game in any player order. The game will place you in your original slots. If you’re resuming with some new people: it will remember who had what, and otherwise reassign new players to available characters. No more having to join in the right order.

•   Multiplayer: inventory management of items, and gold in your off-turn
•   Multiplayer: players can no longer take items from characters they don’t own
•   Multiplayer: a game can be resumed with any players in any order
•   Multiplayer: The options menu no longer pauses the game (we estimate this caused a lot of sync problems online)
•   You can no longer teleport out of a balloon, or boat

•   Entering Harazuel will pick up all party members no matter where they are (this is really a temporary fix until we make some adjustments to the end game)
•   Scholar +2 quickness, +4 vitality
•   Herbalist -2 quickness, -6 vitality, no Panax at start
•   Adding level 1 sturdy knife
•   Removed distraction from wild staff and evil lute
•   Removed splash on lance stun

Bug Fixes
•   Scholar start weapon now does 6 damage (was 5)
•   You can now use belt items even if you have 0 action points left
•   The Audio sliders now correctly adjust the right audio
•   Evasive enemies with resistance now properly resist attacks
•   The Thieves Armor item card now displays the right text
•   Fixed an instance where a remote player could walk on water after a failed encounter and cause a hang

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Hotfix 1.0.32
For The King - Jay-Nic

Just a quick hotfix to fix a couple long standing issues.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the “Whitescreen” bug where a remote player could freeze on the whiteout screen after destroying a chaos generator in a dungeon
Fixed an issue where accepting a sidequest could hang the game online

Special thanks to those community members in discord that were able to send us log files of the problem in action. Despite our best efforts: we couldn't figure out how to reproduce the issue, but with their logs we figured it out.

Smoke your Godsbeard
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Patch Notes 1.1.0
For The King - Jay-Nic


Hello Adventurers! JayNic here-

"Update! Tell us about the update!"

Ok... JoePlayer, I know it's been a while since our last major update, but with good reason!

We've got huge changes including a total re-work of Chaos, the removal of quest time limits, Localization (still ongoing) in 8 languages, and a tonne of fixes.

As you may, or may not know: we had an experimental branch (XBRANCH) where these changes have been largely available. This required some deep level alterations in both design mechanics, and structural architecture that necessitated more time to create, test, refine, and deploy. All with the help of our great impassioned community here, and in discord.

"Foolish JayNic. You have forgotten that many have not BEEN on the xbranch! How will you accommodate BOTH types of readers?!"

If you want to know the skinny on these core changes: I won't repeat the explanation here. There is an article from a few days ago about the XBRANCH. The specifics will be in point form down below with the rest of the fixes/features/changes.

"Enough banter. Give us a high level overview of this update"

This update is focused on giving players control. As with many features in our updates, we've been working on quality of life improvements. This one at it's core takes away the feeling of being yanked along the questline, and instead throws you in the world you're dying (sometimes literally lol) to explore and tells you to deal with problems as you see fit. From a development perspective, it gives us a great foundation from which to expand and add gameplay features in the future. Things like Free Adventure Mode couldn't have really existed with the previous system because the quest line was baked in with the push mechanic. In addition, we can now support future potential features like say - variable main quest lines so you're not always guaranteed the same story, or new random encounters that could raise or lower Chaos in unexpected ways.

"It's list time, JayNic... Fire away."

I have been dreading having to compose this list... *sigh* here goes...


Character Selection
•   In multiplayer: anyone can take any slot in any order! Giving you complete control over who gets how many characters in a game of uneven number of players/characters
•   Works for resuming a game too :)
Localization (ongoing)
•   The system now fully supports localization! While not everything has been translated by our external service: it's just a matter of them completing it, and us flicking a switch
•   Quest time limits no longer apply, and thus do not raise Chaos
•   Chaos trickles in over time. The higher the difficulty, the less time between Chaos events
•   Chaos in the Chaos meter increments enemy health by 10% (on Journeyman) each time (it's less on Apprentice)
•   Chaos in the Chaos meter increments the number of spawning Chaos Hexes in the world adding navigation challenges
•   Dying no longer increases Chaos
Chaos Reduction
•   Chaos can be removed via story quests, sidequests, and hidden Chaos Generators in each realm
•   There is one Chaos Generator in each realm (this includes the first act where the Generator is already made visible)
Chaos Generators
•   Each realm has one hidden Generator (except in the first act, where the generator is made visible in the story quest)
•   These can be consumed and used once to choose between: Knocking back Chaos, getting another life, cancelling an incoming Scourge
Dying/Sanctums/Life Pool
•   Dying no longer increases Chaos
•   The life pool decreases when a character is revived
•   If a character has a Sanctum, the Sanctum crumbles instead of taking a life
•   The life pool can currently only be refilled by finding a hidden Chaos Generator
•   A Sanctum will keep you from death in combat, and provide you some immediate healing
•   You can keep collecting lives beyond the number you start with
•   Scourges are not connected to Chaos, they appear on the timeline and activate over time
•   Scourges can be knocked off the timeline by finding a hidden Chaos Generator
•   Scourges no longer knock back Chaos
•   Mummy bosses now have elemental powers
•   Curse puke fx polished
•   Tier 2 cultist models added
•   Cultist weapons and attacks tuned
•   Cultist leader now has Chaos attack
•   Backup band now single slow instead of group slow
•   Jelly Cube’s AOE attack now only poisons (no hp damage) and does correct amount of poison
•   Lowered evasion for skelly mages
•   50% increase in rewards for act 2 and 3 mini encounters
•   Increase in XP and gold rewards for side quests
•   Added +1 weapons and special armor as possible side quest rewards
•   Gold and XP enemy drops reduced by 25% (to account for increased time/exploration)
•   Improved elemental weapon visuals
•   Fixed duplicate reflection fx
•   Small visual upgrades across all characters
•   Dead adventurer visual variants and drop refinement
•   Depth of field values tuned to proper amount resulting in a shallower depth of field on the dioramas
•   Scourge hats slightly nerfed across the board (to encourage more equipment variation in later game)
•   Added +7 speed to Baelyn’s Embrace
•   All ethereal weapons +1 damage
•   Lutes do slightly less damage across the board
•   Lightning weapons do slightly less damage
•   Tier 2 and 3 glass weapons now have small accuracy penalties
Other changes
•   Belt items are paginated. If you have more than 10 items in your belt: you can scroll through them with a next arrow
•   Character Immunities are now displayed beside each character hud
•   Main HUD update and new Timeline
•   Main quests and side quests that give XP now distribute the XP to all party members
•   Majority of spells and special attacks now guaranteed to afflict target on perfect roll. This results in more buffs and debuffs for players and enemies
•   Expanded player portrait area to accommodate for crazy hats
•   General ui visual upgrade
•   Damage numbers in combat are colour coded to match the damage type
•   Various handles that used to force end your turn even if Auto End Turn was off have been re-worked to respect the Auto-End-Turn setting
•   Some balance adjustments to the prices of End Game artifacts
•   Graphical adjustments to enemy portraits
•   Find Herbs can no longer happen more than once per round (prevents exploiting via trading hats)
•   Non-combat events in dungeons can be skipped

Bug Fixes
•   Players who do not own a character can no longer use the belt items of that character
•   Fixed a sound issue where a 2handed staff was not playing a sound effect
•   On MinSpec: the target hex underlay now displays correctly
•   Fixed an issue where multiple effects on a character were not being displayed correctly
•   "Lightning Storm" attack now correctly respects resistance
•   Synchronization issues resolved between bleeding/burning/fire effects across the network
•   Button Outlines for Elite Ambush were not visible
•   Various Grammatical updates
•   Fixed a bug where the Option menu used in combat could result in a hang
•   The Sanctum tooltip on the Character Inventory menu now displays correctly
•   Some buttons in a dungeon were not pressable with a controller
•   Pickup Party no longer takes characters out of balloons
•   Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the Boat port screen
•   Fixed an issue where an enemy who flees could still take damage in an AOE attack
•   The Mage Hat now respects confuse immunity
•   Character portraits above buttons when attacking a scourge did not take in to consideration Combat Support Range
•   The pipesmith mini encounter was not correctly rendering despite having the needed gold
•   Party Heal worked in a dungeon even if the party healer was dead
•   Fixed an issue where an incorrect character HUD would be selected when completing an encounter without loot
•   Game would lock if a remote client engaged in an encounter while the host was in the option menu
•   Fixed an exploit where you could buy a pipesmith upgrade for 0 gold
•   Fixed an exploit that allowed characters to use a teleport scroll multiple times by passing it off
•   Statues claiming to grant "+3 party health" would only grant +2 to non-tributing members
•   Poison graphical effect would disappear between dungeon rooms
•   Syncing damage from a Chaos Generator across the network
•   You can no longer Randomize a character that has been "readied"
•   Fixed an issue where in a rare occurrence: a party wipe at the end of a dungeon could result in a hang
•   Dying in a sea cave with a sanctum could cause a hang after revival
•   Fixed various instances where the "click to continue" text would show "waiting for remote player"
•   Glass weapons that break in MP now propagate the effects across the network
•   Various minor animation tweaks
•   Fixed timing issue on most bard attacks
•   Fixed fx on ethereal weapons
Known Issues
Well, we can't get to everything, and sometimes creating new things introduces new problems... So here are some issue we know we need to get to:
•   Localization in non-english languages. Some things haven't been supplied to us yet from our third party contractor, it just takes time. So you may see missing string here and here
•   There is a bug we're trying to nail down where in some dungeons: the geometry will disappear. If you encounter this, we'd love to hear from you and get the output_log.txt to help us
•   Overall Chaos balance. We have a solid foundation now to expand upon. We'll be working to add new gameplay involving the new Chaos system to keep things fresh, and keep the adventure agile.
Final Thoughts
If you're used to playing on Apprentice, consider upgrading to Journeyman. The game is still difficult, but less punishing. We think you'll be ready for it, and still feel rewarded.

