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SIM720 Easter Sale 2018

To celebrate Easter we are giving a 20% discount off all products and if you buy 2 or more you also get an extra 5% discount on top.

Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

Discounts are valid between 24th March 2018 and 08th April 2018

Oban Airport                     Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
Caernarfon Airport       Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
Catalina Airport                Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
Stornoway Airport                Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
Inverness Airport                Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
East Frisian Islands             Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
Santa Barbara Airport           Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
Augusta Airport                 Normally £15.99 +Vat Now £12.79+Vat
McClellan-Palomar Airp...

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Cogmind is a sci-fi roguelike epic in which you play a robot building yourself from components found or salvaged from other robots. Explore a living, breathing world through turn-based tactical combat, or sneak, hack, and fly your way to victory.

Official Site: Here
Forum: Here
Steam: Here
YouTube: Here


Alpha Launch Trailer


Experience sci-fi tactical combat and exploration in a procedural world that combines traditional roguelikes with an immersive modern interface like no...

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Flight Sim World: The Spanish Job Mission Pack

Flight Sim World: The Spanish Job Mission Pack

Steam page


In this mission pack, you been given a job to deliver a Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage from Cardiff to Madrid for an important customer. Sound simple?

Only issue is you have to get to Cardiff first, and that’s just for starters…

1) First you need to make your way across the Irish sea to Welshpool in your trusty RV-7 to refuel.
2) Head onto Cardiff to pick up the customer’s Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage.
3) Once you reach Cardiff, make your way across the Channel, heading down the west coast of France until you reach Spain.
4) Head inland to deliver the PA-46.
5) Take the long trip back to Cardiff to pick up your RV-7.
6) Head home to take a hard-earned rest!

This mission pack uses the cold and dark feature, which means you are responsible for starting...

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