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Tacview 1.7.4 beta 2 is available now!

Tacview 1.7.4 beta 2 is available Now


•   Release Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2018
•   Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 262.6 MB

Release notes

•   Added brand new C# SDK to develop addons (Tacview Enterprise)
•   Integrated BMS VFR maps from Olivier Beaumont aka Red Dog (
•   Added a tool to trim telemetry data before and after current point in time
•   It is now possible to remove objects from the telemetry data
•   Optimized the telemetry manager, file loading is now 15% faster

•   Fixed minor bugs in Lua and C++ APIs
•   Only valid DLL add-ons are now added to the Add-ons menu (secondary DLL are now ignored)
•   Tacview does not crash anymore when trying to load a DLL addon with invalid dependencies


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Accu-sim in X-Plane?

Accu-sim in X-Plane?

From the developer of A2A
PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018

I spoke with Austin at the recent FlightSimExpo about porting in our Accu-Sim engine and flight physics into X-plane, and he said it was possible. We are continuing to develop Accu-Sim to me even more modular and independent. However ultimately our developing for X-plane has a lot to do with how their engine is able to accept our code. P3D and FSX has been effortless in making this work with their robust back end support via SimConnect, and has resulted in us being able to do everything we've managed to do. Also P3D / FSX continues to expand, but like I said, we do want to get Accu-Sim into any platform that accepts it.


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Hot Start Socata TBM 900

TBM-900 Release Date Announcement & Previews

Posted by dev


After more than one year of full time development I am pleased to announce the TBM-900 is on short final and will be ready for your hangars this weekend! Releasing Saturday at Midnight Eastern Standard Time (get ready to hit that buy button Friday night!).

The TBM-900 is the most complex turboprop aircraft simulation produced for X-Plane to date, and one of the most interactive of all aircraft ever produced up till now. We truly believe this will make for a very exciting experience as you fly through the skies! Because of the complexities of the aircraft, and the fact that text is not always the most fun way to digest information, we will be doing a daily 1 hour livestream video session. Each day we will announce which time it starts, with the first one starting in just a few short hours today at 6:30 pm EST (2230 Zulu).

You can watch the livestream by clicking here! (Previously Recorded) Read More

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