We're really proud of this update, and we hope you enjoy it. We thank all of your for your continued support, and feedback. This helps drive us forward.

Look out for XBRANCH updates in the future if you want to be on the bleeding edge of FTK development.

Thank you and enjoy.
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Patch Notes 1.1.01


Greetings Adventurers! JayNic here.

"Oh JayNic, what's that all over your image..."

That's our Localization, JoePlayer! It means we now fully support, and encourage our international players to party wipe gloriously in their mother tongue!

"Uhh ok."

To select a language, just hit the globe in the main menu.


Also... not to brag or anything, but this could be a great tool for you to learn that other language you always wanted. Just sayin'


We've also added a shiny new interface for Battle Encounters to help make things clear.


•   Localization!
•   New Battle Encounter screen clarification
Bug fixes
•   A few minor graphical fixes
•   Fixed an issue where a sea cave would not pull in all party members

For the King!
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Patch Notes 1.1.05
26 July - Jay-Nic   
Hey everyone! JayNic here.

"Oh boy… what have you guys nerfed this time?!"

Quite the contrary, JoePlayer! this update has some great features and balance changes that are very player friendly

"So you didn’t screw with my Party Heal?"

In addition to the balance changes, we’ve added a highly required feature. The ability to see Town Menus in your off turn! As long as you have discovered a town: the menu can be opened, and viewed. This even works in multiplayer! No more having to read through items to your allies! Just shift-click to open the Town Menu. It doesn’t work for Dungeon Merchants, or random encounter Merchants yet: but we’ll get there.

We’ve also got Map Markers! Ping a location by holding ”M” and Click and you’ll drop a marker for your team to see.


Another nice to have feature is that we now treat Gold as an item. It gets it’s own item card, and now permits you to automatically share the gold amongst the applicable party members.


Oh… and check this out


"Wait… did you just..?"

Oh yeah… That’s right. You can now use an item during combat and attack! You can’t say we don’t love you.


•   Item use in combat doesn’t take a turn! You can use an item and attack afterwards. This applies to all items except for Orbs.
•   Inns and Safe camps now give 70% of character max health instead of static amounts (more health in late game)
•   Herb, consumable, and town service costs scale more slowly, resulting in cheaper prices in later acts
•   Later stage enemies drop slightly more gold on average
•   The Town Menus can now be viewed off turn. This includes in multiplayer, and even if you’re not in town.
•   Map Markers! Hold “M” and click to place a marker - even in the off turn
•   The overall HP Curve of all characters is now increased: resulting in more health for late game characters
•   Sharing Gold: when collecting gold, the gold appears as an item card, and allows you to share it immediately between party members or take it. Gold multipliers apply here so chose Share or Collect appropriately!
•   Gold multiplier slightly reduced across all Lutes
•   Side quests that give XP will now give XP to all party members if applicable to increase their value
•   Crit logic has been redesigned. All attack types can now crit at a base chance of 5%. Certain weapons like knives and daggers have a +5% crit chance. The same logic applies to both players and enemies.
•   Justice skill now works on any two handed melee weapon, and can proc on all attack types
•   The Hunter’s Called Shot now always results in a crit
•   Golden Bow now has Support Range
•   Wild Mages do 20% more damage
•   Localization improvements (thanks to everyone who helped out, we’re getting there!)
•   Killer Bee now does level 2 poison attack
•   Chaos Hounds -5 damage and -5% speed
•   Encourage removed from Royal Droll Hat
•   Volcano Hat now +3 magic damage
•   Item sharing between characters now respects daisy chaining automatically. No more middle man!
•   Dropstone now has more goods for sale on average
•   Finally entered the future and got a 21:9 monitor. Expect ongoing improvements for this aspect ratio.
•   Vampire Bats and Blood Birds now have Vampiric Attack which regens their health
•   Added several more Dead Adventurers
•   Orbs now have proper icons
•   Small tweaks and polish to physics and ragdolls

Bug fixes
•   The Restoration spell functions correctly in multiplayer
•   Mislabelled encyclopaedia page
•   Fixed an issue where dieing in a sea cave with no lives would cause a hang
•   Scourge Encounter Cards now show who is in combat regardless of what realm they’re in
•   Two Retrieval quests from the same location will now correctly give both items
•   The Life Pool increases correctly
•   Reflecting an attack now negates the status of the attack if any
•   Finding an herb notification no longer appears twice
•   Fixed a bug where the game would progress in a turn if the game was resumed on the first characters turn
•   various localization bugs
•   Fixed the text size of many item/lore entries that were overflowing
•   Resuming a game in a dungeon with a dead character would show an empty Revive Encounter screen
•   Dieing at the end of a dungeon with all characters could cause a game hang
•   Fixed an issue to ensure that characters with high speeds will get TWO attacks at the start of combat (on surprise attack, and one regular)
•   In some occurrences: beating Vexor may have caused dead characters to get revived, and the game to continue
•   If Chaos reached full while not in proximity of land: the game could hang if attempting to spawn the Chaos Tower or Beast
•   CONTROLLER: the Controller now will recognize if it is disconnected, and attempt to reinitialize when reconnected
•   Fixed Crypt camera bug
•   Fixed text box overflow issues for certain languages *cough*German*cough*
•   Fixed enemy AI bug in online games that was causing some enemies to repeat attacks

For the King!
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New Game Mode in XBRANCH available!
24 August

Exciting news, Adventurers!

"Wait... new game mode - do you mean...."


Oh yes, JoePlayer! The long awaited iteration of our Adventure mode (aka Free Adventure Mode) is available on the XBRANCH! (For information on how to get it, skip to the end of the post)

For those that don't know: Adventure Mode is a game mode where we're basically just free of the narrative of the story. It's something we've promised, and hinted at for quite some time - and now we're delivering.

"So after all this time: wtf IS Adventure Mode?"

Good question. If you've been in the community for a while, you've seen some posts hidden in the nooks and crannies of the discussions forum, or discord channel about various features of "Free Adventure Mode." Many of which are vague, or just suffer from the ol' "telephone game" syndrome. We're happy to have some concrete features down, ready to be played.

XBRANCH Adventure Mode Features
In terms of features in our first Experimental implementation, we have the following. NOTE this is the first iteration, and features will change and expand or contract as your feedback rolls in.

•   No narrative
•   Open exploration
•   Light Chaos
•   All towns (quests/markets) refresh each morning
•   Remaining dungeons level up as others are completed
•   Random starting town

Experimental means Experimental

"Yes yes... Early Access, in Experimental branch - you've told us this before"

Yes, I know. But it's important to re-iterate it. Adventure Mode required us to make some very low level, but much needed, and ultimately very good deep system changes to unhook all kinds of things to make it possible. We started this months ago with the new Chaos system changes, and the removal of quest time limits.

"Right, you did mention that back then..."

Yes! See?! Proof I'm not just making this stuff up. That being said:
There will be bugs. That's why we need your help! And on that note: we've made it SUPER EASY to submit bugs as you encounter them! You can submit it directly in game via the Main Menu, or clicking down near the Version display in the bottom left.

This opens up a form with simple inputs for you to fill out.


Previously: we had to get you to send us emails with save files, and log files and screenshots. Now: the system automatically grabs your logs, save files and even take a screenshot for us! You just tell us what happened, and whatever detail you can provide, and we do the rest.

Your bug reports are invaluable to us. We're not a big team, and we rely on the input and reports from the community. That's why we devoted time to this feature, to make it easier on all of us.

How to get on the XBRANCH
We use the XBRANCH to push out experimental features when we need front line feedback during development from committed community members.

You can get it right away without a password. Just select the xbranch in the Betas tab of the game properties in Steam


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Patch Notes 1.1.17


Adventure Awaits!

"Adventure mode is here?!"

Oh yes Joe Player, we’ve been tirelessly working away on Adventure Mode with great feedback, and bug reports. Adding things, changing game mechanics, and refining the whole game. It’s not been without major trials, but we’ve made amazing progress to a more feature rich experience for everyone.


f you’ve been testing it out on XBRANCH you’ll be familiar with how it works. For those who haven’t: you’ll be excited to see that now you can roam the Realm and fight baddies, and clear dungeons without the narrative directing you. If you are on XBRANCH: you can migrate back to main. This is now the most up to date build.

"So is it everything we dreamed?"

Wow. Way to put me on the spot, Joe Player... It’s fun, open, playable, and beatable. The world refreshes and updates as you progress through it, level, and complete objectives. But we’re not done. There’s still more to do to add some new events, and a richer experience. The cool part is that now these new events and features will be able to seamlessly fit into both the Story Mode and Adventure Mode.

In addition to Adventure Mode: we’ve also added a bunch of other things (full list as always is below). A whole new dungeon, The Mage Dungeon is now available in Adventure Mode.


"Somewhere new I can crawl into and get party wiped!"

