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Title: WWIIE Scenario #43 Approach to Leningrad: AAR
Post by: Asid on May 27, 2016, 11:48:39 PM
WWIIE Scenario #43 Approach to Leningrad: AAR

By: dougb

I really enjoyed Russian German War and was looking forward to its successor World War II in Europe.  Ron Dockal's system to my mind really does a great job of using abstraction to deliver a game and simlulation of history that is both fun and that doesn't become an overwhelming job bogged down by inappropriate minutae for an operational game.

Road to Lengingrad is the scenario I've chosen to get back into this system.  There has been some streamlining to reduced the number of phases from the earlier game - and hence make pbem games much more practical.  Those familiar with the earlier games in the system will feel pretty comfortable with this game.

Below is the situation the German General Commanding Army Group north faces at the beginning of the Road to Lengingrad scenario.  Army Group North has drawn up to the Luga River line.  AGN consists of 16th, 1st Panzer, and 18th armies.  The panzer army is actually not that strong, A three corps army with 1 of those corps consisting of but a single motorized division.  The Panzer Army is in the middle of the line and that's where I'll atttempt to punch through towards Leningrad.  18th army on the left is in good shape and will support 1st panzer by driving up along the coast.

The big issue is 16th army - It's spread out and separated from the other two armies.  There's a big gap between both the northern flank of 16 army and 1st Panzer Army and between the army and it's southernmost 2nd corps.  The northern gap is the most concerning to me and I'll attempt to screen it with 56 panzer corps.



Here's a screenshot from after the turn 1 German Air Missions have flown.  Since there's fog of war the two methods for finding out what's out there is to drive into it with the ground units or fly air missions.  I've flew a tactical bombing mission into the gap and found some Soviet tank brigades.  That will make screening that gap even more important as I don't want to drive everthing north of the Luga river only to have a bunch of tank brigades shoot between 1st panzer and 16th army and cause havoc on an army flank.


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