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Alpha footage. Trailer

Welcome to the world of MaxControl. The first base-building, RTS, Shooter (in Cryengine).
Here you are in the year 2034, shortly after the Great Depression, followed by seven years of global war. The two largest companies in the world (Global Resource and Stabil & Gut) wrestle for supremacy. Born as a mercenary, you are fighting against everything ... as long as the price is right.

Explore an open world to develop new technologies, while you are fighting against your opponent with strategic skill, speed and team spirit. Produce and distribute various products to fulfill the needs of your employee’s satisfaction. Built bases with tactical skills and ensure your vital resources. Occupy both individual villages and entire regions to be faster, better and more efficient than your opponent ... .. if you want to survive.

Official site: HERE (
Steam: HERE (
Official Youtube: HERE (
Facebook: HERE (

First game mode: Annihilation Mode

Utilize a new form of real-time strategy within the teams. While in first Person campaigns you plan together within the team, you have also the possibility to split Logistics and military structures. Therefore, Max Control offers the possibility, to choose between the FPS, the base builder, the troops General or the construkter.

Base directions: construct all necessary buildings and the equipment

Troops General: Command all military campaigns

Constructor: design Outposts and industrial buildings! Conquer new places and discover new resources to secure the necessary supplies for your team

Each player has his own real-time map, in which the index is influenced by the daily cycle.

Produces up to different goods to earn Gold, to equip your army, build new bases and to satisfy your employees. In addition, you have the possibilty to sell and buy goods at the market.

Enter a world in which your strategy depends on resources, time oft day and weather conditions. Destructible environments will also have an affect on all activities. Every place, every street and every building has to be used to plan ambushes, to take positions or to launch offensives. To be protected against the enemies, you will have to expand your tactical interplay permanently, so you are able to keep and conquer highly competitive areas.

Currently you have the choice to choose between two of three different air-strikes!

Equip your weapons with a variety of Upgrades to obtain an advantage in the fight.
Build your base with MG-Towers, antitank towers or walls to protect it.
Other systems such as Flak are being planned and will soon follow.

Stormtrooper, Heavy Machinegunner, Sniper, Tactical-Unit, Tankbuster
Grenade Launcher, RC Misle, Dronepak (in progress), Mortar (in progress)
Further classes are already being planned and will soon follow.

MG HMMWV, Van, Canon truck, Abrams light/heavy, Bbrams light/heavy, Hunter
Other vehicles such as the Skatmobile, Rocket Van or Antiaircraft gun are already being planned and will soon be added.


Stormtrooper, MG Soldier, Mortar, Sniper,
Medic Drone,
MG HMMWV, Canon Truck, Abrams, Bbrams, Hunter







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Our Kickstarter is live!!!

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Kickstarter re-scheduled start 30.09.2017

MaxControl Kickstarter Video 2017

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MaxControl is now live on Kickstarter!!

our Kickstarter project is live!!! You can support us now at MaxControl On Kickstarter   ! So excited! Please help us to spread the word out cause Kickstarter is a really important step for us to get MaxControl on the next level without a publisher! We appreciate every critic or feedback in the kickstarter comments.
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Introduction video English

Published on 7 Oct 2017

Einführungsvideo (German)

Published on 4 Oct 2017
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MaxControl devblog 1

Our first devblog! To keep you up to date with the development of MaxControl even better, we've decided to improve the structure of our updates. We'll now continually keep you informed with these devblogs.
This is what we've worked on in the last few days:

New in the game:

- Added procedurally generated units. Infantry untis will now be generated when you buy them, that saves CPU power and improves performance.

- Added a minimap to commando mode. In commando mode you now have a minimap. It provides an overview over the whole map.

- Added capture points to commando minimap. On the minimap in commando mode you can now see sectors of the map your troops have advanced into already.

- Added circular unit selection in commando mode. To select units, hold left mouse button and drag the mouse over the units you want to select.


- Selection of units in commando mode
- Health display on AI units
- Reduced strength of AI units by 40%
- AI assault troopers now have a rocket launcher function
- AI can now build defensive positions. They can be turned with 'Q' and 'E'.

Furthermore, there will be a new Dev Insight video this week.

Until next week!

Your MaxControl Team, over and out!
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MaxControl devblog 2


This week we had a big meeting with the whole team and met a few new people.
After this brainstorming week we decided to take the time to switch into CRYENGINE V.
This means we have to create a plan for time management because it will takes a longer time to implement all core features of MaxControl into CRYENGINE V.

The switch will offer us a lot of new possibilities for example new opportunities in programming, more detailed ways for debugging, a new particle system, new templates/plugins for multiplayer, Steam integration and machtmaking to name a few.

Get MaxControl into CRYENGINE V is a cost intensive plan because we have to expand the team specially in the part of programming. Every coin counts and your support will help us to realize this goal.
You can easily get instant access to the tech alpha or just donate MaxControl via PayPal here: Support MaxControl via Paypal   []

By the way, currently you can help us and vote for our future devblog cover picture here: Vote now []

Thanks for reading and until next week!

Your MaxControl team
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MaxControl devblog 3


Hey everybody,

this week we started with the new CryEngine 5.
Around 40 % of our first map ''Islamudo'' has already switched. Vegetation's, mountain's and texture's are also already in.
We now have the target to implement all assets in our new database and start's with create/ implement all necessary function's into the code.
Furthermore we've implemented all user-interfaces in the new Engine.
For the next week's and month's our goal is to complete ''Islamudo'' and than starting as fast as possible with all function's we looking for.