Bit of a bleak outlook, there Joe Player... Also a handy little quality of life feature is the display of hexes that you haven’t yet explored.


"I don’t know where I’m going, but at least I’ll know where I’ve been."

That’s the idea…
Oh yeah, this is also a thing:


There’s a new playable Challenge Character to unlock. Before you ask: when you unlock him/her: you’ll know it. It should be noted that as of right now: the character can only be unlocked in Single Player (Story or Adventure) - but this is not permanent design.

Oh, and for those who are interested: we’ve also upgraded to the newest version of Unity. Many players have reported great performance increases, and we even experience it while developing!

"Enough banter! To the list!"

Features / Changes
•   Adventure Mode! Save the realm without a narrative by starting in a random town
•   Adventure mode has light Chaos, no narrative, unstructured progression and exploration. Your goal is to simply clear all dungeons
•   As you defeat dungeons in Adventure Mode: the remaining dungeons level up
•   Adventure mode towns refresh their quests and markets each morning
•   New unlockable character. When you unlock it: you’ll know it.
•   Mage Dungeon added
•   Flooded Crypt added
•   Goblin enemies with chance to drop special goblin loot added
•   Gnoll enemies added
•   Quarterstaff and Spiked pole weapons added
•   Dungeons now have unique different types of doors (wood, stone, metal, magic) that have different attributes
•   Chaos Knight boss added to Free Adventure
•   Inspire changed to potentially affect only linked players
•   Enemies will not Scare if there is no valid hex to run to
•   Enemies will not try to stun already stunned players
•   Adjusted Wheel Of Death carnival game result set
•   Player select will not show Characters unrevealed in Lore Store
•   The Player Hud now stays in the same place - no scrolling. Characters still randomize their positions in battle
•   Both Adventure Mode and Story Mode now allow you to continue playing after you beat the game
•   Clicking on Quest GPS marker will pan camera to center it
•   Path Finding will avoid Enemies if possible
•   Player HUD glow added for current player
•   General UI polish
•   Polish pass on several combat FX
•   In game Bug Reporting. Click the button near the version in the bottom left at any time

Bug Fixes
•   Teleporting to near hidden POI will reveal it
•   Dungeon Trap freeze bug fixed
•   Changing resolution now correctly updates the selected resolution
•   Mac OSX cloud save now works correctly
•   Lock cursor correctly respects new aspect ratio after resolution change (the “I can't move my mouse here” bug)
•   The Caustic Ink now functions correctly on turn 0 (buys you one more round you were owed)
•   Several Localization errors fixed (STR_someThing)
•   Thief's Delight consumable now consumes after use
•   Razor Pole Arm is now held correctly by characters
•   The Chaos Blade is now held correctly by Characters
•   Fixed issues involving fleeing and game hangs
•   On Apprentice difficulty: character stats now cap 95 as intended
•   Fixed a bug where some players would experience not being able to pass the intro splash screen if their controller was not neutral

Engine Features
Most of the work to get Adventure Mode was related to major system redesign. Both Colby and Dave have been working hard on restructuring, and refactoring legacy systems to make this work. We’re very proud of this: so I’ve decided to add this as it’s own section.
•   Upgraded to newest version of Unity!
•   New Game Definition system which drives all current and future game mode mechanics. Understands the difference between story mode, and adventure mode easily
•   New Progression system which moderates the challenge curve for all game modes
•   Revised Encounter spawn logic to allow for more variety in your random event encounters
•   Migrated all slot outputs to dynamic values

Bug Reporting has gotten WAY easier
Because we’re a small team, we don’t have the luxury of a hive of bug hunters cramming away. We need reports from players like you so we can make the game better for things we just didn’t anticipate. With that in mind: you can now simple click the “bug button” down in the lower left next to the version number. This gathers hardware specs, logs, the save file, and even takes a screenshot of what’s on screen at the moment then sends it to us.


Find the bug, click the button, fill out a simple form (so we know what data to send): and then submit! We’ll email you back if we need more info. We will never use your email addresses for marketing, or selling or anything other than getting in touch related to bug reports.

Thanks Everyone!
We’re so deeply grateful for everyone’s continued support. We thrive on your experiences, feedback, and comments. We look forward to continuing to develop and grow the product with you all.

IronOak Games
Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on September 01, 2017, 04:09:01 PM
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Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on October 20, 2017, 09:24:27 PM
Patch Notes 1.1.26
For The King - Jay-Nic


Hey everyone! Welcome to v1.1.26!

"What have you got for us today, JayNic?"

Well, JoePlayer, we've got a nice meaty upgrade with so many quality of life enhancements, improvements, and polish. We're really excited to get this one out, as it addresses a lot of things that we've been putting off for quite some time. Of course there's new balance, and features too.

I'll start with some explanation of key changes, and as always: will end with a list of everything.

SAVE SLOTS and a whole new save system
That's right. You wanted it. You got it. You can now save, and resume any number of games you want. Now for those of you who like to play with many different friends, or just have more than one run going at a time: you can do it. No restrictions.


In the immortal words of Billy Mays: "But wait, there's more!"

"May he rest in peace"

We didn't stop there. We've now made the idea of online versus single player totally interchangeable when it comes to saved games. You can resume an online game in single player, or host your single player game online with just a simple click.


Ok, so not much to explain here, but it's a key feature for lots of players, so I wanted to highlight it.

"I can finally numerically prove that I'm better than some of my friends!"

I mean, sure. If you wanna look at it that way.

Weapon Item Card Info
Sure, those spells in that book have a bunch of pretty names, but you have no idea what they do? Well wonder no longer! Now you can toggle between the front and back of the weapon and see all the attacks, and relevant information to help you decide the eternal question: equip or sell.


"Oooh handy, but what key do I press for that?!"

Good question, JoePlayer - and that leads me to our next feature

Bindable Keys
Yes. No more must your precious gamers fingers suffer the interminable quest for the DELETE key when you want to end your turn... aintnobodygottimeforthat.gif

Turnless time between Dungeon Rooms
"Uhh what does that even mean?"
Yes yes, let me explain. If you play online: you'll know how annoying this is. You've completed a battle in a dungeon, you are no longer limited to one character at a time for inventory management, and item equipping and or gold giving. Everyone can do anything they want until they simply ready up, and the next dungeon room loads.
That old problem of getting an item in a fight, but not being able to equip it until the NEXT battle - yeah, that's GONE!
Oh, and this also works with the Dungeon Merchants! Because we love you

A Whole new Front End Menu
For a long time: we've felt that the menu system was really just functional at best. We've crammed new features in there over time, and it got more and more confusing as you navigate down what we termed: "The Rabbit Hole."

Now, we've reduced the number of clicks to get around to do anything you want. Including a quick "Resume" feature to just help you load the latest run you have. We touched every screen, so click around! Enjoy!

"TLDR, JayNic. Give us the list"
Ok, ok. List ahoy!

Features / Changes
•   Achievements - 50 to be exact
•   Save slots - save any number of games
•   Interchangeable game mode - there’s no difference between online/solo play: so you can now swap anytime from playing alone to playing with friends, or vise-versa
•   Weapon Item Card details (Left Shift to toggle) - displays the stats of all special attacks on each weapon
•   Consumable items now contextually display the values they give (eg: Godsbeard now says “+15hp” or applicable and scales with your pipe level)
•   New dungeon! The Obsidian Keep
•   Cult Devices Revealed: a new system where Rosoman will reveal a Cult Device when out of lives and at least one member still alive
•   Bindable keys found in the options menu
•   Turnless time between dungeon rooms - swap gear without worry
•   Front end flow totally re-designed for a more streamlined experience
•   Audio: New soundsets for all player characters
•   Audio: Added new Dungeon sounds for traps and creatures
•   Audio: New Spells sounds
•   Audio: New Character and Creature taunts
•   Skills display on the Character HUD now shows LUCK
•   Adventure Mode will no longer start you in the Swamp
•   Boats: Now they move faster to speed things up
•   Boats: when you start your turn on a boat, we now show the “pickup party” option if it’s relevant - this should help those occurrences where you sail away and forget your party members ;)
•   Dungeon Merchants are now “turnless” anyone can buy and sell and trade goods until they “ready up”
•   Changed the way damage is calculated regarding damage and resistances to show more player friendly numbers that make sense
•   Help Text: When you discover hidden locations/encounters/statues etc: new help info is displayed
•   Encounters: The text for the encounter cards has been refreshed, and polished. Providing flavour text, and more relevant help text
•   Balloons: Now move faster
•   Balloons: Added a “Pickup Party and Launch” option to reduce some clicks
•   Support Combat Range clarification: Combat overlay hexes now help drive home if the character is involved in combat because of their ADDED support range
•   Enemies in the overworld will now occasionally play a taunt animation/sound to add a bit of life
•   If the final character “Passes” an item during loot distribution after a battle: the button now says “DISCARD”
•   The Combat Timeline has been REVERSED to mimic the Overworld timeline
•   Improved/Fixed Zombie Puke FX, Heavy Magic FX, Volcano Hat FX/*]
•   Destroyed Cult Devices now remain on map so you can tell when you’ve found them in each realm
•   Bolder hex highlights to more easily identify enemies, locations, towns, and events
•   Damage increased by +1 on BowStaff
•   General Lute Balancing (most lutes -1 damage, most heavy lutes roll 5 slots instead of 4 to reduce frequent OP splash damage, AOE attacks do more dmg and have less ACC penalty)
•   Heavy Blunt Weapons do +1 damage
•   AOE attacks do slightly more damage and/or less ACC penalties
•   Bone Charmer’s Fire Attack now Harmless, just enflames
•   Most special attacks/buffs (fire, bleed, armor up/down, resist up/down) now have 3 tiers to make Fire and Armor Buffs more effective in late game. Effectively upping damage and increasing buff strength on high level tiers. This works for players AND enemies.
•   Tuned Harazuel Mini Bosses Special Attacks and Vexor battle
•   Harazuel Art Polish Pass
•   Tuned camera positions for Crypt, Plains, Desert, Bog, Flooded Crypt and Dropstone
•   Subtle tweaks to Color Corrections
•   Alluring Pool color change to be more in line with portal scrolls, less like curse/chaos color
•   General UI visual polish

Bug Fixes
•   Reflect now reflects AOE melee attacks
•   An Ice Sword attack was previously unnamed
•   Fixes to 16*10 aspect ratio spacing
•   Changed the way LORE is stored in an effort to curb the occasional bug report where people lost their LORE unlocks
•   The Alluring Pool location choices now has a Cancel option
•   Fixed an occurrence where you could “false revive” a character with Godsbeard in a dungeon
•   Fixed a rare scenario where you could find yourself unable to select the second row of belt items when using a controller
•   If you crossed a cursed/poisoned hex too soon after purifying it: the character would still get the negative effect
•   General UI glitch fixes
•   Fixed a rare scenario where if you quit before reviving a dead character in a dungeon, and then resumed: the character could not be revived
•   Fixed a bug where if a character dies to the Kraken: he doesn’t stay on the boat
•   Balloons: fixed a minor issue showing characters on the balloon menu out of context
•   Audio: fixed an issue where resuming a game plays a bunch of sounds from the overworld all at once
•   Audio: Minor mix changes and various bug fixes
•   In some cases: the “sneak” option would appear on an enemy even if there was nowhere to sneak to and could hang the game
•   Fixed a problem with resume games on remote clients not properly clearing clouds going forward
•   When resuming a game online: remote clients were not properly updated with the explored hexes - leaving them to believe they had not explored anywhere
•   Fixed some items’ status effects not propagating across the network
•   Fixed skelly head falling through ground
•   Heavy Polearm characters now properly look at enemies
•   Fix Heavy damage animation transitions which were causing some audio events to not fire

Happy weekend!
-IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on December 20, 2017, 02:41:21 PM
Patch Notes 1.2.2
For The King - Jay-Nic

Happy holidays, adventurers!

"An update?! It’s a holiday miracle!"

Fun fact, JoePlayer! In Fahrul, the traditional holiday meal is spit roasted Beastman.

"Sounds gamey..."

It is… Anyways - on to the update. If you’ve followed along on the XBRANCH, you’ll know that we added all kinds of gameplay changes including the ability to play with one, or two characters for people who don’t want to control more than one at a time. We’ve also bolstered Dungeon Crawl mode with more features - including lore payout.

In addition to that, there’s 20 new mini encounters, a host of balances, new enemies, and weapons. All to see you through the holidays.

"Couldn’t I play with two players before?"

Yes. But this is specifically supporting two characters - meaning: now two players can play by controlling one character each rather than one person controlling two. Just like before: the game can be played with one, two, or three players - so that hasn’t changed - just the fact that you can limit the characters.

It should be noted that while you can play the game with one character: it is very unbalanced, and should be considered a challenge mode.

Discord Integration
We've added an integration with Discord's Discord’s Game Invite Party Up system so you can one click join any game.
Simply start your online game and wait in the lobby. Then in Discord: you'll see the option available to post your invite.


We encourage you to post your invites in the looking-for-party channel for everyone to join up easily.

"Give me list"
Itemized List

Balance and Gameplay
•   1, 2, and 3 character modes available
•   Discord Game Invite integration for public/private 1-click joins
•   20 new overworld encounters
•   More time between chaos on Journeyman in story mode. This should help get more people in to Journeyman!
•   Side quest limit of 3 has been LIFTED. You can now take as many as you can handle
•   Side quests are no longer purged in story mode after you complete a realm dungeon. Instead: each side quest simply expires after 20 rounds
•   New Lore Store Item: The Stone Table. Make a great sacrifice to gain a great reward
•   Re-balance of higher level enemies
•   Total refactoring of loot distribution
•   Several new attacks:
•   Acid attack: Destroys equipped items over time instead of instantly
•   Entangle: Halts player on timeline, cannot be block with stun immunity
•   Dispel: Removes all buffs on target
•   Protect: Completely absorbs next attack
•   New Enemy: Pixie
•   New Enemy: Beastman Warlock
•   New Weapons: 7 new lutes!
•   New Weapons: 2 new spellbooks
•   Weapon Balance: Lutes re-factored
•   New Encounter feature: Some encounters now have “unknown” outcomes… Take your chances.
•   Visual polish on some enemies, FX, weapon trails, physics
•   Justice will now proc slightly more frequently
•   Sanctum of Blood perks adjusted/boosted. The grand sanctum as well
•   Grand Sanctums are now unlocked via the LORE STORE

Dungeon Crawl
•   Lore! You can now get Lore in Dungeon Crawl mode!
•   Difficulties are selectable
•   There are now 5 dungeons spread over the 7 realms. Still only a maximum of one main dungeon per realm
•   Town quests, and markets now refresh as the players level up, rather than each night.
•   Chaos reduction quests now exist in half the towns on the map
•   Similar to Story Mode: 1 sidequest per town can be taken

Bug Fixes and Improvements
•   Chinese translation improvements
•   Audio: Many new audio effects, fixes, and improvements
•   Mass energize buff now correctly targets party
•   Fixed (we promise this time) taunt skipping a turn in combat
•   Fixed a bug where a mini-encounter that results in a fight could cause a hang
•   General localization fixes
•   Game option “Audio on in background” functions
•   Fixed a bug where using “load game” from the Online Game screen would not save the game name to the browser
•   Loading a save game with characters who are on burning land will now no longer cause instant death
•   Controller: fixed issue where controller loses focus after reading a Dead Adventurer Journal
•   Starting a new game no longer plays unrelated sound effects
•   Lowered overworld taunt volume from enemy characters
•   Camera responds faster with keyboard, and middle mouse
•   Fixed a memory leak error that should greatly improve performance as the game goes on
•   Fixed an issue where the enemies spawned from failing a sign post encounter in the King's Maze did not scale
•   Fixed an issue where the controller would not respond after game load
•   Fixed a rare issue where there were so many messages from Rosoman, that the game would hang
•   Fixed a tutorial crash when completing the first Chaos Shrine in story mode
•   Audio: Removed ambient sounds from continuing to play when returning to the main menu
•   Several online multiplayer hang fixes
•   The Game Loading screen now fully fades in the IronOak Logo, and will no longer be reported as "Not responding" by Windows
•   Fixed an issue where some mini encounters that resulted in fights could be exploited/fought indefinitely
•   Fixed an issue where the Balloon could enter a state where it could not land

We're going to be taking a break over the holidays, but we'll be right back at it in the new year tackling our next series of ideas.

Enjoy, and happy holidays from IronOak Games

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Post by: Asid on March 10, 2018, 11:49:42 PM
The near future

Hello Adventurers!


Not yet, JoePlayer. Soon ™

No doubt you’ve noticed we’ve been rather quiet lately, and it’s been a while since the last update. I can assure you that this is by design. Because coming up - wait for it - we are going - still wait for it - to be launching full release.

"Ooooo exciting!"

It is. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes in order to make the full release the best and richest update we’ve ever had. I can’t go into specifics regarding what’s in it… But… if you can keep a secret - I might be able to just drop something right here...

Oh wups - is that a teaser screenshot? Oh - how did that get there?


I see what you did there… Ok… On to important matters.

Pricing Changes

"Wait, what?"

Here is where we get to the difficult part of the conversation. With full release, we have always been planning on raising the price of the product, and launching Day 1 with a sale. (No, we’re not going to double the price or anything crazy like that)

However, steam has restrictions on changing the price of a product, and adding a sale at the same time. These rules are publicly listed here:

This means that we are not able to change to full release pricing and a sale on Day 1.

Faced with these restrictions: we have decided to increase the price of the product now, in order to facilitate a Day 1 sale as well.

Rather than do this behind the scenes, and face possible backlash: we wanted to be honest, and forthcoming and tell you what our plan is, and why we’re doing it.

We will be increasing the price tomorrow Friday March 9 to $20 USD. If the new price is not acceptable to you right now, then we encourage you to purchase the game before tomorrow, or wait for the Day 1 full release and launch sale. We apologize for the short notice of this, and ideally we wish we could have given more.

Final thoughts
We’re really proud of the game, ourselves, and our amazing community whose feedback is indispensable. The future can be frightening, but it’s so exciting as well. And yes we already have plans for more after full release.

IronOak Games
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Post by: Asid on April 19, 2018, 05:27:45 PM
Full Release Hype and Patch Notes
For The King - Jay-Nic

Greetings Adventurers!

"Full release on Thursday! #hype"

Yes! We're excited as well, Joe Player. Officially, we're all set up for release this
Thursday, April 19th at 8AM Pacific Time

This has been our longest time between patches. Namely so we could really focus on the quality of the final product containing so much new content, and of course a whole new Adventure.