Here is a ruff overview for the further development:

Short and middle term time management for the switch into Cry V:

- fps/ tps
- asset integration into the new database
- adjust source code with C++ / C# / Schematyc

- integration of the playable character's for Global Resource and Stabil & Gut
- function's / Character's
- fírst person view
- third person view
- function's for using weapon's
- function's for entering vehicle's
- create / implement all necessary scipt's for different entitie's
- vehicle function's for using the base building menu

Integration of the RTS base building mode

- menu after entering building vehicle
- function's / camera in building mode and menu ( W,A,S,D)
- function's / fs command from Flash C++
- function's / base building C++
- function's / nav mesh calculation's after setting building's
- function's / resource calculation's for base building

By the way, here is a little concept for the next building for Stabil & Gut:


Ps. Until tomorrow you can support us and vote for our devblog cover here:
Devblog cover voting

Every vote counts!

Much thank's for your time, we love you!

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Join our Discord   []
MaxControl website   []
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MaxControl devblog 4


Hi Controllers!

First of all the devblog cover voting is over and you have decided! Our devblog will now have an ingame shot every week as a cover picture.
Thanks for your vote!

As you can imagine, the switch into CryEngine V is a hard an time consuming process. Currently our programmer is working on the implementation of character function's and our artists are diligent on creating new buildings.

At this point we want to thank everyone of you who pledged/backed us at our website.
That is so important for the further development and every support and donation means the world to us! BIG THANKS

Have a nice weekend and ''see'' you guys next week!

The Max team
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MaxControl devblog 5

This week we've implemented the next building for Stabil & Gut. Its the engineer civil house which you have to build to get access to further buildings.




Our programmer is currently working on the the new main menue.
Furthermore we also have a little new concept art for you. Its the Global Resource professor civil house, the last kind of workers you will need to get access to buldings like the research laboratory.


At the end of the next week we have a meeting with our investor so we'll announce the next devblog
at 22 of december.

Stay tuned!
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MaxControl Devblog 6


Ho ho ho!

Last week, we had our first meeting with our future investor. It was a short but very productive meeting and we want to express our gratitude for the warm reception again.

Among other things, we talked about our future team configuration. We decided to employ two more people in programming, whom we've already found!
Furthermore, we came up with a plan that outlines which gameplay-related requirements are necessary from our point of view to facilitate a successful launch for Early Access.
Firstly, we'll implement a simple matchmaking system for multiplayer.
Moreover, we want to expand multiplayer to at least 2vs2. To make a faster game flow possible, we'll shrink down the resource system and fuse together build mode and commando mode. "Team Deathmatch" will be our first game mode.

For the Early Access launch, we'll create a new map. Its size will be primarily set up for 2vs2.

This week, we completed the next building for "Team Global Resource". It's the civil building for scientists and gives you access to the laboratory.




Of course, there's a new little drawing for the next building. It'll be the future civil building for the engineers of "Team Global Resource".


This is our last Devblog for the year, but fear not, the next one is coming soon.

We whish you all happy holidays and a happy New Year!
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MaxControl Devblog 7


Hey Folks!

Our first devblog in this year.. heureka!
In the last couple of days we've finished the Global Resource engineer house. Thisone will give you access to the barracks to produce infantry units and also to the vehicle factory. Its a really important building cause the faster you have it the faster you can start fights.




Our programmer is currently working on the new main menu which really needs time. Last but not least we have a rough concept for you. It's for the most important and complex building, the headquarter. It's just a first impression so don't worry :)


We're also busy founding our new company and bringing all the sheeps to a dry place.

Thank's for reading and have a great weekend.
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MaxControl Devblog 8


Hey everbody!

Currently we're still working on the headquarter for Global Resource. Our programmer is now in Bavaria for the next weeks to clarify all further aspects for the new company and expanding our network in different ways.

Next to the work on the headquarter we're also doing a bit sidework on the new defense tower for Global Resource and here is the new concept.


In the future you can build the tower and you will have the possibility to simply change the kind of defense between anti infantry, rocket launcher and the flak. Every change will need a short amount of time.

And here is a small surprise for you.
The tower and anti infantry is already done!




The rocket launcher and flak will come in the near future.
We wish you all a sweet weekend and ''see'' you next time!

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MaxControl DevBlog 9
Hello Controllers!

In the last few weeks, an unfortunate development has emerged: Our main investor sadly doesn't have any capacities left to support MaxControl additionally to their own business. Furthermore, our designer and programmer will have to move to save money.
For these reasons, we'll have to reorient ourselves and are searching for an investor again. In spite of our moving preparations, we completed the Headquarters for Global Resource. However, further updates in this area won't be possible in the next few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a big setback for us. First and foremost, we're very thankful for our supporters and fans, because they were who motivated us to not give up through the ups and downs of the last years. We made it this far without a publisher, so we're going to get this phase done too. The development of the game is however connected to large investments of time and money that we can't muster alone and privately. Still, we're thankful for every bit of support and every donation to drive MaxControl forward. We want to thank all supporters once again and will be back soon with new information about the continued development of the game.

Thank you for your time and we wish you a great weekend.