Those loyalists of you who joined Early Access and have been playing will really just treat this update like any other patch. With that in mind: we want to share patch notes with you now as we will not be posting patch notes on Thursday.

"Let's have it then"

Sure thing. I should mention, that since this is one of (if not the) most robust updates ever: I will not be listing out everying in utmost details - just noteworthy items.

Noteable New Features/Changes

New Adventure - Frost Adventure
Yup. That's right. Now included as another adventure to augment the original "For The King" mode, and "Dungeon Crawl" comes the Frost Adventure. Taking place on the sunny beaches of the Rogue Isles, quest to bring the Queen the perfect Mai Tai while you try to find a bathing suit that doesn't make you self-conscious.

"lol wut..."

nah, just a prank bro... It's a Frost Adventure. It's cold.


•   New realms
•   New enemies
•   New items
•   New weapons
•   New mechanics
•   New story
•   New achievements

New Character Skins/Genders
There are now male and female variants for each class!


You can now play Male or Female versions of all classes. In addition to that, there are also some hidden skins to uncover through play.

New Combat Timeline
The combat timeline has been completely re-worked to be clearer, and to make critical time-based strategies even easier to plan and execute.


We now show each character in their specific turn order, and update the turn order as needed when status effects change their speed or position in the queue.

With this new timeline: we've changed slightly how some of the attacks and status effects work in order to be more clearly represented. Things like slow, speed up, reset, or rush will now have an immediate visible effect on the timeline.

Old Saves are not compatible
Don't despair! We will have a legacy branch up for a while for those who really need to finish that quest. So you'll be able to swap to that, and back over to the main branch when you're ready.

Other Changes
•   Too many bug fixes, and polish items to notate...
•   Major balance adjustments. From enemies, to damage, to Chaos
•   New animations and models for both new assets, and old!
•   In game encyclopedia has been re-worked and updated
•   Lore payouts reworked
•   Loads of Controller love

I also want to explicitly note that the "Bug Report" button will now be hidden by default. If you wish to continue supporting us with reports: you can enable it in the Options menu

We're really proud of the game so far, and we want to thank you all for your continued support and feedback. We're striving hard to make the game stand out from the crowd, and be a fun and unique experience.

We're not done yet, either.

See you Thursday!
-IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on April 19, 2018, 05:30:14 PM
Full Release is here!
For The King - Jay-Nic


Yes that’s right, Adventurers: Full Release is here!

"Is it everything we’ve dreamed?!"

We sure hope so, Joe Player. We’re so excited and thankful for our wonderful helpful community throughout Early Access.

We’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of all that Early Access had to offer. From great feedback, amazing stories of victory, to terrible bugs that had to be quashed and everything between.

"It was an adventure all on its own"

It sure was. And we’re happy say that we’re not done yet. Of course, we’re going to be in full on support mode for the next while. But once things level off, we will start scheming internally on the next best way to make you all party wipe.

For now, enjoy our three adventures!

For The King


Dungeon Crawl

Frost Adventure

Again, thank you so much to our Kickstarter Backers, Early Access Community, and to all you newcomers joining the quest. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Sincerely IronOak Games

p.s. - Keep those discussions coming in on the Discussion forums, and Discord!
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Post by: Asid on April 25, 2018, 12:55:15 PM
Update 1.0.7771
For The King - Jay-Nic

Citizens of Fahrul!

It is an honour to introduce to you our first post-release patch notes!

"Umm.. yay?"

It’s something to be celebrated, Joe Player. As can be expected after launch: we’re mainly focused on bug squashing. As time goes on: we’ll move on to other things, but for now: we want to make sure the game is smooth and playable.

•   Fixed an issue where people who have already achieved certain achievements pre full release were not getting new unlocks. Your unlocks should now appear when you next start the game.
•   Fixed issue where elemental ailment SFX would persist indefinitely
•   Fixed issue where slowing an already slowed character would result in them losing their slow status
•   Fixed an issue with the enemy/encounter ratio of dungeons
•   Hobo invasion! He will now spawn only once, and stop asking you for money...
•   Removed the Roc Nest encounter from being incorrectly included too soon (if you see this in your old save games, please avoid it, but it will no longer spawn from now on)
•   End Turn Tutorial now properly localized
•   Minor Spelling and Grammar fixes
•   Equipped shields consistent among characters and crash less with backpack
•   Border Edge fixed on Stone Hero Portraits

•   Spiders have less/no armor, slightly reduced health, and do slightly less damage
•   Ghouls Piercing Attack changed to Regular Attack, reduced evasion, reduced crit chance, lower max damage, slight increase in resistance
•   General Reduction in Crit Chances for high crit enemies across the board. Typically now only birds some special enemies have crit chances above 10%
•   Leprechaun -5% crit chance (now 10%)
•   Pirate -10% crit chance (now 10%)
•   Goblin Assassin -15% crit chance (now 10%)
•   Death Knight Boss -10% crit chance (now 10%)
•   Forest Knoll -10% crit chance (now 10%)
•   Crow -5% crit chance (now 10%)
•   Bandits -10% crit chance (now 5%)
•   Thief -15% evasion
•   Swamp Fly -10% evasion
•   Snow Goblin Assassin -25% evasion (now 25%)

Thanks to all the bug reports coming in, as well as the feedback in discord, and the discussion forums.

-IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on May 02, 2018, 01:33:17 PM
Update 1.0.7814
For The King - Jay-Nic

Hello Adventurers,

We have some changes and fixes for you. In addition to updates/fixes in game: due to the influx of players, we’ve also had to happily increase the capacity of our servers.

•   Fixed Ambush Fail (failed ambush now results in player being ambushed)
•   Fixed a bug where certain debuffs and conditions gave the player 100+ Armor/Resist
•   Fixed translation inconsistencies with Heal, Cure, and Restore
•   General improvement and corrections in translations across all languages

•   Added unique drops for several dead adventurers
•   Increased drops for several dead adventurers
•   Mini Encounters that result in combat now can have max 2 enemies, typically only 1
•   Highly reduced mimic chance in Guardian Forest, For The King and Frost Adventure Mode
•   Increased the probability of the Forest Mystic event
•   Glittering Mines Cultist Boss Armor Down attack now does 0 damage

•   New voice sets for several alt character skins
•   Polish pass on special dead adventurer art
•   Improved hammer splash fx
•   Improved Female Woodcutter’s starting helm
•   Polish pass and optimization for Golden Plains diorama
•   Tweaks to Male Herbalist starting helm
•   Improvements to Linux Bug reporting behind the scenes
•   General improvements to player starting armor geometry

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on May 11, 2018, 02:15:35 PM
For The King - Jay-Nic


Good tidings to you, Slayers of Beastmen.

"They’re an infestation! We’re performing a service..."

Indeed, Joe Player, indeed.

Today we have another update. Focusing on common issues, stability, and gameplay tweaks.

A nice little quality of life change we added is the ability to view the pickup radius on boats, balloons, haunts and some encounters.


and a minor change to add a backer to all ‘vote buttons’ to make them clearer in all environments


•   Fixed issue where several “icy” enemies weren’t properly tagged as Ice class
•   Fixed bug where Embedded Blade encounter wouldn’t drop an item if you didn’t already have it unlocked in the lore store
•   Very Low Quality setting now uses proper texture resolution which should result in slightly improved performance
•   Fixed issue where Owlbear’s death hug attack was always blocked
•   Fixed Mimic placement in the Encounter Card
•   Fixed an issue where the Dungeon Merchant items would all be greyed out, despite having enough cash to buy (maybe he just didn’t like you? How rude...)
•   Fixed an issue where you could Pickup Party and pull people out of other nearby boats or balloons
•   In certain circumstances during local co-op, a mouse may have lost the ability to control a boat
•   In dungeon crawl online, the number of completed dungeons may have been incorrectly reported across the network
•   End game credits would freeze if entering the menu
•   Incorrect text was displayed when entering a carnival without a ticket while playing online
•   Fixed some intermittent freezes on Linux due to primitive type conversions
•   In Frost Adventure online: the Tavern Pirate fight could be engaged by multiple clients online, and the enemies would double up
•   When attacking a haunt from a boat: the portraits of characters pulled in to the fight are now accurate
•   Fighting the Kraken when Deimos is active now respects the original ocean diorama
•   Fixed an issue with some combat allowing players to use unlimited items per turn
•   Fixed an issue with the Kraken not dropping any loot in some instances
•   Fixed an issue with Quest Items not being removed from inventories when they are no longer needed (Shovel, Mead, Key Fragments etc..)

•   Forest Mystic/Protector no longer have pierce attack
•   Forest Protector now has group lightning attack
•   Pixies now do full attack damage on their regular attack
•   Chaos Fairy now casts Protect Group instead of Protect Others
•   Lightning Hawk Regular attack fixed (was too easily blocked) and now pierces
•   Hide boots set to +2 vitality and Fur Boots set to +4 vitality
•   Added pickup radius hex highlighting for boats and balloons
•   Haunts and certain encounters now show combat radius when moused over

•   Added version validation check in the online browser
•   General polish to dead adventurers
•   Improved Owlbear attack FX
•   Improved Storm Lighting
•   Toned down and optimized snowstorm FX
•   Optimized Rainstorm FX
•   Adding backing to HUD Vote Buttons to increase visibility
•   Version Warning added to Online Lobby to show when the host’s version doesn’t match your version
•   General polish pass on player models
•   Jelly Cube attack FX now 300% more goopy
•   Identify Scrolls cannot be used in the overworld on a treasure chest that a character is also standing on

May the rolls be ever in your favour.

-IronOak Games
Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on June 15, 2018, 04:23:51 PM
ROADMAP: Teasers and upcoming features
30 May - Jay-Nic   

Good day, Adventurers!

Very soon… err… well right now, actually: we’ll be starting a new announcement series aimed at keeping the community updated with some roadmap details, and content teasers in general.

"Oh, sounds like a good idea."

We thought so, Joe Player. Now being that we’re a small studio, we won’t be able to provide massive detailed, and itemized lists of tasks, and timelines. Up to this point: we’ve been happy and successful in staying as agile as possible, and adjusting our priorities based on the vibe of the community, and ourselves. With that in mind, we will be sharing our upcoming roadmap details in smaller chunks, more frequently.

We’ll make sure to prefix all these announcements with the word “ROADMAP” so it’s clear to you whether or not it’s patch notes, roadmap, or any other generic announcement.

All that being said, let’s get to the first inaugural ROADMAP post!

House Rules
TIMELINE: imminent
In order to give as many people as possible the most enjoyable experience we can: we’ll be implementing a new feature, House Rules. Similar to playing any traditional tabletop game where players can massage some of the rules and constraints of the game. Namely with ours, (you guessed it) the difficulty. Through your feedback we’ll be adding more customization options to our House Rules over time.

Teaser screenie!


New Highly Requested ‘Game Mode’
TIMELINE: imminent
Yup, a whole new game mode to play. A more contained, and focused mode than full fledged adventure, and something you can sink as much or as little time in to as you wish. Complete with new Lore Store items, special unlocks and new achievements.

New Story Adventure
TIMELINE: Fall (2018)
A whole new adventure! Kinda like the Frost Adventure… except… without the frost. Also complete with new Lore Store items, special unlocks and new achievements.

Those who are about to party wipe: we salute you.

-IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on June 15, 2018, 04:27:07 PM
ROADMAP: Next Release
15 June - Jay-Nic


Hello Adventurers,

Today we’re happy to announce the content of our next major update!

"Oh… more teasers?"

No, Joe Player... We ain’t a tease. We got the goods to show!


First, and foremost: the previously mentioned Highly Requested ‘Game Mode’ is…. drumroll please...

Endless Dungeon Mode
That’s right. This new adventure entitled Hildebrant’s Cellar lets you fight down through the depths of your favourite realm agent’s house. See how far you can get until your inevitable demise. Fight a plethora of enemies, avoid traps, mimics, and smash doors. All the things you know and love (or know, anyways… re:mimics) from exploring and conquering dungeons and caves in our other adventures.



But that’s not all, Joe Player... You’ll find things down below you thought only existed in the overworld. We’ve added encounters like Sanctums, Dead Adventurers, Stone Heros, and more to the dungeon.

We’ve also got new stuff!

"Stuff?! I LOVE stuff!"
•   4 new traps
•   New enemies
•   4 new items
•   9 new character customizations
•   3 new Achievements

Here’s one of my personal favourites:

Next up, we’ve got:

House Rules
We understand that there are those out there who want a more casual experience. We also understand there are some masochists who want to make it even harder… With that in mind: we added a few toggles to the create game screen to permit both preferences.


It should be pretty self explanatory, but let me explain it anyways.
•   Chaos frequency will increase or decrease the number of rounds between when Chaos is set to increment. Assuming, of course, that the game mode has Chaos in it.
•   Life Pool will let you increase, or decrease the starting lives. To be clear: this does not change the amount of lives you’ll find in your adventures. And as always: there is no cap to how many you can gather.
•   Economy Inflation Oh, don’t lie: you skipped right to this one, didn’t you!? This will permit you to adjust the percentage increase of inflating items over time. This does not change base prices of items, and does not change starting gold, gold drops, or item drops in any way. It’s only the inflation of the small set of items that naturally inflate in price over time.

Using house rules does come with some caveats, however. Namely that if the game is made easier, then the final achievements for beating Vexor on Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master are not available. These remain locked behind the requirement that you beat the game on the default difficulty settings (or harder).
But that’s it! We want to make the game fun for everyone, but we also need to make it fair for those who worked so hard to get those achievements.

Character Stat Overview
This one is a great quality of life feature that was inspired by none other than Senerio himself (who runs the Discord server). You can now get a full breakdown of all stats, effects, bonus’, ailments etc on a given character. We’ve replaced the functionality of the Toggle Stats button on the character hud to now open this beauty:


Everything is dynamically generated, and even tool-tipped!

On top of these great new things, we’ve got fixes and improvements as always. We’ll have full patch notes on the day we deliver.

Look for these new features to be playable on the 21st

Until then!

-IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on June 20, 2018, 10:29:37 PM
For The King - Jay-Nic

Greetings Adventurers!

We’re proud to announce another meaty update! We’ve teased you with our last two roadmap announcements that showed off some of the key major features in this update. Now we’re happy to come at you with the full list.

"Great timing! Just in time for -"

Nothing, Joe Player - just in time for nothing... There is no significance in the timing of this update whatsoever, because nothing has been officially announced.

"Oh… uhh, right."

Anywho… If you haven’t followed our last couple roadmap announcements, I’ll give a quick run down of the major features.

New Endless Dungeon Adventure
Titled Hildebrant’s Cellar engage in a never ending dungeon that will drive you to the depths of the world until your inevitable doom. In here you unlock new items costumes and achievements. You’ll even encounter new traps, and new enemies.


House Rules
A new feature when starting a game that allows you to customize some of the key difficulty aspects of the game. Namely: Chaos Frequency, Starting life pool, and Economy inflation. We explained this in the previous roadmap announcement, but I’ll explain it again here.
House rules

•   Chaos frequency will increase or decrease the number of rounds between when Chaos is set to increment. Assuming, of course, that the game mode has Chaos in it.
•   Life Pool will let you increase, or decrease the starting lives. To be clear: this does not change the amount of lives you’ll find in your adventures. And as always: there is no cap to how many you can gather.
•   Economy Inflation Oh, don’t lie: you skipped right to this one, didn’t you!? This will permit you to adjust the percentage increase of inflating items over time. This does not change base prices of items, and does not change starting gold, gold drops, or item drops in any way. It’s only the inflation of the small set of items that naturally inflate in price over time.

Character Stat Overview
The Toggle Stat Bar button now shows a total breakdown of all relevant character statistics, effects, and abilities.

More, More, More
Oh yeah. We’re not done yet. There are a few key features we want to make sure get mentioned.
•   We’ve added Polish language support! Zwycięstwo!
•   Pipe upgrades are now done through the market. They show as an item in the list, and are purchased and equipped for the active player. The pipes themselves don’t change, but we wanted to make sure people weren’t missing out on this essential upgrade in games. This has enabled us to add a shop to the Pipesmith encounter just like other wandering merchants. She sells some herbs now too!
Pipe in a shop!

•   Proc-ing in dungeons has changed for the better! Now, every character after every dungeon encounter has their chance to proc their special abilities. Where previously, a character could only proc his abilities if he was the active player (his name was in the top left). This cuts both ways, however. Poison damage will also have its effect each room. But, so will things like health regeneration. Because of the frequency of this chance to proc: we’ve slightly reduced the likelihood of ability procs in dungeons only. This affects all adventures, not just Hildebrant’s Cellar.
•   The Reset Lore button is back by popular demand… after being removed… by popular demand… To be explicitly clear: this is not a respec! Resetting your lore returns the Lore store to its original ‘factory’ state, and clears your banked Lore. You do not get refunded your Lore purchases.

•   New adventure: Hildebrant’s Cellar - endless dungeon mode
•   New in Hildebrant’s Cellar: encounters from the overworld: Sanctums, Stone Heros, and Dead Adventurers
•   New House Rules so players can customize certain game rules (more to come in the future!)
•   New water temple dungeon
•   New chaos skull enemy
•   New acid blob enemies
•   New armored ogre enemy
•   New hellhound enemy
•   New poison barrel, acid bucket, spikes, tentacles, statue and magnet traps added to various dungeons
•   New trinket and amulet to protect against acid
•   Cornelius encounter made easier
•   Added gold drop multiplier to be used with certain game modes
•   Dead players can now trade with other players to avoid situations where you might lose access to gold or items

•   Included missing player skills from encyclopedia
•   Online lobby polish, now shows game rules and more details per game
•   Fixed issue where certain helmets didn’t fit Forest Mystic’s head properly
•   Fixed bug where Fire Skelly Mage was doing high level burn damage instead of low level burn damage
•   Fixed bug where some backpacks would not fall off upon death
•   Reduced extra screen shaking upon some character deaths
•   Fixed rendering bugs with hexes on min spec
•   Fixed occasional game hang on Lich Crypt chest
•   Fixed bug with fleeing in online games
•   Market list update fix for online games

Other changes and features
•   Polish Language support
•   Haunts lock level when revealed
•   All pipe upgrades are done through the market
•   Boats are slightly cheaper
•   Changes to end game sequence and imagery
•   New ghoul animation set
•   New detailed character stats page
•   Added 14 new items to lore, including new high end custom clothing for only the most discerning of customers
•   Added mead helmet for totally non discerning customers
•   Added ability to customize armor when creating a character
•   New post combat animations to reflect player’s actions
•   Texture optimization pass
•   Lore unlocks and purchases are stored outside of Steam/GOG. This is good for GOG users who don’t want to use Galaxy
•   Re-enabled the Reset Lore Button. Don’t push this button unless you want to lose all your lore. You’ve been warned.

We’ll see you in the cellar.

-IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on August 03, 2018, 01:28:03 PM
2 Aug

For The King - Jay-Nic
Hey everyone! We hope your summer is going well. We have a small update for you.

•   Fixed a bug in Hildebrant’s Cellar that resulted in the Rooms display going out of sync after a while in online co-op
•   Adjusted difficulty of Hildebrant’s cellar beyond Level 10
•   In the cellar end game screen - (because you’ve all gotten so good) - we’ve added the ability to show more room tokens

We’re still busy building new and interesting features. We’re not quite ready to share specifics or dates, but stay tuned!

Happy Adventuring!
-IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on September 01, 2018, 01:46:46 PM
For The King - Jay-Nic

Hey everyone! We have a small - but potentially high impact update for you.

Notably: we’ve done a lot of hard research on problems that some people have when loading a co-op online game, and getting a DisconnectByClientTimeout error.

It’s a really strange one to work on, because it seems to have a lot of moving parts including the quality of internet connection, wifi vs ethernet, the progress of the save, and the speed of the various computers involved.

We’ve made a change that should alleviate some of these occurrences, and we’re eager to see how many people it helps.

It should be noted that this may increase game load times to about 20-ish seconds. We really couldn’t avoid this at this stage, and we hope it’s not too impactful for you.

•   Potential fix for DisconnectByClientTimeout error when loading an online game
•   Fixed a game hang when a character dies on his turn, and at the same time: a Chaos Shrine is revealed
•   Added some behind the scenes play-data analytics gathering (no personal information is collected)

If you have been experiencing this issue in the past, then we’d ask you kindly to let us know - once you’ve updated - if it persists, or has been resolved. Feel free to reach out to us using the in game bug report tool and let us know.

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on September 08, 2018, 12:03:17 AM
Updates and ROADMAP 2018-09-07
For The King - Jay-Nic

Hail Adventurers,

We’ve got a small update for you today, and a tease on a new feature that’s to come that many people have requested.

First, the update. Thanks to everyone who reached out regarding their experiences with the DisconnectByClientTimeout

error during game load. We’ve made some even deeper adjustments, and after extensive testing: we’re happy to release it.

•   Further work on the DisconnectByClientTimeout error when loading an online game
•   Fixed a game hang where a character who was poisoned dies in a dungeon without any lives left, but still has a

sanctum would not get revived, and cause an endless loop of autosaving and turn switching

Happy Friday!
-IronOak Games


Huh? Oh right you are, Joe Player: I promised you a teaser. Have a look!


"Is that what I think it is?!"

Yup: Weapon Switching in Combat will be a thing!
•   Any character with an additional weapon in his inventory will have the new icon and option available
•   You’ll be able to pick your desired weapon from a list to equip it
•   This action will take a full combat turn but will still permit belt item use

This isn’t the only thing we’re working on, of course. But we’re not ready to reveal major details on the next major update.

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on October 30, 2018, 12:44:50 AM
Update - New mode Gold Rush!
For The King - Jay-Nic


Greeting Adventurers. May the Doot doot be with you.

”And also with you”

Thanks, Joe Player. We’ve got a lot to cover this update, but we’ll start with the most exciting thing. We’re happy to announce yet another new Adventure! In fact, it’s a full on new game mode inspired by this festive spooky season.

It’s Gold Rush! A new multiplayer only Uncooperative Mode!

”What does ‘Uncooperative Mode’ mean, JayNic?”

Well I’m glad you asked, Joe Player. In Gold Rush, you play against other players and are tasked by everyone's favourite scourge Fergus the Mad to be the first to deliver 100 gold coins to his hidden vault. You’re in the (brand new) realm of The Midnight Woods. A land of perpetual darkness, and spoopy night time enemies.

The winner is granted a random one of three brand new cosmetic Lore Unlocks.


•   Midnight Helmet
•   Midnight Backpack
•   Midnight Clothes

”So does this mean you’re attacking each other?”

No, Joe Player. At its heart, it’s still a Cooperative game. But given the mechanics already in place in FTK: you use the abilities and knowledge of the game to help or hinder each other. Sometimes whether you want to or not…

There are a number of strategies you can use to be more uncooperative than normal campaigns. We’ve been having a blast playtesting this mode, and have a few we’ll share.

•   Pulling your team in to unwinnable fights, then running away
•   Strategically dragging your party in to a dungeon when they’re across the map
•   Buying items out from under another player
•   Passing your turn in combat to assure you get the killing blow, and thus the first grab at Gold Coins

We’re sure you’ll come up with many interesting strategies, and we’d love to hear about them in discussions, or discord.


Other parts of this adventure mention:
•   It’s very compact, and dense. The whole game can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes
•   The world is landlocked, and small
•   Unlimited lives. Death is just a temporary setback
•   Sale, sale, sale! The realm is desperate for customers. Towns, Merchants, and Dungeon Shops are all cheap.
•   XP boost. There is a minor XP boost to make things go even quicker
•   Loot, loot, loot. There’s… more loot to scoop up.
•   The amount of gold to collect is available as a House Rules slider, so you can adjust your game length as you like.
•   There are no side-quests

”So all this time that you guys have spent building and refining systems, and mechanics has allowed you to make a dramatic, and unplanned departure from the original concept of the game in the form of this totally new game mode and adventure?”

Wow, Joe Player... I uhh… Could not have said it better myself. And it doesn’t stop there! We’ve got other new features that are across all game modes.

Weapon Switching in Combat
Yes. Now if you have another weapon in your inventory, you can manually select it in place of your combat action. This includes when your weapon breaks.

Safety Stone
The safety stone is a totally new mechanic design to help you out of tough spots… <ominous>for a price</ominous>...
Simply put, the safety stone is an item that all characters have, and will permit instant teleportation to any previously visited town. However, it will incrementally penalize your stats each time you use it. It’s starts at a measly -1% to all stats. Then 2%, 4%, 8%, and so on… (It should be mentioned that for obvious reasons: we kept the safety stone out of Gold Rush)
See it in action HERE


Boat Changes


We’ve added new boats at different strengths, speeds, and costs. In addition: we’ve added the hit points displayed on the boats in the overworld, and a Boat Repair Kit item that can be used to repair the boat in the overworld, or during the dreaded Kraken battle.

On top of that, we’ve changed the way boats, and boat repairs are conducted in cities/ports. Instead of only being able to get boats in Ports, now in any coastal city: you can purchase a Boat deed in their regular Market inventory. In the Services Menu: you can repair your boats adjacent to the town or port.

Cosmetic Items Override Display on Characters
You can now choose to hide any armour you put on, and instead show your cosmetic items. Of course this doesn't actually affect your stats - just the way you look!

”TL;DR; List me!”

New Features / Changes
•   New Uncooperative game mode: Gold Rush. Includes:
•   A new realm: the Midnight Woods
•   A new Achievement for winning Gold Rush
•   Weapon switching in combat
•   Safety Stone: teleport to safety at an increasing cost of penalty to stats
•   Cosmetic Items Override Display - Choose to display your cosmetic item, or your in game one
•   Two more boats: Raft, and Fishing Boat (the original boat is now called “Merchant Boat”
•   Boat repair kit - useable in the overworld, and Kraken combat
•   Boats, and boat repairs purchasable in coastal cities, and ports
•   Treasure chests drop more loot
•   Sea caves have been reskinned with unique art
•   Camera shake has been reduced in combat
•   New Kraken animations
•   New ocean tiles with smaller islands to break up the look of the sea
•   Added more items to the Magic Merchant

Fixes / tweaks
•   Fixed an issue where enemies would spawn too densely
•   Fixed an exploit where using “more info” on a hidden hex would take the player to the encyclopedia for what was hidden there
•   Fixed a bug where you could upgrade the Dragon Pipe without needing it
•   When receiving a main quest with a hidden location: the camera will pan to the middle of the destinations realm, instead of on top of the hidden location
•   Encyclopedia Menu tweaked, possibly in preparation for something in the future...
•   Fixed a bug where the Walloper sold for too little
•   Fixed an issue where “+1 focus” appeared twice from some encounter results
•   Fixed a bug where a chaos attack that was supposed to drain focus, would not drain focus
•   Using “Pickup Party” in a boat will now pickup members in other boats
•   Fixed an issue that would result in incorrect roll slot percentages communicated between clients online
•   Fixed a bug where players could not use belt items at the end of a dungeon floor
•   Fixed a bug where some water encounters could spawn on land when walking off a boat
•   Various controller fixes

The last few months have been full of hard work. Not only on what you’re seeing here in this list, but also new features in the future. An even newerer and biggerer story adventure is well on it’s way!

We’re so happy to have such a great community like you guys who continue to bring us feedback, stories, and criticisms. We hope the game will continue to bring you endless entertainment.

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on October 31, 2018, 01:11:44 PM
For The King - Jay-Nic

Hello Adventurers,

We’ve got a hotfix for you today.

Mainly there was a problem a few people reported where they “lost control” of their characters and they made attacks without input. This was actually that another player had taken over their turn, and was making attacks on their behalf without really noticing. Anywho - thanks to those that helped track it down.

Fixes / changes
•   Fixed an issue that allowed a player to use an orb, and attack in the same turn and commandeer a subsequent players/characters turn
•   Fixed an issue that would result in a crash if a player tried to hand in Gold in Gold Rush
•   Fixed missing text string for boggling
•   Fixed lighting bug in final dungeon
•   Reduce damage of Witch's Broom by 1 and added standard attack
•   Staff of the Goat Wizard now requires 4 slots for Ice AOE attack instead of 3
•   Tome of Wonder now requires 4 slots for Group Rush instead of 3
•   Fixed the placement of a few loot items in Item Cards

IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on November 14, 2018, 10:49:14 PM
Pirates are swinging aboard For The King next week in a free update
For The King - (Matt Cox)


There’s only one force known to man that can improve board-game-like strategic RPG For The King, and that force is pirates. They’ll be swinging on board November 21st as part of the Into The Deep update, equipped with new gun-class weapons and with other NPCs (friendly and not-so-friendly) on their tail. If the trailer’s anything to go by, there is a lot of shooting people on boats.

Do what you want, because the pirates are free. Yar, Har, fiddle dee-dee.
Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on November 14, 2018, 10:50:19 PM
For The King - Jay-Nic

Hello Adventurers,

Before the new adventure: we’ve got a quick hotfix here for you.

This is mainly regarding the dreaded DisconnectByClientTimeout error. With some more community help, we’ve managed to make some changes to how games are loaded online that has fixed this issue for our testers.

We’ve also had a couple behind the scenes updates that we didn’t put up notes for, so I’ll include them here now.

Fixes / changes
•   Further attempts at addressing DisconnectByClientTimeout error for online resume games
•   Altered the Female Woodcutter’s appearance
•   Fixed some minor modeling errors
•   Fixed some blurry UI elements


Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on November 23, 2018, 01:07:12 AM
Update - New Adventure! Into The Deep
For The King - Jay-Nic


Ahoy, ye scurvy bilge rats!

”err, pardon?”

Sorry Joe Player… I’ve just been spending so much time in character playing our New Adventure...

”You mean… it’s here?!”

Aye! We’re pleased to announce the latest and greatest ocean themed adventure:
Into The Deep

An ancient evil rises. Take to the sea and freely roam the waters and island realms of Fahrul to gear up, level up, and tech up to save Fahrul from its imminent watery doom.

” ‘Key Features’ us, please”

In addition to the standard things we release with any new adventure like: new weapons, and new items - we’ve also got things like new enemies, new water based encounters, a new character to unlock, a new magic/immunity type, new ocean/island based map generation, new boats, and a totally new weapon type: guns!

Let’s break some key points down.

Guns are high damage dealing weapons that usually have lower number of slots to roll. There are one handed pistols, two handed long guns, and handheld cannons. Once you fire a shot with a gun, you have to reload it via a combat action. Some guns will have a basic melee attack that doesn’t need reloading. There is no such thing as ammo for the gun, you just need to reload after each shot.

Water Encounters/Water Combat
We’ve spent a lot of time filling the ocean realms with as much to do as you have on land. We’ve taken loads of encounters from the land, and made water versions of them. In addition: we’ve added many totally new water encounters. On the combat side: we’ve added both water bround creatures to engage, and grouped enemies on boats.

You’ll fight on a diorama of your boat when you engage water based enemies. Some enemies can do damage to your boat during combat.

Boats and Boat changes
The keen observers of you will have noticed we’ve released a few new features centered around boats in the last few updates. We used the Into The Deep adventure to give us an excuse to expand the features of boats. While most of these changes aren’t new as of today: we’ll still explain them for the sake of completeness.
There are multiple types of boats that can be purchased. Each one has different stats from the last, directly scaling with price. Boats can now be repaired at any port, or town adjacent to a water hex. You can even buy boats from towns adjacent to water hexes - no longer are the limited to purchase at ports only.

Water magic / Wet status
We’ve added a new magic type, and corresponding immunity type. The wet status temporarily removes all immunities on both players, and enemies. That’s right. You can poison a jelly, bleed a skelly, and even remove evasion from Fergus. Of course, it wouldn’t be FTK if we didn’t add items that grant water immunity, and edit some items retroactively.

Combat Revival
Yup. It’s what it says. You can now spend a combat action to revive a fallen character (assuming you have lives left). The character is rushed as well, so he can heal himself, or roll the dice.

Turbo Mode and Attack skipping
In the options menu, you can enable Turbo Mode that will speed the entire game up to 1.5x speed. This only works for offline games - meaning single player, and local coop. On top of that: you can now speed combat animations when double clicking/double pressing your attack. This works online AND offline

New Features / changes
•   New Into The Deep Adventure
•   8 new Achievements
•   4 additional boat types. Boats have varying degrees of movement rolls, HP, and even armor.
•   New chest types and of course, new mimics
•   On ship combat
•   Enemy ships
•   New magic type, Water. Wet status temporarily removes all immunities for both players AND enemies. Bleed skellys bleed!
•   New weapon type, Guns. There are 3 sub classes of guns, Blunderbuss, Musket, and Cannon. Guns typically require a single slot and are very powerful. However they must be reloaded after firing.
•   New enemy type, Suicidal. Suicidal enemies will cause massive damage but kill themselves in the process.
•   New Island Realms. Ashfall Islands and Forest Isles.
•   New Island tech. Some realms now have outlying islands off their coast. Larger continents may now be broken up into smaller archipelagos.
•   New and improved Sea Caves.
•   New rapier animations for the inner swashbuckler in you.
•   Various tweaks to the Kraken battle to take advantage of new Wet status and new boat types.
•   Some enemies can now cause boat damage with their attacks.
•   20 new items, 23 new weapons, 1 new character class, 32 new enemies (8 new races), 12 new lore store unlocks, and 24 new encounters
•   Boats now purchasable from towns with at least 1 adjacent sea hex
•   Improved Shipwreck logic, all characters will now shipwreck to same hex

Other Game Changes
•   Combat Revival: revive and rush a fallen character in combat as a combat action
•   You can take gold and unequipped items from dead players
•   Mouseover belt items of offturn characters
•   Escape button now closes menus before opening the game options menu
•   Menu interaction cleanup: when opening the sub menu of an item, the sub menu will remain open after your chosen option is selected (assuming there is more than one of the items available) - This works in stores, and character inventories

•   Normalized camera shake in combat, reducing it for most cases.
•   Slowing an enemy speeds him up. In a specific set of circumstances: casting a slow on an enemy could cause him to speed up
•   Fixed an issue where Dungeon Crawl could spawn the party on a very small island
•   Fixed a bug where the Frozen Pool would deal double damage on failure
•   Polished the Noble Dress outfit so it’s not so poofy
•   Added missing SFX to combat revive
•   Fixed Encyclopedia entries that incorrectly stated that 10 is the minimum stat (30 is the minimum)
•   Fixed Encyclopedia entries that incorrectly stated that Elite Disarm only requires a single slot (it requires fewer slots with less punishing outcomes)
•   Fixed some logical issues with what items can be used between dungeon rooms, or at stairs of dungeons
•   Certain weapons now use blended overworld animations to avoid clipping and awkward weapon holding
•   Streamlined various controller issues

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on December 04, 2018, 12:32:21 AM
For The King - Jay-Nic

Ahoy, bucko’s!

We have some juicy fixes for you. Sadly: we have not yet fixed the inventory item use bug because we just can’t seem to reproduce it. So we’re going ahead with some dramatic reconstruction of that whole system which should bypass that issue altogether. We expect that will be ready some time this week.

Fixes / changes
•   Fixed an issue online where the Treasure Hunter would not be unlockable if the host already had it
•   Fixed an issue where getting killed by a powder monkey by splash damage would not trigger the Achievement
•   Fixed an issue where the new lore store items could become non-unlockable
•   Fixed a freeze when a treasure chest, or treasure clam that turned into a mimic would result in a hang online[*/]

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on December 06, 2018, 02:25:00 PM
Update 2018-12-05
For The King - Jay-Nic

Hello Adventurers,

We’ve got a small update that includes a fix for the Item Use Bug. We thank you so much for your patience with this one. I say a fix, but we instead decided to rebuild the whole interaction of items. We really like it, and we hope you do to!

Now in both the stores, and player inventory: you’ll be greeted with a handy vertical context menu.


And YES. It closes with escape, or “b” on the controller, or by clicking anywhere off of it. ;)

Fixes / changes
•   Fixed the inability to use/equip/buy items with a brand new snazzy item interaction menu
•   Fixed a bug where you could not use the safety stone with a controller
•   Added a snazzy new intro splash logo and screen

IronOak Games

Title: Re: For The King
Post by: Asid on December 14, 2018, 12:53:44 AM
Update 2018-12-13
For The King - Jay-Nic

Greetings all,

Some updates for you today.

We’ve received a number of reports from people who are getting shipwrecked and believe their run is over - but we just wanna remind everyone that the safety stone in your inventory can get you out of dangerous situations like that.

Fixes / changes
•   Added shipwreck notification to remind players of the safety stone
•   Fixed a bug where a particular treasure chest in Gold Rush was not collectible
•   Fixed an issue where during the loot phase, the item card could disappear and not reappear if the player was mousing over belt items
•   Polished the model of the Female Hunter
•   Added missing “remote location info” over the player HUD (eg: ‘In Market’) for when playing online and another player is in a haunt, sanctum, or stone hero

IronOak Games